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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Shauna! Ya...I'm still confused. I get a migraine usually without fail about 21 hours after eating dairy (mainly cheese)...yet some days where I didn't have cheese or anything dairy the day before I still get a migraine. So I am in the process of doing a daily, in depth food journal. (something I should have started years ago...but better late than never!) Thanks for the response
  2. Elisa

    Ya, that's what I was afraid of. I am having the hardest time pinpointing anything...especially because I am almost positive whatever it is has a significant delay with reactions. I recently started keeping a very detailed journal, so hopefully that will help
  3. Just curious if anyone here has had the ELISA testing done, and if it was helpful or not. I keep getting so close to finding the answer to my health problems, and I am still convinced it is food related...just looking for a means to find some real answers. Is it accurate? Is it helpful? Also, is it something my GP could do or do I need to go to an allergy specialist? Thanks!
  4. I actually was thinking that was a possibility too since I eat a lot of lunch meat and things with "caramel color, natural ingredients, etc etc" that I have read could contain casein. However, over the past few weeks where I was headache free I did eat some of those things problem free...which is why I'm confused (and discouraged)
  5. For yesterday, I am sure. I checked every label. All I ate was oatmeal with water and sugar, a sandwich with turkey, lettuce and tomato on whole grain white with 100% natural potato chips, and then popcorn chicken and frozen french fries later in the day...checked he label and saw no dairy. However, the day before, I had pasta with a SMALL amount of parmesan cheese. I guess there is a possibility it could be a 2 day delay...not sure
  6. About a year ago I actually became a member here and was very active on the board, thinking I definitely had celiacs. I got most of the tests you listed as well as a colonoscopy and biopsy. On top of the that, on my own, I did a FULL gluten free diet for about free months (down to all new cooking utensils and shampoo) with ZERO positive results. At that point I assumed it was safe to rule out gluten. And like I said in the earlier post, the only long term relief from the headaches I've had in years was when I completely cut out dairy.
  7. I've had many chronic symtoms over the past probably 7 or 8 years...getting worse over the past 2 years. The core symtoms are chronic nauseous, dizzy, headaches/migraines (nearly every day), general fatigue and weakness, and brain fog. I've seen MANY doctors. Multiple GPs, multiple neurologists, a GI, an ENT, eye doctors, dermatologists, therapists, you name it. Have also had a brain MRI and have been tested multiple times for celiac (blood and biopsy, all negative). For a while I thought it might be celiac and went on a gluten free diet for several months with no results whatsoever. The past few months I sort of gave up. About 3 weeks ago I decided to completely cut dairy out of my diet after reading an article on food allergy related migraines. Well, my migraines disappeared for the most part. One night I ate pizza to "test" things out, and exactly 24 hours later the migraine hit. So I came to the conclusion that I had diary related migraines with a 24 hour delay (which I've heard is common). A lot of things clicked. When I was eating gluten free, I was dairy free for about a week, but re-introduced it so that I could get more protein. One of the weeks I remember feeling pretty good I was in Ireland and ate no dairy that I can remember. However, today I got the headache. Yesterday I ate absolutely nothing with any trace of dairy. I guess my question is, what in Dairy would be giving me the headaches? Is it something that could be in other foods that I'm not aware of? Am I wrong that dairy is causing my problems since I got a headache today? I got really really excited that I had at least a small breakthrough and figured out one of my problems...but today I am just depressed thinking of why the headache would be back. I'd appreciate any input that anybody might have...sorry if this is a little vague. I'm trying to sum up A LOT in a few words. Thanks guys!!
  8. Thanks for the reply! Ya, the only things that really changed were the vitamin D and the diet...got a new script for the D, and trying to stick to a better diet. For the biopsy, do I still need to be on gluten for 3 months? (ive gotten the bloodwork done twice by 2 different doctors while eating gluten, both negative) Thanks again!
  9. Thanks love2travel. I have only had bloodwork done. If I wanted to get a biopsy or something, is 6 weeks eating gluten enough or no? Just don't know what to do next :/
  10. Well the problem is that I felt better going OFF the diet...which is why I am so confused. I guess my bottom line question is could it take 6 weeks OFF the diet for the gluten to start affecting me again? You said that this sounds "dangerous" a few times...what exactly do you mean by that?
  11. I haven't posted on here in a while. I have had a lot of health issues over the past year or so, and decided to try gluten free on my own (negative blood work) I was gluten free for over 3 months with no (noticeable) difference, so I went off the diet. I have been off for about a month-6weeks, and most of that felt a little better, noticeably better...but only noticeable now because for a week I have had all my exact same symptoms (bad brain fog, weakness, some digestive issues, etc). Is it possible that gluten free really was helping? I just dont understand how I felt great while eating gluten for almost 6 weeks. I am so lost as to what to do. I can't think of much else that changed in the last 6 weeks (I did stop taking a high-dose of vitamin D for a deficiency...per doctor's orders.) I would appreciate any input on this issue. thanks!
  12. Thanks again guys...and sorry for all the complaining. I guess it boils down to what you were saying...you saw SOME symptoms go (like maybe stomach problems) within the few months...but I haven't. My stomach is worse than it ever was and everything else is the same. I guess that's where my doubt and discouragement comes from. Also, I think me wanting this to be the reason so badly is clouding some of my judgement...and just making me even more upset. It's hard. And I know that everyone on here knows that (which is nice being around people who can relate!) I guess I just have to figure things out... ALL the advice you have ALL given is invaluable. Thank you so much.