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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is It Celiac?

    Thank you for the feedback polkflguy. Certainly wouldn't be from stress, because I am always laid back and relaxed, but... never know how the body is reacting to something even if the mind isn't. Perhaps it'll be a mystery, or something that just needed to "pass"...? I eat the same things every day, except for dinner (during the week). I always have yogurt with either strawberry or blueberry, and granola. A piece of fruit mid-morning snack (apple, orange, banana) then for lunch I eat a raw spinach salad with broccoli, almonds, raw asparagus, and a slice of fat-free turkey breast (like sandwhich meat), but this particular day I ate the spinach salad with tuna salad mixed in. Hard telling, maybe some bad "leaves", haha! Or, as posted before, the chocolate chip cookies may have something to do with it... Thanks again!
  2. Where to begin... I've always sort of been sensitive to lactose. Soft serve ice cream can send my stomach swirling. (My mother has the same problem.) As of recent, last week I made Hamburger Helper for my girls and myself at dinner. Shortly after eating I felt extremely stuffed. As if I had eaten way too fast (or too much). I had pain in my upper abdomen, so much I could barely stand up straight to walk. It was an uncomfortable, felt like a rock in my stomach. Yesterday: I ate a spinach salad with tuna salad mixed in for lunch then directly afterward two chocolate chip cookies. And it "hit" me. My stomach hurt. Uncomfortable..pain. Went back to work and it eventually subsided as I went through the day, but what does idiot me do late afternoon? A cup of coffee and two more chocolate chip cookies. BAM! It hit me again. I was so uncomfortable, the same upper abdominal pain that radiates to my back (kidneys). The pain is sharp like a knife and a hard solid rock. So I lay down with my girls on the couch and watch a movie. Hubby cookis dinner, and it slowly subsides. I take a few bites of Mac~n~Cheese (something easy because I was not hungry so we weren't cooking a big meal) and after eating the mac and cheese the pain came back again!! I had it all night but then woke up fine this morning, it had subsided. My thoughts are gluten... pasta = gluten, cookies = gluten... What do you think?