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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gaining Weight Help

    I seem to have a fast metabolism, but I mean its hard to tell, since it could be all the damage the gluten has done. I think I am going to speak to the doctor about getting on a pure fat diet I eat ALOT of junk food and highly fattening foods as it is, but I also eat ALOT of fruit and vegtables and take vitimins and I drink ensure plus as well, so I get more then enough food and vitimins, I should be growing I hope one day I'll wake up really huge I'll drop by again and let you all know what the doctor says, thanks for your help
  2. Gaining Weight Help

    hi guys, I'm back well I actually forgot my password and then was to busy to get online etc, you know how it goes Sorry for taking this long to get back to everyones questions, and thanks for all your answers. Well I have NOT gained 1lb since the last time I posted, and I am not loosing any weight either thank god. I have made sure to cut out ALL gluten from my diet, I am so very very carefull with not eating gluten because of the stomach aches I get from it, so I know when I have had gluten, cause I'll feel it Well I am thinking maybe I have a thyroid problem or something, because it just don't make sense why I am not gaining ANY weight and stay at that weight. I havent been to the doctors for a few months I never get sick, never get colds, I've a good immune system, so my doctors appointments are dramatically reduced because of that. But I'll get around to that doctors appointment this month. One thing I have gained is a bit of muscle from yoga, not sure if I mentioned that already, but that helps alot, although it don't pack on the pounds very confusing
  3. Gaining Weight Help

    Thanks guys, I will try nuts, unfortunatly I can't have dried fruits because I am allergic to the sulfer in them, I go into a coughing fit I got some Ensure Plus this morning, tastes better then those protien drinks thats for sure Will let you know how its going, thanks again
  4. Gaining Weight Help

    thanks alot for your help!. I am going to have a look for Ensure Plus tomorrow I forgot to mention I have been drinking those powder protien drinks for about a month now *pukes* they taste like crap but are supposed to really help you gain, because body builders use them and in a matter of weeks gain weight....hopefully I can start to see weight gain really soon, if I don't gain anything within 2 months or so, then I guess I have bigger problems then I thought
  5. Gaining Weight Help

    thanks alot for your reply!. I do eat that many calories a day, I eat like a horse, plus I love whats available as gluten-free junk food Its possible I do have a fast metabolism, I try not to exercise except for yoga, because I don't want to work any calories off. As far as I know all the makeup I use does not contain gluten and I am not taking any medicine with gluten in it, I really am very gluten free So I am really at an ends trying to figure out why I can't gain, Maybe its going to take a few more months and I just have to be patient One more question though, is Rye bread gluten free? or Rye is made out of wheat? I'm confused, my mom wants me to try Rye bread because she thinks its gluten free, the bread I currently eat says GLUTEN FREE on it, Rye bread does not, so I am kinda thinking I should not eat it, Thanks.
  6. I am 21 but I thought it would be better if I posted this here. I have been on gluten-free diet for exactly 6 months now, and all my symptoms have improved, except gaining weight. I am 5'7 and only weigh 99lbs, my weight has not changed since high school, although (thank god!) I don't look as skinny as I used to because I've been doing yoga. I eat 5 meals a day plus snacks in between, I take vitimins and those protein shakes, and I have not put any weight on at all, I am always just sitting at 100lbs. I've had heaps of blood tests and other tests and they always come back normal and my periods are totally normal and everything else about me is normal, so the doctors explination is that I should see weight gain within the next few years, he said something about how my intestine was healing and when it did I would start to gain, but its been 6 months now on gluten-free diet and there is no change in weight!!!!!!. Well my mom was this weight until she hit 23, so maybe it runs in my family?, or maybe there is still something wrong with my body that the doctors are not picking up!?. I also thought that maybe since I read that celiacs disease stops you from reaching the height and weight you were really meant to be, maybe I just wont grow anymore I am really frustrated and I don't know what else I can eat to fatten up, I really don't want to weigh this much in 5 years!, I look about 17 as it is! anyone had any experince with this? thanks!.