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  1. Hi I'm Ceara and i'm 33 years old. I'm from Saint Paul, MN and i was diagnosed with having a gluten allergy in March of this year. I am a full time college student, working part time and still trying to graduate on time. I've got 6 amazing neices and nephews and a boyfriend that's a pain in my rear but i love him to death. I gotta run so i just wanted to say hi
  2. I was wondering if there was a support group for Gluten intolerant in Saint Paul Minnesota?
  3. I'm sorry and thanks for the tip
  4. I'm a former WW member that was diagnosed in March. I fell off the wagon because of my gluten intolerance. After reading this i'm thinking about going back and rejoining so thanks!
  5. i've been glutenized by Lay's a couple of times so I have been trying to stay away from them