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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had that happen once and took Benadryl. can you take that? It worked for me, but was very scary while it was going on, but my Dr. was mad and said I should have been in the ER because my throat was so closed up. Oops!
  2. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    hmmmmm....very irritating. Nothing conclusive. The blood test came back, as she said, "unremarkable". Whatever that means.....and said had toget copies from the originating Dr. not her. They told me to get them from her. UGH! I am ready to start yelling!!! Ran more blood tests and RASP panel? for food allergies. They made noises of another biopsy, but told them we'd see...I am not letting them do it until I can be sure the person that does it knows what they are doing!!! So...waiting... Chelsea is a bit better today, but crabby and fed up. Took her off all unnatural foods and gluten....if they can't solve it we'll do it ourselves!
  3. Thanks guys! I was worried about the modified food starch. So, it's ok? I will start buying cookbooks and food once we get some kind of word. Taking her in on Monday to new Dr.
  4. New At This...lots Of Questions!

    I would definitley get something if it's on all your fingers. Talk to your dr. unless you know of something you can tolerate. One little spot or even two might not be a biggie...just be safe!!! Call and tell the nurse at your Drs. office and let them make the call about what to do. They'll say whether or not you need to come in or if they can recommend something.
  5. New At This...lots Of Questions!

    Keep in mind it could be a minor one, but taking a calcium chew or tums?? something gluten-free would probably be sufficient. Do you take a gluten-free vitamin? Is it major whiteness or just a little white spot?
  6. Thanks everyone! Found a Dr. willing to see her on Monday! After days like today where migraine was a 6...ugh! I need some answers. Pain was so bad in her stomach I almost took her back to the emergency room. Husband just had surgery yesterday so I was back and forth between sick beds! Getting a little tired and cranky and have a sore throat! She wanted a salad today, but refused anything with gluten because she flet so bad and she had a ton of gluten items yesterday. She's worried that if the Dr. we saw Wed. is right she's going "No more". My parents are in town from OR helping us out right now and gave her biscuits and gravy which she loves and top ramen and all kinds of yummy stuff....Chelsea is now wondering if she's paying for it today...anyway back to the salad. she needed something bland...church is sending meals to help us out because husband and kid in and out of hospital...she just wanted salad, but we need to find a dressing...any great ranch dressings ???
  7. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    Yep, I hope the weekend goes well too. Chelsea's had such a bad day that she went to bed and said she'd had it! Sad to see a 15 yr old going to bad at 9PM. I need them to be doing a little better as I have to go take a 4 hour class in the AM tomorrow. If they are still bad I may have to postpone again and that would keep me from getting my Personal Trainer's Certification. Thanks for your support. Hoping the Dr. is helpful on Monday too...but they were talking to her directly and she seemed willing to help. I am wondering if my daughter's neurologist may have greased a few wheels there. They called me and had already talked to this Dr. and she said she'd see her on Mon. Hope she's good!
  8. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    Maybe I wasn't really clear. Her grandmother is here visiting from Oregon. While I was at the hospital with my husband (he had surgery yesterday! Life is so exciting at our house! ) she really did fix Chelsea Biscuits and Gravy. Not that we were trying to avoid gluten or anything, but all the stuff yesterday that she ate yesterday was heavy amts of gluten. She got something she's paying for. Chelsea was very sick when younger, too. She had her first infection at 5 weeks and was hospitalized. Was sick constantly until 7 1/2 mos. Had tubes in her ears at 4 months because she couldn't get over the ear infections. From 4-8 months she only gained 1/2 lb....weighing 13 1/2 lbs at 8 months old...this to say issues have been ongoing all her life. Ear infections, sinus infections, etc. Then as a teenager seizures, rashes, nausea, vomiting, headaches, now constant migraines. Feeling really lost! I had heard that Dallas has Drs. with knowledge about Celiac's...wondering now after talking to this other Drs. office(by the way at the office of the Dr. taht did her last biopsy) and they say the blood tests done at that time were neg. The blood tests done at hospital when Chelsea was admitted Jan. 21st shows Antinuclear antibodies saying she has an atuimmund disease (which there is a lot of on both mine and my husband's family, although we ourselves are healthy). So, the Rheumatologist we saw Wednesday ran more tests and said he thinks it's Celiac's due to her symptoms. He says she doesn't have Lupus or one of the other diseases her treats and sent us back to a gastro....UGH!!!! so frustrated!!! She's so sick!
  9. New At This...lots Of Questions!

    White spots on fingernails do indicate a calcium deficiency. I read about this recently. Plus, my sister has Bartter's Syndrome and has to be careful. She told me something about that years ago.
  10. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    How funny. My kids saw Dr. Dahlquist. She's a family friend, as well as their Dr. She went to our church. The tests were at Tuality by a GI there. My husband was hired on by Dell after frist Sequent sold out, then IBM shutdown his Div, then Toshiba shutdown.... we decided to get out of the NW. They are getting her in on Monday, but am worried that they won't help her. We've had so much conflict over test results. Yes, the biopsy and 2nd set of blood tests were done at the same time. She really doesn't have the symptoms of other autoimmund diseases, like Lupus, Sjogren's, etc. She doesn't run fevers or have most of the other symptoms. Many, many of the Celiac symptoms that people mention...could she just be wheat intolerant??? She just had a really bad episode....migraine up to a 6, stomach hurt as bad as one of the times we had to rush her to ER. She was moaning...SCARED ME!!!!! She was talking about eating biscuits and gravy, I was like ? I didn't fix that! Grandma did! She is now insisting she's not eating any more gluten! Maybe she has an allergy?
  11. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    They are now telling me at another Dr. that her Neurologist refered her to that the blood test was neg when run a yr ago...when she had 2nd biopsy. Disappearing - reappearing iGa? Ugh! But the other test, ANA, shows a problem. Her migaine is a 6 again today!!! (1-10) scale. The pain meds hardly touch it. It's ridiculous!
  12. Sharon, While my dughter has not yet been diasgnosed as having Celiac's we have been told 2x they think she has it, despite 2 neg. biopsies. We are waitng now for more results. You can see more info about what she's gone through on the Pre-Diagnosis thing or the one on Drs in Dallas area. I am days away from passing my Personal Trainer's Certification. I was delayed because my daughter has been in and out of hospital and husband had surgery yesterday....just to really complicate my life! 1 1/2 yrs ago my husband blood pressure was high, he weighed 256 and his cholesterol was 400+. He had to do something. We totally chnaged his diet...something I had triend to get him to do, but....you know how it is I am sure! We had great success. He's 6' 2 1/2" and now keeps his weight around 190 lbs. He's still like to be less but look fine to me. Let me know if you'd like a few pointers! Merrie' Austin, TX Mom of 15 yr old possible Celiac
  13. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    To tell you the truth...not sure I could deal with one more Dr. with a bad attitude!! We've heard everything from she is just depressed and doesn't want to got to school (this shen she was throwing up in my garbage can or the toilet if I'd take her , I worked at her school, or haviing seizures and then wanting to go to sleep) to take her to pain management for the pain (instead of treating). This mind you after she fell and broke 2-3 ribs and tore up her knee, which it took us 6 months to convince someone to operate on. Her physical therapist is the only one to recognize Chelsea's willingness to work hard to recover. Everyone else kept acting like she was just exaggerating how bad it hurt.....exaggerating....she got up and walked off the volleyball court (or out of the bleachers where so dove for the ball, actually) after being injured...how many could do that after fracturing 2 or 3 ribs, tearing th miniscus and ACL in her knee! Have an appt with one here in Austin on March 1st with a Dr. taht I discovered last night actually is listed by one of the websites as an authority on Celiac's. Dr. Lubin?? Anyone heard anything about him? Merrie' Daughter Chelsea, age 15
  14. That's interesting about the tea. Just recently I have started giving her tea to drink. That and mint are very soothing for her. It has helped soem with the nausea, too. I am hoping for a diagnosis soon. Hate to go gluten free if we are going to have to have another biopsy. Looking for a good DR. in Austin, TX or Dallas. Merrie' Daughter Chelsea
  15. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    Desperate mom in Round Rock, TX. Daughter is 15 with migraines, nausea, stomache aches, constipation, sometimes diarrhea, rashes, and as she said many of the other odd things listed on someone's list of symptoms that we had not see on the official lists! 2 yrs ago Celiac's was brought up by her Peds. Dr. in Hillsboro, OR, blood test done, showed maybe Celiac (iGa, etc. off), but biopsy neg....so we went on with trying to figure out what was up. 6 mos later the biopsy was run again once we moved to Austin, TX. Still neg. Daughter's migraines worsened. Was diagnosed a month later with seizures. I am cutting out a lot of crap we went through. That was a year ago. Headaches and daily migraines now, pain in her legs. ANA test cam back Reative antinuclear antibody titer 1:160 speckled pattern....saying basically she does have an autoimmune disease. UGH! Rheumatologist and neurologist want her treated by a gastroenterologist, but need to find a good one. The last 2 have blown us off and my daughter is suffering. The Dr.s can't agree about what's wrong. Anyone know of a good Gastro in Dallas @ Children's where we had a recommendation to have her seen...or Austin, but we've tried here without much success. Merrie'