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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago. I was told to start a gluten free diet and come back for blood tests in three months. When I went back for blood tests, my liver functions were abnormal. Further testing confirmed I had pancreatic cancer. I went through chemotherapy and the Whipple procedure. Today I am cancer free, but a lot of my pancreas was removed, along with my gall bladder and some of my stomach. I was told not to eat fatty foods. I was told the symptoms I had for Celiac were similar to those of pancreatic cancer. I would like to hear from those suffering from Celiac. What happens when they eat gluten? Do they know it immediately or does it take a day or two to cause symptoms? Once symptoms begin how long before the bout is over? Since I had the two problems at the same time I don't know which is causing my issues. I try to follow the gluten free diet, but I know it's easy to conume gluten unknowingly (especially in restaurants). Please help. Thank you.