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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Better Batter Flour

    Just wanted to update after my last post regarding Better Batter. I made Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies with butter and eggs along with Better Batter last night and I was very pleased with the results. Now to just find a good recipe that is both gluten-free and vegan...
  2. Better Batter Flour

    Better Batter is the only flour mix I've ever used (besides recently trying out Pamela's for pancakes) and I haven't been satisfied with the taste. Probably b/c I'm also subbing out dairy and eggs since my non-Celiac daughter is allergic to them. I would love to use Pamela's mix for baking but it contains milk, so it wouldn't work for our whole family. I've had much better results making the Betty Crocker gluten free chocolate cake for my son and myself (the Celiacs in the family) and gluten cupcakes w/o the dairy and eggs for the rest of the family... but I'm not that comfortable baking with gluten. I just bought 2 more boxes when they were running their 30% off sale... but I just wish I liked it more for baking. On a more positive note, I think the company has great customer service and the flour is great for gravies and cooking.
  3. What's Really Edible At Fast Food Places?

    Thanks for the info on McDonald's fries. I always assumed they were a no-no but this is something to consider!
  4. I bought them last week from Amazon. At the time they were $2.98 a box for a 4-pack with the Subscribe & Save discount but now they appear to be $3.38 each w/ the discount. My kids loved making Rice Krispies treats with them and I thought they tasted very similar to the regular ones (I myself can have gluten, just not my son). I did have a bowl of cereal with them this morning and thought the taste was good but I felt like they were mushy as soon as I poured the milk on top. All in all though, I am thrilled to be able to make Rice Krispies treats again!
  5. Yes, that is what I buy my son as well! He loves it!
  6. My favorite gluten-free flour mix for Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies is Better Batter (same baking time as regular cookies and they still bake up well). I also sub out Fleishmann's Unsalted margarine for the butter, EnerG egg replacer for the eggs, and dairy-free chocolate chips and they still taste great.
  7. My son was 22 months when diagnosed via biopsy. His bloodwork (at 19 months and 21 months) also came out positive. His only symptoms were slow weight gain and a lot of stinky diapers each day. Good luck to you!!
  8. Homemade Marshmellow Recipe

    Here is this one from the Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom blog: http://www.adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com/2010/12/homemade-marshmallows-corn-free-and-egg-free/
  9. When I make our favorite cheesy garlic bread, I use Udi's bagels for my son's.
  10. That's what I gathered too. And it doesn't need the second rise cycle too, I think.
  11. Hi there- I wound up programming additional time to the gluten free setting and it worked out well! The first knead cycle was 5 minutes, the second 15, the rise time was 20 minutes, and the bake time was 65 minutes (which I then added 5 more minutes to b/c I wanted it to brown up a little bit more). Since this was my first time making it in the breadmaker and I'm new to gluten free breads, I'm not sure what a perfect loaf was supposed to look like or taste like, but this one was really good and fully baked and my son ate it right up! My husband thought I was ridiculous for researching how to make a gluten-free loaf of bread for hours the other night... good luck!
  12. Hi everyone, I just received the Breadman TR2700 for Christmas and want to make the Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread with it. I've never used a breadmaker before so I wanted to ask the pros about this! I saw that the Gluten Free setting on the breadmaker was for a 1.5 lb. loaf instead of a 2 lb. loaf. Does anyone have any tricks on how to make the perfect loaf with the Breadman and the Sandwich Bread (whether it's choosing a different cycle that works well with a 2 lb. loaf or using the programmable features)? Thanks!
  13. That is great to hear! I'm going to hopefully buy a Breadman for a Christmas present to myself and am anxious to try it out on my just about two-year-old as well. My friend also recommended the Gluten-Free Pantry sandwich bread, which I tried making in the oven... first attempt didn't go so well. Did the bread bake well using the standard gluten-free setting, or did you have to program it further?
  14. Thanks for the helpful thread. My 1.5 year old was just diagnosed with Celiac and I've been hunting for a gluten free stuffing, particularly one without dairy and egg as well since my three year old is allergic to those. EnerG bread looks like the perfect solution (and, from what I read on here, only use it for stuffing!).
  15. Diagnosis

    Hi there- my 19 month old tested positive to the celiac panel when he was 18 months. The doctor ordered it due to his slow weight gain and mild anemia. We have a follow up appointment with the pediatric GI doctor next month. We will see if he will have further bloodwork done then or a biopsy. From what I've heard on here, his results from the bloodwork definitely look like Celiac. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to find some answers