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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Symptoms?

    I think I am a bit confused about something. I have read some posts where some of you have said that you got positive blood test results, but wanted to get an endoscopy for a solid diagnosis. What else would make the celiac panel positive beside gluten intolerance/celiac? Would it be possible to have positive blood work, and not have any issues with gluten? Sorry if this is stupid but I just dont get it.. Sabrina
  2. Bless your heart..I said a little prayer for you and your son! I wanted to tell you that if you want to take him off casein and gluten, you could start him on a special formula called Neocate. He can even get it via feeding tube if it came down to that. Both my boys are on it, and I know plenty of people who have children that are even tube fed that are on it. My son has a very limited diet because of all his food allergies, and along with the foods he CAN eat, he is getting the Neocate to supplement. It is very expensive, however if you can get your doctor to write a prescription for it, you can get it paid for through the WIC program at your local health dept, or sometimes even your medical insurance will cover it..but I would try the WIC program first. You could even use it as a primary source of nutrition with nothing else if you had too..it has all the nutrition he needs. Here is a link if you would like to read more about it. Good luck and hope you get more answers soon! http://www.shsna.com/html/Hypoallergenic.htm Sabrina
  3. Symptoms?

    Hi, I have been through some similar things...I also had problems that sent me to the neurologist, but it wasnt the same symptoms as you experienced..mine were more severe tingling, like my whole body was vibrating all over, and numbness, things like that...I also had to have emergency gallbladder surgery, and the diarrhea can caused from having the surgery, because you dont have a gallbladder anymore...My mother had diarrhea for a year afterwards, and everyone I know that has had the surgery has had problems with it. I also had problems with it, and still do off and on..I just had my surgery last September. I also am very stressed most the time, but I have changed my way of thinking, and prayed ALOT, and it has helped me. I hope you get some answers soon..but wanted to let you know that if the diarrhea didnt start until after you had the surgery, it could be because of the surgery...I would still check in to celiac disease though based on other things you have said. Good luck Sabrina
  4. I think if it were me, I would just do what someone else had said and cut the part with the sticker on it off with a knife and be done with it! Then I would rinse it after that... Sabrina
  5. Genetically Modified Food

    I worry about GM foods too! Are they allowed to GM organic foods? Maybe if they arent allowed too, we should just stick to organic flours...wish I knew more about it, but to answer your question, YES I worry about those types of things sometimes..Im a worry wart though! Sabrina
  6. Hey guys..I noticed a thread on here that said something about the St Ives apricot scrub having gluten in it...WELL, I usually use that, but last time I bought exfoliator I saw the Equate (walmart) brand so bought that instead because it was a little cheaper. From what I can tell, the ingredients look safe. I dont have the bottle in front of me right now, but I remember reading it in the shower and thinking that I should post about it incase someone wants to check out the ingredient list themselves next time you go to walmart..Im still a newbie at all this, so I may have missed something, but maybe its worth checking out if you are like me and love your beauty products!!! Sabrina
  7. Stupid Questions..

    How can I get the testing done to determine if I carry the gene for celiac disease? I think Id like to do that if its not TOO expensive. Thanks Sabrina
  8. Okay, stupid question #1- When you get tested for celiac via blood testing, will it also show up positive if you just have the gluten intolerance, and it hasnt escalated to celiac? #2- Well, there WAS a question 2, but apparantly I am having a brain fart right now and cant think of what it was. Maybe I will think of it later! Sabrina
  9. Fatigue And Celiac

    I am also extremely tired ALL the time. Its really hard because I have two small children to take care of, and they are only 13 months apart! Also, the brain fog thing has been a BIG issue with me over the last few years. I couldnt even remember my youngest son's name the other day when I was showing a friend of mine pictures of my boys! Talk about embarrassing... Sabrina
  10. Signs And Symptoms

    Yes, not knowing is definetly not fun. I am wondering why your doctor told you to go ahead and go gluten free before the testing. From what I understand, you shouldnt go gluten free until after your testing is finished because it can alter the test results...I would bring this up to him/her. Maybe someone else will chime in on this, but Im pretty sure that it would not be a good idea to go gluten free just yet if they havent done any testing. Sabrina
  11. Not Celiacs?

    Another thought, dont you have to use milk to make all those things? Could you possibly have a problem with milk? Just throwing that out there... Sabrina
  12. Need Help Deciphiring Results

    Its just so aggravating because I dont know what could be causing it..and even more aggravating that the stupid doctors office didnt bother to call me and tell me about it, so I still may be consuming, or still may be around whatever is causing the allergic response. I had to CALL them and get them to mail me my results because I had not heard anything. UGH. I just cant wait to get all this under control. THanks for clarifying that for me Sabrina
  13. Signs And Symptoms

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I was also having alot of neurological symptoms..I still havent been diagnosed with Celiac, but I have the symptoms, and plan to do more testing. I was seeing a neurologist before I got pregnant with my son, and he also almost diagnosed me with MS. Then, due to alot of different blood tests he ran, he said he wasnt convinced that is what it was. I even had a nerve conduction test done, and They had to keep turning up the shocker thing to get my foot to move. It was awful..I have also had visual disturbances. Also, my back constantly hurts, I have muscle spasms, and I have to urinate often..sometimes getting up twice a night. I also have had problems with numbness, and tingling in my hands, feet, and legs. So bad to the point where I went to the hospital over it. Sorry you are going through this..hope you start to feel better soon! Sabrina
  14. Need Help Deciphiring Results

    OK, I see. Well, I guess I better get whatever is causing it under control. I am actually on 2 daily prescription antihistimines, so I dont understand why my IgE is so high...I am also going to be seeing an immunologist next month, so maybe he can help...Only a few days back on gluten and already I am more irritable, and extremely gassy!! Also already getting headaches again....oh how fun! Thanks for your help guys.. Sabrina
  15. Need Help Deciphiring Results

    Oh by the way...could it be possible that it was the gluten causing the allergic response, but not enough of it in my system to cause a postive celiac blood test?