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  1. Something Martha Steward Did

    OMG I had completely forgotten about the Chickenman show. It was on Detroit rock stations in the morning when I walked to school in the mid 60's. Is that the one you are referring to?
  2. Chemical Sensitivity

    I have MCS too. I had a severe delayed positive skin test for Balsam of Peru some 20 years ago, which is an allergy to Cinnamyl, Benzoic Acid, Cinnamate, Sodium Benzoate and Vanillin. They are all part of the exudate of the Balsam Fir. This translates into perfumes, spices, the most common preservatives, PABA, flavorings, and on and on...It cross reacts with so many chemicals that it took me years of cleaning out my house of wallpaper, carpet, drapes, sealing my mattress and pillows till it all calmed down. I used to make my own skin creams and soap because my skin was so reactive. Now that I'm gluten free however, I can use spices again and even dare to smell perfumed products. I used to carry an epi pen with me when I dared leave the house. It's so nice to be able to go wherever I want now and not be so nervous. Oh and there are a few Lo VOC house paints out there. I buy mine from Sherwin Williams. You have to stick to light colors because the tints are what makes the VOC content increase. They are great paints and never bother my lungs when I use them.
  3. Cookbooks

    Haha, I think that Tudorhen is my mom! I promise, I'll bring some noodles for dinner one of these days. Pumpernickle loaf, from 125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes, Washburn & Butt 1C whole bean flour 1C yellow pea flour *see variation at end of post 2/3C potato starch 1/3C tapioca starch 3 Tbl brown sugar (packed) 2 1/2tsp xanthan gum 1 Tbl bread machine or instant yeast 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 Tbl instant coffee granules 1 Tbl unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 tsp ground ginger 1 1/2 C water 3 Tbl fancy molassas 1 tsp cider vinegar 2 Tbl vegetable oil 3 eggs In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, mix well and set aside. In bread machine, pour the water, molassas, vinegar and oil. Add eggs. Select rapid 2 hr basic cycle. Allow liquids to mix till combined, then add dry ingredients gradually, scraping the sides with a rubber spatula. Try to incorporate all the dry ingredients within 1 to 2 minutes. When the mixing and kneading are complete, remove the paddle from the bread pan so it bakes without a huge hole in the bread * Use Chickpea or garbonzo flour if pea flour isnt available. For milder flavor omit the coffee and cocoa If not using a bread machine, Use a high power mixer on lowest speed for 4 minutes when adding the liquid ingredients to the dry. Spoon mixture into a prepared pan and let rise in a warm draftfree place for 60-75 minutes. Preheat oven to 350, Bake for 35 to 45 min until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom. Making me hungry ...think I'll try this next Janet
  4. Bean Vs. Potato

    I had a problem with another Hagman recipe that used the bean flours, a strange aftertaste...so I made the non-bean recipe. I loved it! I made wide noodles with pesto, cheese stuffed raviolis and mushroom stuffed too. Each was a delight! It works in my pasta machine and just rolling out with a rolling pin. Easy to use too.
  5. Cookbooks

    The pasta machine isnt really neccesary. I did much better with a nice nonstick roller and cornstarch dusted marble surface. You can buy these ravioli molds (mine was marked down to 50 cents) and just roll out the dough, put one layer on the mold, trim the sides, depress the pockets in the mold as you put spoonfulls of stuffing. (I also just made a nice mushroom stuffing that turned out so good) Then roll out a top layer of dough and press it down. I used egg wash between the layers. They sell a tool to crinkle cut the edges of the little pillows of ravioli too. Another way is just to cut squares using a knife on rolled out dough and turn them over into little triangles with stuffing in the middle. You wont be disappointed so just use what you have and enjoy. These days I'm more interested in the product and not the spiffy tools
  6. Cookbooks

    I love the 125 Gluten Free Recipes book mentioned above and use it frequently. Right now, I'm baking the white sandwich bread recipe in my new programmable bread machine. Fingers crossed as this is a first attempt. The recipe that came with the gluten free breadmaker was the worst! I'll try that pumpernickle recipe if I gain any confidence in this breadmaker hehe. I highly recommend this pasta recipe from Bette Hagmans The Gluten Free Gourmet! 1/2 C tapioca flour 2 Tbls potato starch flour 1/3 C cornstarch 1/2 tsp salt 1 Tbls xanthan gum 2 lg eggs 1 Tbls oil (i used olive) Combine flours, salt, and Xanthan gum. Beat eggs lightly and add oil. Pour egg mixture and stir. Will feel like pastry dough. Work together into a firm ball. Knead a min or two. Place ball on a cornstarch dusted bread board and roll as thin as possible. Slice noodles as thin as possible, or wide for lasagna. cook now or freeze for later. Cook in salted boiling water with a tbls of oil, for 10 - 20 min depending on the size you cut the dough I used this recipe twice so far..once in my pasta machine(manual) and once rolled by hand and it was amazingly good. I used the thin sheets as noodles and also to make cheese stuffed ravioli. I can't tell you how GREAT it was to have hot noodles again. OMG I can't tell you how great they were with pesto.
  7. Crippling Exhaustion/oversleeping

    Be careful about using St Johns Wort with depression..some people react badly. I used SAM-e with great success. It not only helps me with that exhaustion type sleep, but also with pain from Fibromyalgia. When I stop taking it for a while, I feel my mood slip and start sleeping alot more. Chronic arthritic pain is the cause of my reactive depressive bouts. I have numerous auto immune diseases. When i start feeling like I want to cry for no reason, I realize it's time to start taking SAM-e again. Also helps after an accidental glutening. It helps the body to produce more substance P in the spine..which helps in seratonin production.
  8. Frustrated Cooking Meals

    I completely agree with the other posts! If you can't eat it, don't cook it! Our house has 2 toasters, one is gluten-free, the other isnt. Hubby toasts all the bread products he likes and I do the same with my gluten free breads. Outside of bread issues, I only cook with safe grains. He eats everything I make and still thinks I'm the best cook around. We have no wheat flour or any other offending grains around outside the bread(s) in our pantry. If he wants a donut, cookies, or other gluten containing food he gets it for himself. Other than that, I have to share my creations because they are so yummy and he's not afraid of them anymore. I have converted a few of my family recipes and adopted new ones. Pasta meals are so easy with Tinkyada and I've served my lasagna to many people with groans of delight. What they don't know wont hurt them . I've breaded shrimp, made flaky pie crusts and wonderful cakes. Get a good cookbook and learn how to use the alternative flours and your life will be much easier. I like 125 Best Gluten-Free Recies by Washburn and Butt. My husband is now my biggest cheerleader because he knows how much I suffered. He makes sure my In-Laws understand and protects me from gluten by scrutinizing every label. Get your hubby on your side and you'll never regret it. Just find something that he loves that is gluten free and you'll fine.
  9. For about 2 months I started eating Capt Crunch Peanut butter flavor, thinking it was gluten free. The label lists nothing at all suspicious. My health deteriorated to the point that I was ready to call my rheumatologist for an emergency appt. My RLS was at its worst, migraines lasting days, arthritis had me pretty much chair bound again, nausea was constant. Flashback to 2 years ago when I started to think wheat might be a problem. I went through my diet and pantry, looking for any changes. I remembered that I had started eating that cereal at the same time I started going downhill. I contacted Quaker Oats and sure enough. The cereal is not gluten-free. It is contaminated through processing, from the farm onward. I complained to them that a "not a gluten free cereal" label should be included, just as the peanut warning is. So.....the new labeling laws only go so far. You need to make sure the company is willing to commit to the product being gluten free. I dont ever want to go through that again. It's only a couple weeks since I went off the cereal and I'm slowly returning to my pre-cereal health.
  10. I use the Bare Essentuals the same way...love the stuff. I too felt very bad about my appearance. When my skin is burning, I cool it down with MyChelle Cranberry Cleanser. I figure it's inflammatory, and the cleanser has anti-inflammatories in it. Seems to help, well that and cold compresses. Dermatologist perscribed Elidel, but I dont seem to get much relief from it when used the way he prescribed it. I only use it a couple times when it flares, if I continue, the burning gets worse and I think I have a reaction to the medication. Sun, spices, hot showers, hot weather, glutenings, and poor health all make it worse. Recently started eating vegan again and it's looking alot better. Hubby actually commented on my skin today.
  11. It's been almost 2 years since I went gluten-free and the changes are wonderful. No more fear of leaving the house and being too far from a bathroom. No more Restless Leg syndrome, Anemia, Migraines, abdominal cramping. My arthritis is so much less painful. If I get accidentally glutened, it all comes raging back almost immediately so I'm really consciencous. I'm getting to be quite good at cooking this new way. My hubby loves my creations and I have to enforce rules that he doesnt eat it all. Hey, he's not even celiac! My Rheumatologist told me today that she learned so much from me. Because of my diagnosis, she's now testing more people for celiac. And even moreso, surprised at finding so many patients have it as an underlying condition. Now thats something to really feel good about! It's one condition that I know about, know what to do about and can feel in control of. Not many illnesses that you can say that about. Great thread
  12. Well today I searched google with the following: eDiets, gluten. I came up with the UK eDiets site at the top of the search. They have launched a gluten free diet plan. So in a state of total amazement, I had another online chat with a nutritionist at the US eDiet site where I'm a member. I quoted statistics, pointed to the UK site, the NIH page on the incidence of celiac disease in Americans, a study on obese celiacs.... you name it, just trying to get some movement on a program here. She said "I understand your concern and we hope to include this plan in the future. Many factors go in to creating a new meal plan, so it can take time for us to launch this." The trouble is, I heard exactly the same thing 6 months ago, and a month later was told there was nothing in development... I asked if my membership was transferable to the UK site (assuming it wasn't). I'm sure I was annoying, but I'm just so frustrated. I also went to the UK site, wrote the nutritionist asking for her advice on how I could push for the program for Americans at our eDiet site. I'm not sure how much good I'm doing, but if nagging helps, I'll keep it up. Better than just being frustrated and doing nothing. Janet
  13. I joined eDiets almost a year ago and have struggled with the menu choices that long. I wrote thier nutritionist on a couple occasions, requesting to have a gluten free menu but they just give a run around and say they are thinking about it...it's in the discussion phase. I also made the suggestion on the boards that just as they have other diet restrictions, like salt, red meat, soy, fish, and so on, that a non-gluten category should be added. Others have backed me up, and requested the same thing from the dietician in letters. One person I talked to told me they had not plans to add gluten-free options. The only option they give me, is to use a program on site that looks up the nutritional choices of every single food. I can do that offline! What is the point of setting up menus that you cant use? I guess I'm just ranting here because I have run out of patience with eDiets and want to make sure any other celiacs with weight to lose don't assume they will work around your issue. You will be on your own. The emotional support is good but that is only part of the program and you have to pay extra for that. End of vent..... Janet
  14. Who's From Michigan?

    Hi, Another Michigander here just north of Lansing. The snow is just so pretty that I don't care about the cold. Makes me want to bake a nice fresh hot loaf of Bob's Red Mill bread. Janet
  15. Joint Pain

    I was just wondering...have your fingers or toes ever turned a blueish hue when they were really cold? Have they ever gotten painful from being cold? Has a temperature change, like having cold feet/toes then going into a hot bath ever brought these symptoms on? When mine did, my doctor diagnosed Raynauds, which is commonly associated with rheumatic and mixed connective tissue diseases. Basically I was told to wear hats, gloves, etc when I'm exposed to cold temperatures...She even said I may need to wear gloves to get food out of the freezer, however it hasn't been bad since I learned how to handle flares of my arthritis. Oh, and I try not to go barefoot ...always wear socks.