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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Agree with him being a jerk but i can't eat nothing i a restaurants don't dare to so i just make my own food and take with me were ever i go has never been a problem for yet i just don't trust anybody else to cook my food to afraid cross contamination have never had a restaurant complain ar say anything about bringing in my own food
  2. Why Aren't Doctors Up To Speed?

    To me it's easy Just follow the MONEY the only way to feel better is to quit eating the food's that botter you there is know medicine to fix it so then they can't make any money from you having to keep coming back to see them, Also the drug company pay for all or most of there schooling after they become doctor's and when i was seesing my GI doc you sit in his waiting room and everybody that came out of his office came out with a free sample pack of nexiuam.
  3. Was just wondering if it is the red dye or the preseratives they put in it deer meat does not bother me its what they put in it to keep it looking good in the stores. Know i have only been able to buy chicken breast from Sam's club the Member Mark does not have the same additives in it.
  4. Allergist?

    Yes i did and was very helpful found out about half my problem foods were allergies the one that suprised me was highly allergtic to pork was worth it.
  5. I give CAPE COD CHIP a-plus also they are great only snack i get to.
  6. Gluten Headaches

    I also suffered headaches all my life until going gluten free. Now the biggest trigger of headaches is when i try and take medicne and mainly vitiams. They are the biggest problem thats how i now i would be able to take cause headaches started within two to three day.And the way you describe your sound like mine.
  7. It brought to mind articles I have read about doctors who won't diagnose Celiac disease because there is no money to be made out of it. That is so very true i think back now its been a year gluten free already quit eating alot of other stuff before that and when i went back to gastro doc he just told that was not my problem like i was a idoit aint been back but the above statment you made is So True So Very True.
  8. Yes i would like to now i tried gluten free corn chex with goat milk and dry hurt for two weeks. I wish i could find something else to eat for breakfest other than chicken,Tried buckwheat and that didn't work either.
  9. 1St Meal Out For Dinner

    I am sorry to here it does get better i was the same way i would get mad cause there was nothing i could eat but a little over a year into this i just go and enjoy the company of my family if at all possible i will take my own food if not just have glass of water or coffee and enjoy time with wife and kids.
  10. Recomendation For Gi In Ga

    It just depends om how informed you already are she was first doctor that said i was either celiac or gulten intolorance but as far as figuring what food to eat and reactions to different foods i had and have learned 99% of knowledge comes from this forum. Talked about symptoms i have had what i have been through what foods i have already stopped eating, what my diet was, when the last time was scoped. But like alot of people here I have had these issues most of my life so when finally figures it out the damage was already done and since seeing her have been to allergist found out have a lot of food allergys and I already figured out I had many many food intolances to go along with it . If you are new and need some help with diet and food and vitiams she will be good. Hope this helps
  11. Question About Doctor's Recommendations

    Was just wondering if your Doctor names is Dr.Deal from Macon georgia he did the same to me I didnt bother with any of test he wanted too do and won't go back to him
  12. Recomendation For Gi In Ga

    I would also like to know to i haven't found one yet went and seen Dr.Cythia Rudert very nice but learned more from this forum than her if you find one let me know Thank You
  13. Five Guys

    Thank You for the info been looking for some where to eat out at might give them a try.
  14. Frequent Urination

    Yes happens to me also thought i was just crazy i glad to see this is part of beeing glutened
  15. Canker Sores

    I had cancker sores and teeth hurting for about two months then ran out of toothpaste and i went and got some didn't realize that the wife had gotten a different kind but the same brand after going back to the kind i always used cancker sores and teeth quit hurting after a week.