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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you. And I just noticed that you have listed in your signature "bi-polar disorder declared in remission by a suprised psychologist." I read yesterday that undiagnosed/untreated autoimmune thryoid disease results in people vacillating between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism (despite what a blood test from any one given day might yield) and so often being misdiagnosed as bipolar! Unreal.
  2. I had the Anti TTG test done and just got the results yesterday....Looks like my autoimmune thryoid disease is all related to autoimmunity triggered by gluten. Results below. Thanks for the suggestion, it has all come full circle now. I will be gluten free for life! Tissue Transglutaminase Stool Test Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA 24 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)
  3. Thank you...Please provide links to more of your papers if you can, I would like to read more about this as it is all so new to me.
  4. I also just learned I have autoimmune thryoid disease. Thyroid levels are still fine but I have an enlarged thyroid/benign nodules are present and very high level of thyroid antibodies. I will do the anti-TTG test to determine if gluten is the cause of the autoimmune thyroid disease...
  5. Thank you! I have eliminated dairy this week and finally my DH is clearing up!!!! I did a little research and learned that DH is often caused by both gluten and dairy intolerance. I previously had read it was only gluten and didn't understand why it wasn't clearing up now that I'm gluten free. So glad to figure this out...
  6. no doubt! no more gluten for me...so thankful i found this out at a time when gluten free is readily available.
  7. I hear ya on having enough challenges! Thanks for your reply....
  8. Hi, I just got my Enterolab test results. Definitely have issues with the most common allergens. I knew I felt better once I went gluten free despite having a negative celiac test! Anyway, my question to you guys who are much more knowledgeable -- based on the results below should I have other tests done while they still have my specimen? Do I need to do the gluten antibody test -- how is that valuable? Also, I LOVE eggs! How bad is it to continue eating them with the test result below? Thank you. Gluten/Antigenic Food Sensitivity Stool/Gene Panel Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 108 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) Fecal Anti-casein (cow
  9. I wonder if anyone knows about Vintage Seltzers or Trader Joe's flavored seltzers. Supposedly there is no artificial sweeteners but I am now just linking a decline in my health to when I started drinking it in large quantities (over the past year). In my teens, I had chronic yeast infections from nutrasweet in Crystal Light which I was drinking a lot of. Now I wonder if my issues are linked to the selzer? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks
  10. Hi - I am 3 weeks gluten-free. At 2.5 weeks I experienced dizziness, fatigue and itching. Well the dizziness and fatigue have lifted but I am now severely itchy all over. No rash (except for what may or may not be DH on my behind) but my whole body is going crazy with the itching. Is this candida die off? Since I went gluten-free, I no longer have chronic neck/shoulder pain or arthritis in other areas, sleep has done a 360 degree change for the better -- deep/restful and no insomnia or nightsweats, I don't have the rapid heart beat, shortness of breath and I seem to be grinding my teeth less at night. I hung in there with the dizziness and fatigue and it went away. i wonder if the same will happen with the itching? Is this another withdrawal symptom or candida die off (I've had problems w/ candida). Your experience with this (itching) is most appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Gluten Withdrawl

    I am on week 3 gluten free. At about 10 days into it I starting having dizziness, extreme itchiness and serious fatigue. That lasted for 2.5 days. Instead of thinking I was reacting to some other allergen as I immediately thought, I decided to ride it out and stick with just eliminating the gluten and see if it was withdrawl symptoms. In my case, that is what it turned out to be -- I remained gluten free but did not eliminate anything else and the symptoms have gone away completely. Today, however, I have started feeling some stomach pain (I never had the gastro distress before -- I have/had DH and other symptoms from gluten). I am wondering if this is my gut trying to heal? My question to others, did you feel pain when you hadn't before when your stomach was healing? Thanks
  12. Takala, Thank you for your reply. The symptoms I described (dizziness, neck/shoulder pain, insomnia, extreme itching and DH flareup) are once again gone but I have continued the probiotics. I actually think it may have been a gluten free cereal and pasta that had other (non-gluten) grains including corn and quinoia. I avoided grains yesterday (except for brown rice) and feel good again today so I wonder if the corn/quinoia cause the same symptoms I experience from gluten. It's such a journey figuring all of this out! I am going to try the non-grain route for a while and see what happens. Thanks again for you reply and best wishes for good health to you!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and new to being Gluten Free and feeling really weird as of yesterday. Here is my story: Childhood history of various illnesses and oversubscriptions of antibiotics (uncle worked for pharmaceutical co - they were given to me like candy) I have had lots of yeast infections in my life. Always felt tired and bloated (as in puffy, not gastro distress) from pasta/bread and would gain weight easily from these products. Terribly PMS and heavy periods. When I was low gluten for a period thru my life I noticed that these PMS symptoms were eliminated. I have a thyroid goiter (benign nodules). Thyroid blood tests came back "normal" although I want to have someone else look at them and tell me if they are out of optimal range. I have had a rash that could be DH (on my behind) for my entire life. Dark circles under my eyes my entire life. I have been grinding my teeth during sleep all my life. Over the last year, I began suffering from severe neck/shoulder pain, insomnia, drenching nightsweats (one week before my period), felt sick in the evenings, low energy and every morning would wake feeling like I was "hungover" without having been drinking. I also had chronic yeast infections (with increasing discharge), brown mucous at the back of my throat, and swollen glands. Also, I would vaccilate between normal BMs, constipation and runny (pencil thin) stools. Typically I ate very healthy in my 30's and am now 42. I ate tons of veggies, fruits, fish, meats but I would throw a piece of bread in there every once in awhile. No fried foods, not too many sweets, etc. And I am very athletic (although it was getting increasingly harder for me to do my regular workouts). After a weekend of pasta/bread during a family reunion, I felt awful the week after so I decided I had had enough and was going to go gluten free. I did so beginning May 15th and have been free w the exception of two accidental glutenings (soy sc w/ gluten and a lotion w/ wheat germ) during that time. But for the past week and a half I have been 100% off gluten. I have noticed some good things -- deep sleep, rash (DH?) improving, neck and shoulder pain improving, more energy, less mucousy,no pMS symptoms, noticed that I wasn't grinding my teeth as much and more. BUT as of yesterday, things changed and I felt dizzy, fatigued, the neck/shoulder pain is back and the teeth grinding is back. FYI, I have not completely gone off carbs -- I still eat brown rice and gluten free crackers, as well as brown rice english muffins so I don't think it is a reaction to no carbs. My question to all of you who have been thru this is -- is it normal what I am experiencing? How long does it last? I take a multi vitamin plus omega 3's and turmeric daily. Also, just started probiotics (but I have eaten a lot of yogurt anyway), but should I be supplementing with anything else? Thanks in advance for your feedback and support! Also, I just ordered the tests from Enterolab. Should get them anyday. Would love to hear your experiences with them as well.