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  1. Hello, I recently found this forum after searching google to see if wasabi is safe... turns out that it is... Good anyways; my closest friend (who is also celiac) and I were discussing goats cheese and its miraculous properties yesterday. When I was first diagnosed my doctor said 'some people say goats cheese doesn't make them feel ill' now a few years later I finally tried it out, and it made me feel like a million dollars, My stomach felt good! my digestion was the best it had ever been. I felt like I just ate magic. and then I gave some to my friend; and he felt the same. So I wondered, is it possible that doctors simply haven't received conclusive proof and therefore this is why they don't just prescribe it outright? either way; My and my friend immediately concluded that we must spread the word for the benefit of mankind. also another thing that really makes me feel great is wasabi & pickled ginger (with sushi) Good luck & good health