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  1. Feeling a little bit better today.

  2. Good Afternoon Everyone!, I am a 19 year old female that lives in Labrador. You have to understand what it is like in this community to understand my story. Churchill Falls is a little community in Labrador that is owned by a company because of our water resources so we are small with a small clinic. I have been sick for 2 years with the same symptoms and the clinic here has only had a on and off doctor in these two years. I was going to the nurses complaining about bowel problems and bleeding and they kept telling me that I had a fisher or a tear in my bowel. Two years ago I went to them saying that I was tired all the time and I was losing my hair. They did countless blood tests and never came up with anything. I guess they never thought that my bowel problems had anything to do with my hair loss and tiredness because they never tested for celiac. Finally after being prescribed creams, pills, and suppositories for inflammation with no known cause, I had a really bad bm and I filled the toilet with blood. My aunt, who has Crohn's AND Colitis, came over and seen what had happened and immediately marched me up to the hospital and demanded they make arrangements for me to get a colonoscopy because she was sure it was Crohn's because she seen it before from herself. The New doctor that came in decided to do a blood test to check to see if my blood levels were okay and all that great stuff as well as a Celiac test from my blood. After weeks of waiting for my blood work to come back from St. John's, the doctor calls and says they finally have a diagnosis for what I have been going through for TWO YEARS! She explained what Celiac was and what happens and that I can't eat gluten or wheat. I didn't know what to think about it so I Googled it to find that I had almost EVERY symptom that was listed and when celiac is left untreated there as many scary risks and complications including infertility. When I read that I broke down in tears in front of my Mom and Aunt, I was more angry then upset because I have had these same symptoms for two years and I couldn't get any answers and now I have the risk of never being able to have my own children which is VERY important to me. Has anyone else had this kind of experience that they have had the same symptoms for a long time and no one could diagnose them properly? Also I am having a lot of trouble with buying foods that are gluten free here seeing that we only have a small grocery store with pretty much only the essentials. Is there any recipes that you guys have that do not have complicated ingredients that I could possibly get here. Also do you know of any online stores to buy gluten free foods that are cheep and preferably in Canada? One more question for now what does a endosopy hurt and should I be worried? The last thing I have to say is that without the support of my Family and Boyfriend don't know where I would be with all of this. Always Demand Answers, Ashley Rae <3