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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago. I tested both of my kids at that time and they were negative, but one was positive for both genes DQ8 and DQ2 and another was only positive for DQ2. The child who tested positive for both genes does not seem to have problems with gluten. The other child has major GI issues. We eat mostly gluten-free at home , but I let them eat gluten at school occasionally. His pediatrician thought that his GI issues could be caused by IBD and ordered fecal calprotectin test which came back elevated (300). His symptoms are gas, bloating, green loose stool (once a day, not diahrea). His pediatrician said that since he is only positive for DQ8, his chance of developing celiac is very low and we should not worry about it. He dropped in the growth curve and Is Very skinny (5%percentile for weight). I took him to GI who is concerned with the positive calprotectin test and wants to do endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for IBD and/celiac. He wants him to go back on gluten diet though. The problem-he immediately felt better on gluten-free/dairy free diet. Even his stool has gotten solid! He still occasionally gets GI discomfort, but it dramatically improved! I am trying to introduce dairy back, but I am reluctant to go back on gluten since he feels so much better and even gained a couple pounds. Anyone had experience with that? Anyone d do heard of calprotectin test? I told doctor No to testing, that I would like to keep him on gluten-free diet, but he yelled at me saying that it could be Crohn among other things and that I am restricting my child's diet without any reason! I asked him if there was any benefit in gluten and he says:@ if course! Whatever you read on the Internet is false!"
  2. Going Out?

    Are you concerned about coffe or tea being contaminated with gluten? What kind of "fancy coffee"? Do you not even bring it up (gluten issue) at the restaurant? Ideally, I would like to not mention it.
  3. Going Out?

    The nature of my work involves meeting people which inevitably involves going out and eating out. I always get nervous when ordering but at the same time I don't want to attract too much attention and cause my disease to become atopic of conversation.... How do you handle it? What do you typically order? I am most,y having problems with "let's meet at this coffee place for deserts" thing... Thank you! This is a great group! Hopefully I will be able to offer advice one day myself...
  4. Yes, but I feel so sad... Thinking how he will go through teenage years... College? Dating? I am just driving myself insane. On one hand, I am happy that he is feeling better, but this diagnosis entails so much... I can handle it, but the idea of my kid having this... I cannot sleep, cannot eat... Anybody going through this?
  5. I wanted to give you a quick update... I fed my son complete gluten-free diet for a week and he gained 4lbs... I don't know how to rect... He had a completely normal celiac panel test a little less than a year ago... Does it mean he is a celiac if he responded to the diet? Could he be just sensitive? I cannot stand an idea of him going through what I did... Appreciate your thoughts! TIA!!!!
  6. I will definitely have his thyroid checked... Interesting... It seems like most kids whose parent is a celiac develop it at some point if their lives... Or am I mistaken? My GI assured me that chances f them developing it are very slim... Like less than 10%. Now after reading your posts, it seems like almost 100%.
  7. Vacation? Travel?

    Yes, that is what I have been doing-cooking on vacation... However, I dream of going to Europe and it would be nice to sample out their restaurants while there... It is all part of the experience...But nt sure if that is an option
  8. Vacation? Travel?

    Thank you for your reply! That is certainly very encouraging!!!
  9. Vacation? Travel?

    Since being diagnosed, we only vacationed once at a cruise, and it was wonderful! However, i would love to go to an all inclusive resort... But not sure how well grey will handle our food issues. What do you guys do? I was also hoping to go to Euroe bed year but cannot even begin to think how I will be able to eat there... Appreciate your insights! Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your replies! I got more info here than I got from my doctor...
  11. I just had a physical with my 10 yo son and it appears that he has not ganed even a pound in one year!!!! He grew one inch which my pediatrician thinks is completely normal. She told me to increase his calorie intake and add oil and butter to every meal...Now, because I am celiac, I did persuade her to have him tested last year and h was egatve. It was a compete celiac panel. She said you either have celiac r you don't, no need to get tested again and assured him that his poor f weight gain has to do with his Level of activity(true, he is ver active and he is also a picky eater). Also, He has been seeing a chiropractor for his mysterious join pain for year now. No explanation given...shall I insist on mor testing?... TIA
  12. I actually was wondering about the same thing. I am praying every day that my kids don't develop celiac , and I am thinking of going completely gluten-free to minimize ther risk f developing celiac later in life. However, other people are telling me that this approach might actually backfire and they could develop sensitivity to gluten if they don't ingest gluten on a refuse basis... I wish I had a clear answer..
  13. No, I saw the results- they were unequivocally negative. My only concern with the true validity of the results was the that they were on a "semi gluten free diet" at a time meaning they were eating very little gluten and mainly in school... I am just not sure what the healthiest diet for them would be... I mean nutrition wise you cannot even begin to compare multigrain whoe wheat bread to any gluten free bread out there... And I just feel that I am limiting ther diet by that. They have multiple food allergies already: dairy, fish, tree nuts so excluding wheat seems brutal (especially if unnecessary). My oldest son also as asthma and is the shortest kid n a class... I know thes all could point out to gluten, right?
  14. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a couple years ago. Have been on a very strict gluten free diet ever since... Tested my kids immediately for antibodies and neither of them was positive. Now, I do notice that their bellies get bloated after a big spaghetti dinner, but it could be just me watching them a bit too closely... My oldest has asthma and multiple food allerges and while i think it is better for him not to eat gluten I am concerned that his diet is restricted as is... What do you guys do? If the kids have negative bloodwork, do you still keep them on gluten free diet so that they don't develop it in the future? Other grains are not enriched and I am just concerned about giving them gluten free bread sandwich because it is lower in nutritional value... I am torn... On one hand, I think it is better to stay gluen free if they are at risk for celiac disease , but on the other hand I am concerned about their nutrition and unnecessary restricting their diet. My other question is something I have been researching for awhile but still could not find a clear answer to. For those of you who have been diagnosed later in life, do you think we have been sick all our lives but just went through some periods of remission or/and denial? When I think back to my childhood, I remember that I did go through some periods of "stomach problems", but they were minor and I was never skinny or otherwise unwell... Then I miraculously got better until I got really sick with this mysterious illness that a number of doctors could not diagnose for some time until one doctor decided to perform an endoscopy looking for some kind of weird ulcer and in turn found a celiac disease. So I am just wondering if in fact I have had this disease all my life... What are your stories? Can you just get sick in a fourth decade of life? Or does it have to lay dormant waiting for a perfect moment to manifest itself? I think I was a perfectly healthy young woman in my 20's, eating all kind of junk food and never once do i recall feeling sick... Does it mean I was healthy then or does it mean that I was a celiac without symptoms? Thanks in advance
  15. Thank you all so much for your suggestions! Your support means so much to me! I am on the elimination diet now, will see what happens... Enjoy the holiday weekend!