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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Was wondering about the response regarding serum IGA and antibodies. My 12 year old serum IGA (or immunglobin IGA (same thing right?) was 30, tested negative on panel but her gladin anti-bodies 60 which was high. Her Absolute Eosinophils were almost 2000 just fyi. My impression from what I have read is that the low immunglobin IGA can make the panels falsely negative. That is what you are saying right? But it would not effect the anti-bodies test. Just out of curiosity does the very high absolute esinophils have any meaning?
  2. Do you know or have you heard of DH being confused with Perioal Dermatitis in a 12 girl? She has high anti-bodies to gluten and low Immungoblin A (29) but test negative on all other panels?
  3. Werd Rash On Face, Maybe Dh?

    My 12 year just went to dem and she said what she has was perioral dermatitis. Treating her with two different creams and a 30 day round of strong meds. It is common but can last months to years if not treated. Look at some of the on-line pics and see. I was just looking in this area to see if it there was some relationship between the two or if DH was sometimes missed diagnosed as Perioral Dermatitis. Taylor's dem said steroid creams made it worse. She is not gluten free. Have been waiting around from some testing, etc. Going gluten-free after the holidays.
  4. The GI left it up to us to decided if we want to do it or not. Said it looked like sooner or later she would be having one just a case of should we wait until she is more symptomatic. Still debating. Hubby says no and I am thinking yes. Either way she should be gluten free according to the allergist. My only thing is that if it is active celiac then she should be totally gluten-free. Where as my husband will go under the assumption that a little won't hurt. We did the genetic results back and she does have one whole gene DQ2.5 and then half of it again. Life is never black and white is it??
  5. Total Serum Iga?

    Thanks!! I have been reading/researching and the DQB1*0301 has something the best I can tell with Melanoma (along with other things). I had a melanoma removed last December. Guess I know where she got that from! I was wondering too why they -'ed the second DQA1 but it makes sense that it would be a second copy. Thanks for your help. This is very confusing and even when you think you got it -- I lose it!!
  6. Total Serum Iga?

    Thank you for your info. She did have a negative for the DQ8 I did not type that part in -- thought I did. Do you know what the later four lines mean? Thank you!!!
  7. My daughter has exactly the same results as your son. Did you figure out what the last for lines of the testing represents? She is negative on all the screenings but low Immunologlbun A and high gladian antibodies IGG
  8. Total Serum Iga?

    Not sure still confused about all the testing and which are which ... but she has had the Tissue Transblutamiinsae (IGG) TTG antibody , IGG which was negative and Tissue Transglutaminnase Antibody IGA TTG antibody IGA which was negative. Do not think that she has had the anti-deamidated glaiadin peptide IgG testings. Will ask GI for the testing. Just got her genetic testing results and she is positive for HLA-DQ2 (DQA1*05/DQB1*02) which from my reading is very common in celica (but also in the population at large also) HLA-DQ8 (DQA1*03/DQB1*0302) HLA-DQA1 * 05 HLA-DQA1 * - HLA-DQB1 * 0201 HLA-DQB1 * 0301 I am thinking to do the scope so that we don't fall back into the gluten trap. Her dad is a softy and will not want to deny her and "a little can't hurt" will be his phrase. But hate to make her do if I am just being an over-acting mother. So confused.
  9. Total Serum Iga?

    New to this site and you might have the answers to the my questions. Sorry to take it off topic somewhat ... My 12 year daughter, btw dyslexic and ADD, has had a range of symptoms over the years. Elementary school years digestive then gluten free for almost 3 years (high gladin antibodies and low Immungolobin A 58 -- allergist wanted her to go gluten-free). GI at time laughed me out of his office for suggesting celiac. Pressure from hubby to try gluten again. back on gluten for several years with seemingly no issues. fast forward to present -- troubles sleeping, tired all the time, occasional stomach issues. Back to allergist for blood work and now her Immunoglobin A is low, 29, and gladin antibodies are high, 56 -- other testing, Ttg. negative. Gene test shows one gene for celiac. I have several questions for you if you could help 1) is the low Immunoglobin A really low enough to effect the testing -- allergist says yes -- GI we saw on Friday says not low enough. 2) will it get better with a gluten free diet? -- worried about future auto immune issues 3) does the Absolute Eosinophils of 2784 have any significant (read up on it but no one seems to think it significant)? Husband and his family long list of autoimmune MS, IBS, Acid Reflux, fibromyalgia, psoriasic arthritis between the 3 of them. My larger question is to have her scoped (GI will do it if we want) or just go gluten free and see (as her ped. doc. says) Any insight would be wonderful!!
  10. Sorry for the long path to my question... My 12 year daughter, 7th grade, has had many issues with gluten in the past it started with stomach pain and digestive upset in Kindergarten and 1st grades. Allergist said to treat her like a Celiac and move on but hubby insisted we go to GI and he basically laughed me out the door and said no way and go home (low Immunoglobulin A 58 and high Gliadin Antibodies did not equate to Celiac). Well, went to alternative doc at the time and went off gluten for 2 1/2 years. No more tummy issues. Started Gluten again and seemed to be fine for several years (but mild anxieties and tired all the time). This summer big time sleep issues which lead me back to alternative doc (ped doc no help). That blood work came back low B12 and high Absolute Eosinophils 952. The Eosinophils sent me back to the original allergist. She did blood work which show negative Celiac but low Immunoglobulin A 29 and high Gliadin Antibodies 45. Second set of blood work showed Immunoglobulin A of 30 and Absolute Eosinohpils of 2784. Just got the blood work back for the Genetic testing today and she has one of the genes for Celiac. After taking to GI doc (different one same practice 5 years later) on Friday he will do the scope based on her testing/vague symptoms (did not have genetic results when he saw her). Would leave it up to my husband and me. The ped doc said not to do the scope and just the diet and see if she felt better (12 year old says she feels fine and is not sick). If she feels better then we know if not no invasive procedure. GI doc was very wishy/washy and could go either way. Don't know if genetic results would push him in a different direction. So my question is to scope or not to scope... What is Eosinophils and how does that relate ... How to get her Immunoglobulin A levels up ... And lastly, my hubby and his siblings have between them IBS (x2), Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux, Psoriatic Arthritis
  11. Iga Deficiency

    I was wondering did you immunoglobulin A increase after being on gluten-free? My 12 year has a Immunoglobulin A of 29 with a high gluten antibody count. The celiac screening was negative (maybe due to the low IGA). Allergist says she is gluten intolerant and to go gluten-free. Did not see need to any other testing. Having such a low IGa can result in other issues as she get older is my understanding so I was wondering if it got "better" with the life-style change. Currently no symptoms but in 1st and 2nd grade had bad stomach issues until she was gluten free for a couple of years. Pediatric dr said to do a challenge and she did fine. Her IGA six years ago was 45 so it has gotten lower over the years.