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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lots Of Questions...

    Hi... Thanks for the responses I got. I saw my primary Friday and he ordered blood work and is setting up an appointment for an abdominal ultrasound. I had already seen my gyno-oncologist last month and had a pelvic ultrasound to rule out ovarian cancer or any other gynecological problems. Everything came back clear [although my primary read their report and told me I have a benign tumor in my cervix but at my age [52] it's nothing to worry about]?? My primary is a bit concerned with my gallbladder at this early stage because I complained of a painful area that tightens at my upper right abdomen near my ribs. So I went and had the blood work done early this morning and now I get to wait and see. Sharon
  2. Day 1

    I am not diagnosed [yet] but I have good instincts, I am reasonably intelligent and have a pretty good idea of what is going on with my body. If it is as simple as modifying my diet, I can do that. I had to do it when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost 7 years ago. I can do it again. I don't have a passionate love affair with food. I have some favorites, but I will happily [read: begrudgingly] give them up if I must. If I have to give up certain foods I will do it. especially if it means I will feel better and spend a lot less time sitting in my bathroom. I am about to put a TV/DVD player in there complete with a collection of my favorite DVD's. I do have a serious wonderment... Why is it as I get older I am plagued with more health issues. Life should be getting easier, NOT more difficult.
  3. Newbie And Overwhelmed

    Great advice Cattknap:::: Unlike many on this forum, I am not unhappy, overwhelmed, or feel like my life is over because I have celiac - I find it very easy to live a gluten free life...don't have a big pity party over this - living gluten free is completely doable and delicious and with the help of your doctor and/or nutritionist, you will eventually get healthy and feel great. I noticed a difference within a month - I feel great now - gluten free for almost a year now. Important: Don't let your celiac disease define every facet of your life - live your life, be happy, don't focus on what you can't eat - instead look at all the things you can eat (tons of things!). Please don't expect all your friends or family to cater to you or have pity on you or prepare food that you can eat because you have celiac - your celiac is your responsibility only - deal with it intelligently and quietly and you will have good relations with those around you. You'll get used to it in no time at all - really you will. Good luck to you!
  4. I have upper stomach pain when I have a BM. [i am assuming it's my stomach] High upper right side under my ribs. It tightens up so hard it feels like a rock and it hurts like hell. It subsides after a few minutes, but while it's happening...I'd rather chew glass.
  5. Hi Group... My name is Sharon. I am 52 years old and started exhibiting celiac symptoms within the past 6 months...well, probably a lot longer than that but seriously bothersome in the past 6 months. I always had problems with constipation, attributed it to a slow metabolism. Recently, my intestinal grief has been overwhelming. Within an hour of eating a meal I am passing it [at times, sometimes I get a few hours] and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat. I have tried eliminating dairy, I had minimal improvement because I was still eating whole grains, breaded foods etc. I try to eat salad a lot, with chicken or fish. My other issue is that I have type 2 diabetes, so I have to manage my diet to control my blood sugar. Thirdly, I am a cancer survivor. Stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma in 2004. [it's a form of skin cancer] and I have grave concerns about celiac leading to lymphoma. I also already have bone health issues. I have had Lyme Disease since 1993 and Lyme arthritis as a result. In January 2010 I had complete double knee replacement surgery. So I am concerned with the osteoporosis aspect, given my history and my age. I'm a mad mess...I am. I am curious about testing. Can celiac be determined with blood tests alone or must I endure another colonoscopy or other invasive testing? The barium enema was a trip, the chalky substance leaked all over and I was treated to a vigorous toweling off by two attendants and still had to undergo the test. The colonoscopy is not a treat either, I have a twisted intestine and they can never finish the exam. I have had several colon polyps removed over the years since my cancer diagnosis/treatment. I have a sister who has Chron's and another who has diverticulitis. I have called my primary to set up an appointment with my gastro doctor. Also, as far as dietary supplements go, I do not tolerate vitamins very well. I am concerned that I am not getting enough nutrients from the food I am eating. Is it possible to get monthly or bi-monthly injections of vitamins from my doctor rather than eating a fistful of horse pills every day? I'll thank you for your input in advance. I appreciate any information any of you would like to share. Thanks ~Sharon