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  1. McDonalds has almost no gluten free options. I used to get a grilled chicken salad and french fries, but would get sick... it turns out that both the french fries and grilled chicken breasts contain gluten, as per their website. This just teaches me again that I have to research everything and trust no one at a restaurant without it in writing.
  2. I'm 5'9... but its funny, because growing up, my doctors always told my mother that I would be at least 6' tall. So if my growth was stunted, I guess it was a good thing!
  3. Thank you both very much for your replies... it is so hard to sift through everything on my own! My Anti-endomysial antibodies were very high, and my primary concern was that there could be another disorder causing this that I should be looking into, but this does not seem to be the case. My family have been very supportive, but I felt strange saying that I have celiac if I did not have a conclusive biopsy. I will keep on with the diet and be grateful
  4. After years of intestinal symptoms and other health problems, I read an article about celiac disease and asked my doctor for the blood tests. I had the tests done, and was referred to a gastro. who said that the tests were strongly positive, and scheduled a biopsy to confirm. At his recommendation, I went gluten free for 2 months and my symptoms completely resolved. I resumed eating gluten for 1 week prior to the biopsy and felt terrible. I had the biopsy, and the gastro. said that although my biopsy looked abnormal, it was not necessarily indicative of celiac disease. He said that it looked like there could have been only partial damage due to the fact that I had only had gluten for 1 week prior or 'focal celiac disease'? He wants me to remain on the gluten free diet and have the blood tests redone in September. He said that if the test showed improvement and my symptoms remained resolved, that he would feel comfortable with a final diagnosis of celiac. Does this sound right? Can anything else cause positive celiac antibody tests? He said that the blood tests were very convincing... so why do we need to wait? I feel confused and just want closure. Thank you!