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  1. Susan Baranowsky - the Director of Consummer Affairs emailed me the newly updated Campbell's Gluten-free List. Susan happened to join another board to clear up some of the confusion that surrounded their Prego and Pace products. If you'd like to follow the entire conversation click here. Ms. Baranowsky asked me to distribute this list. Here is the Campbell's gluten-free List - Feb 2009 PDF Here's the plain text -
  2. GFP, If you were quoting me, this is what I said... not this... If it's a simple matter of testing for "the presence of", why are the food tests and standards geared towards ppm? It would solve a world of problems if the all the countries switched to GFP's method of testing. We could then stop endlessly debating about it.
  3. How can this happen in light of today's testing limitations? Short of growing, harvesting and processing their own food in a closed non-gluten environment. To my knowledge testing can only go down to 3ppm gluten/1.5ppm gliadin. Unless testing goes down to 0 ppm, we'll never know if a food is 100% gluten free.
  4. Hi Sheryl, I'm one of those from Braintalk that JCC was talking about. I have been gluten-free for 3.5 years, I was able to slowly cut back my BP meds during that time. On 01/20/05 my GP OK'ed me to suspend my BP meds. I am still off of them. I take BP readings a couple times a month. My avg. BP is probably 130/80 (I haven't averaged them lately). Previously, I had been on BP meds for about 23 years. I was on neuropathy pain meds too for a short time. Currently I am med free!!! I attribute: GFD, magnessium supps, Fish Oil for this. I wish you well.