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  1. good luck getting answers clear my 15 yr old went threw hell for 3 yrs at one point they said she needed more grain fiber lol go figure. but such a hard diease to find i guess.my son was neg as well i think i have it but will just self test. gl all
  2. hi iam a dad with a 15 yr old daughter she was diagnosed this past july.what a life changing experiance.she was good for awhile and now is having issues again i think she just got cross contaminated.it took 3 yrs and alot of er visits.we were both at our wits ends.no help from anyone u feel so alone very depressing docs were cluless.there r no support groups for teens in our area so its hard on my baby.support group here is old peeps.she also has asthema, weight gain,stomach pain eye sight lose it goes on and on so i will tell her i found this to see if she can find teens to chat with hope to hear from any and all that can help a dad and his daughter ty