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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi I have been gluten free less than 2 months now and although my symptoms have definately improved I feel I'm more sensitive now than before diagnosis is this normal? Before being diagnosed with coeliacs, although constipation was bad along with stomach pain and gas diareah only occurred with consumption of beer/some spirits. However since being gluten free I am now super sensitive, the past 2 times I have eaten out in restaraunts although I have been very careful not to eat gluten I get diareah about 20 minutes after. Is it normal to be this sensitive to cross-contamination? And to have debeloped this hightened sensitivity after going gluten free. My biopsy showed almost total villous atrophy.
  2. Thank you I will try that, if im completely honest the blood started about 9 years ago but used to just be on the tissue now and again when i wiped, got worse over the years not sure if its the same thing though
  3. It is fresh and bright, im trying to eat more fibre now as i have suffered with constipation for a long time. What exactly is a whole foods diet? Im going to ask for a colonoscopy too I think! Thanks for everyones input
  4. I began with rather abit of blood coating my stools about 4 months ago, it was only that much once and since then its only been a small bit. I spoke to my doctor who sent me for blood tests straight away 3 months ago. I tested positive for coeliacs. Still waiting for results from endoscopy but dr said my small intestines look fine. (not had biopsies back yet). Regardless of this he says because of highly positive blood test he will be diagnosing me with coeliacs. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks and am still having a small amouny of blood on the surface of my stools every other day, like a small line. My GP is still saying this coeliacs. But should it still be happening every other day after 2 weeks?! Has anyone else had anything like this? Or blood in stools at all. Im only 20 and very worried so would be nice to hear if anyone has had anything like this.