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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had been gluten free for 2 months and really started to feel pretty good, but then tonight I accidentally ate a pizza that I thought was Gluten free but was not. Now I'm worried that all my progress/healing over the last 2 months will be for nothing. Will this incodent set me back 2 months, or will it just be a minor roadblock on the road to recovery? I'm hoping that I just get a little sick for a few days, then go back to feeling how I felt just before I ate the pizza. Or will I go back to feeling how I felt 2 months ago right before I started gluten free?
  2. What symptoms did you have and how long did it take for them to go away after you went gluten free? I
  3. I tested negative for celiac 6 years ago, but since have cut out gluten and felt much better (still have lots of problems though). My sister cut out gluten, too, and no longer has any problems. I have DH and it was a lot worse when I was eating gluten, but I still have it. I'm seeing a doc on Friday, a celiac specialist, and I'm hoping that he can confirm that I have celiac based on my DH and dispite my negative test results from years ago. I refuse to eat gluten for 3 months or how ever long it is for regular celiac tests. Can he diagnose celiac by diagnosing DH? I'm afraid that he's going to assume that I don't have celiac based on my previous test, and I'm pretty damn sure that I have it.
  4. I'm almost possitive I have celiac. I was incredibly sick a few years ago then cut out gluton foods and got much better. But I am far from 100% still... I still have problems with several things. Life is much better than when I was eating gluten and I thought I was going to die... but I don't understand why I'm still not back to normal. Below I've listing the things that I used to have before gluton free and what I still have afterwards. Maybe you guys can help me make sense of why these things haven't gone away. I haven't been able to find a doc who's not an idiot yet, (I'm going to my 3rd on May 11th) so until then I'd like to rely on your suggestions. Let me know what you think. Before I was gluton free I had... -Major stomach pains, expecially after eating. Shooting pain in my abs. -Constant, ravenous hunger. -Major muscle cramps in my legs, to the point of not being able to run a mile -fever... temp above 100 -twitching muscles -lots of gas -diarrhea -brain fog -dizziness -balance problems After gluton free -Constant hunger, but not nearly as bad as before (still not normal amount though) -muscle cramps (can run farther then before but still can't run more than a mile at a time) -twitching muscles -dizziness -brain fog Why do I still have these problems after being gluton free for a few years?
  5. Hi guys, I'm pretty sure I have celiac, but all the doctors I've seen say stupid things like "sounds like stress." I need to find a doctor that specializes in celiac disease or at least food alergies. Please Help. Does anyone know of a celiac specialist in the Los Angeles area? I looked at the link to recommended doctors on here, but all the doctors were either pediatricians or not in my area. I'll go anywhere in a 1.5 hour radius. Thanks!!
  6. several parts of my calf muscle "twitch" constantly.. pretty much all day long. It's not the whole muscle, but several little parts of the muscle. Does that make sense? Is that a vitamin deficiancy? I'm a runner (or was one) but this, coupled with really bad muscle cramps, have taken me from running 4 miles/day to running 1 mile a day if I'm lucky. Does anyone know what I can do about the leg cramps and all day long muscle twitching? Is there a specific vitamin that I'm lacking?
  7. I have never ending hunger even though I eat and eat. After I eat I'm full for about 1hr and then I'm dizzy/cloudy/energyless again, so I eat more and it goes away again for an hour, then dizzy/cloudy/painful stomach all over again. I think this is happening because I just got off gluten again. Is that possible? What can I do to fix this? Any suggestions?
  8. Celiac Or Something Else?

    Thanks guys! Great info! I'm going to look into sensitive celiac. I think that's what I have. I noticed that I feel way better when eating only meat, fish, veggies... but it's still hard to keep my energy levels up. I mean, I have way more energy than if I were eating wheat, but still not at 100%. For instance, 6 years ago I could run 5 miles a day... nowadays if I'm staying away from gluten I can run about a mile a day for four days, then on the fifth day my legs are too cramped to run at all. And if I've eaten any wheat, forget about it... I can't run more than a city block. I also have lots of muscle spasms/cramps on and off gluten... although they are much less prevelent when not eating gluten. Will I ever be able to run long distances again? Will my muscles ever stop spasming? How can I build my strength again?
  9. I have had celiac symptoms for several years now (bad reactions to wheat, painful stomach, painful digestion, gas, weakness, dizziness, twicthing muscles, difficulties concentrating, sever muscle cramps, etc,.) About three years ago I was tested for celiac... it came back negative. But when I cut wheat and pasta from my diet most of my "celiac" symptoms went away. So, thiking that I do in fact have celiac and that the test was wrong, I tried to eat gluten free past and cereal. But the gluten free products made all of those symptoms return. Is it possible to have celiac disease and not be able to eat gluten free products? Maybe I have celiac along with another alergy?