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  1. Aren't the rheumatologists great? My son just had an endoscopy/colonoscopy the other day that we're waiting on results for, but they think it might be celiac. This was stumbled upon by the rheumatologist that he's been going to for his arthritis- which is mild and she felt it was connected to a bigger issue, so she ran a bunch of labs. He had a positive ANA, posivite tTg (56), and high IGA (346). Even though those aren't fun diagnoses dietary-wise, it's a relief to know what to get to do to start feeling better!
  2. Okay, obviously still waiting to hear back on the biopsy results, but I did notice that the GI doc made this note on all her paperwork she mailed to me and the pediatrician from our labs and visit last week: IMPRESSION- Michael most likely has reactive arthritis associated with celiac disease. Other considerations- Crohn's with assciated arthritis. I guess it is worth mentioning that he has only had the arthritis in the 2nd toe of his left foot (plus he has recently been complaining of lower back pain off and on), and I get the impression that the rheumatologist and GI doc think the arthritis might be secondary to something else. Thank you for your responses! It sheds a little light on the results for me:)
  3. My son recently had a positive celiac screen and yesterday they did an endoscopy and colonoscopy to also look for crohn's or colitis (I have colitis). At this point he will be 12 in a few months and only weighs 58 pounds and is in the 25th percentile for height, slightly anemic and slightly low vit. d, and has arthritis. Right away they said that he did not appear to have either crohn's or colitis (yay!), but he might have celiac. They want to wait for biopsy labs. I also finally received the actual lab results for everything regarding blood work and really don't understand them. Here's a partial list: ESR- 8, white blood cell count- 4.2 (L), hemoglobin 12.6 (L), tTG 56 (H), IGM serum- 39, IGG serum- 1026, positive ANA, speckled ANA pattern, endomysial antibody IGA screen- 1.5, endomysial antibody IGG screen- 1.5, ASCA Elisa IGG specific- 12.0, ASCA elisa IGA specific- 12.0, anti-ompc elisa IGA specific- 8.4, anti-cbir1 Elisa- 36.4 (H), neutrophils-auto diff- 1390 (L), IGA serum- 346(H)-normal being anything between 53-204. There was a bunch of other stuff, but I think I've punished everyone here enough already! I guess I'm just paranoid about what they will tell me with the biopsy labs. I also wonder if I should have my little girl screened. I know you guys aren't my doctor, but freindly input would be much appreciated:) P.S. please forgive typos/grammatical errors!
  4. I'm not going to say my son has never had stomach pain before, but it is not his defining symptom, either. He originally was being looked at for a possibly arthritic to. They did an ANA panel, and that was raised, then among all the tests they happened to do aceliac screen as well, and that came back positive, too. His ANA was high for IBD (among a bunch of ther ofther junk, too- that's why they're looking at a few things). I know it's weird, and frustrating when you don't have a clear answer.
  5. I could be wrong about this because I am still learning, but I think Crohn's can sometimes cause elevations. My son had elevated tTg levels, and they are doing an upper and lower scope to look for both of these things. He is not too happy about this!
  6. Anyone Catholic?

    I'm Catholic. You can't substitute rice wafers for wheat in the Catholic Church. And one chalice will always have a small piece placed in (though it may be the priest's chalice). I spoke with our priest about it, and it is perfectly acceptable to recieve from the chalice only- you are still recieving the full sacrament. If they don't typically offer a chalice, which is pretty unusual, but if it happens, talk to your priest and he can offer a chalice for you.
  7. I am in the same boat as you. My son had positive labs (his tTg was at 56, so I don't know if that's very high or not- guessing not, but maybe someone more knowledgable can correct me). This was found by a rheumatologist, and she REALLY wants him scoped. He isn't able to get in for a GI consult until June 8th! I'm praying that they schedule whatever tests they want to do promptly. I hate waiting like this. My son will be 12 in a couple of months and only weighs 59 pounds, and has no muscle tone at all. All his friends weigh 20-30 pounds more than him. He had been having problems with an arthritic foot, and now is experiencing problems with urinating- feels like has to go, but it won't "come out" or it's very intermitant. Kind of like a man with prostrste problems. Has anyone ever heard of this? His anxiety level is through the roof. Sorry to highjack your thread! I know how you feel. It's hard feeding your child food when you know it's what's making them unhealthy, and they are in misery. Hang in there!
  8. Please be careful with those grains! I'm actually on here because of my son, but I myself have ulcerative colitis, and I do know I definitely have gluten issues. My symptoms were very much like yours. I thought I'd eat healthier, so I switched to whole grains, skim dairy, and beefed up on my fruit intake. I sound a lot like you. I thought my body just needed to adjust, then I was told I needed to exercise more, stick with the whole grains, was told to try Metamucil, or other fiber therapy, given Miralax to take daily (2 doses), also colace, milk of magnesia, etc, etc, etc. Finally, I started bleeding, and was finally diagnosed with Colitis. Grains and fruit (and most dairy)- basically fiber is NOT my friend. I have been seen for so may different things it's not even funny. I was even on Prozac for awhile. I could go on, but I'll spare you. Please be careful- I fell for that early on. Not saying you will end up that way, but I really think I might know how you feel. Colitis (and Crohn's) is very difficult to control- I view them as what happens when your gut is in distress, and yes, I do think they are effected by diet. Mine as never gone into remission since I was diagnosed 8 years ago.
  9. When I used to eat ice cream, I always had trouble sleeping if I ate it late. I get that "restless leg" feeling, but all over. I know if you mess around with going on and off gluten, it can screw up any medical testing, if you do decide to go that route. I think I did that to myself. I have an 11 yr. old son that is having some issues right now, so I know how you feel. I hope your son gets some resolution soon. It's frustrating.
  10. Thank you for your replies. His doctor said his Ttg level was at 35 (I think that's right), and 0-19 is normal? Does that sound right? What's funny is I went to have a screen at a clinic about a year and a half ago (after being almost completely gluten-free and then falling off the "wagon" for a few weeks), and my Ttg was at 19, which was said to be normal, but I wasn't aware of the "cut off" or range of normality. Hmmm... I wonder how often people have positive screens and negative biopsies. I have UC, which is what I call a "sibling" of Crohn's- and it is impossible to get under control. He just hasn't had the hideous diarrhea that is a big Crohn's marker. But I realize you can never be sure because I have UC, and my problem has almost always been constipation. He also has arthritis. I felt bad for him last night, his tummy was sore sore! He has a consult on June 8th, so hopefully if he is going to have to have other procedures done, they will schedule it right after that!
  11. I have a feeling this might get lengthy- sorry! I have a son that will be 12 in a couple of months. He is a little guy and weighs maybe 60 pounds. Off and on he has had gut issues- mainly constipation, upset stomach, etc. He went to a GI doc last year, but they initially weren't a lot of help. Back up to a little about me- me(and my family) have big GI issues, as well as other autimmune issues. I have ulcerative colitis that is chronic and has never gone into remission. My son started getting imflammation in a toe a few months ago, that really looked like arthritis. He has had lots of tests done so far. He was referred to a rheumatologist who immediately zoned in on gut issues. She did x-rays and took about 7 tubes of blood for various tests. She called today and had to leave a message, so I haven't spoken with her yet. She said that his "ttg" levels were high and she wanted to have him scoped for Celiac and Crohn's. I have no idea what she means by high ttg levels ("trans- something or other"). Does he have to have the scope? Is one test more reliable than the other? What if the scope doesn't indicate anything- should I trust the blood test or the scope? Would that be more indicative of Crohn's or Celiac? They almost seem like the same thing I just want him to grow and get better. Thanks so much for any help!