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  1. My son has had, what the endocrine calls, a 'trace elevation' of his TTG over the past several years (and he has type 1 diabetes, his sister & dad have type 1, his sister has celiac, his DQ8 gene positive, and gluten sensitivity was indicated by Dr. Fine's stool sample testing done many years ago)....but no endoscopy. He started a gluten free diet about 3 1/2 months ago. We're wondering whether to continue it or not. What happened when your son, after 4 1/2 months gluten free, was challenged with gluten - did he have symptoms? What other blood-work/symptoms did he originally exhibit that made you choose gluten free for him? Thanks!!
  2. We've put our 16 year old son on a gluten-free diet due to lab test results and symptoms and family history that would suggest he has either celiac or is gluten sensitive (although his endocrinologist doesn't think he should be gluten-free): - My son, daughter and husband all have type 1 diabetes - My daughter was diagnosed with celiac a number of years ago - My husband, son and I were all given results from Dr. Fine's that suggested gluten sensitivity - My son's recent genetic test reflected positive for the DQ8 DQB1*0302 - His Gliadin IgG and TTG IGG have been consistently 'slightly' above the normal range (referred to by his endocrinologist as 'trace elevation'), his IgA has been under 3, his alkaline phosphatase has also been high. - He has a number of symptoms consistent with celiac and/or gluten sensitivity: headaches, stomach-aches, skin rashes, muscle aches, short stature, unexplained weight gain, irritability, sleepiness He has been gluten free for 3 1/2 months and says he doesn't notice much of a difference; however, I think some of his symptoms have decreased. How long can it take to detect changes on a gluten free diet, if indeed there is celiac or gluten sensitivity? Has anyone experienced a similar medical history and/or have any advice?