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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks blessed momma, Do you think that even a trace of gluten can cause emotional upset? So if my husband eats cookies, crackers, bread, etc., I shouldn't touch him until he changes clothes and bathes? I was on ssri medicine for,many years.....did a very slow wean off and have been ssri free for two years. I have read that the emotional aftermath of ssri use can last for years so I don't know what is gluten related and what is withdrawl related. I am easily triggered by perceived slights....I don't act out but can feel sad for days if I feel I'm being judged for example. Also very easily overwhelmed by small things......getting worse as I age......maybe not age but gluten? Also my brain can not figure things out llike I used to.....brain fog really bad with math, like doing taxes. Do you think these symptoms can be from gluten on my husband and in the kitchen? We are seniors.....no kids or grandkids.
  2. I have not been formally diagnosed with celiac or gluten sensitivity. I stopped eating gluten about three years ago and the stomach bloating and gas have stopped. We eat out about 2 times a year....on Sunday we ate out and I ordered a chocolate dessert that contained gluten (knowingly). My mind is my worst enemy. It told me, why mot try, maybe you are not sensitive to gluten after all. I was fine for the first hour. Then later gas and bloating......which was uncomfortable but nothing compared to the emotional symptoms that last through the night and all day yesterday. I was extremely anxious, bordering on panic, and so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. I am doing much better today.....still some gas but mainly emotional symptoms have lifted. My husband eats a lot of breads, crackers, etc. So we have gluten in the kitchen. I am wondering if that could be affecting me also. I suffer from anxiety and depression, also brain fog.....anger easily, cry easily. Nothing like the desperate feelings I suffered yesterday, but nonetheless, those feelings are there. I think that if I had been diagnosed with celiac disease I'd be more vigilant about the kitchen. Like right now there are bagels sitting on the counter. I will not be tested bc I can never go back to eating gluten. I'd end up dead. Any thoughts?
  3. What does this entail? Do you know if this is covered by insurance? Is it expensive? Can it confirm celiac disease?
  4. Last week I stooped eating sweets for lent.....the next day I felt like I had the flu....I think it must have been sugar withdrawal.......so went back to eating my ritual two pieces of gluten free dark chocolate every night. Also eat two pieces of gluten-free carmel candy everyday. I'm planning to wean next week.....I'm 67 years old and much more sensitive to any fast change so will take it slow. I'm wondering if I need to permanently remove these substances..... Is sugar a problem for anyone? I tire very easily and wonder if this could be at least part of the reason....also likely affects my mood more than I'm willing to admit.....I'm addicted bc the thought of giving these up makes me want to cry. Also eat a fair amount of almonds every day.....my stomach seems fine with these but not sure if this,may be contributing to my low energy.
  5. This is for anyone trying to decide whether to test. I'm 67 years old and realised almost two years ago that I have gluten intolerance. I stopped eating gluten and get terribly ill when I ingest any. I would like to know for sure the extent of my intolerance. Would I have to go back to eating gluten every day for awhile? I don't know if I could handle that and not knowing for sure really messes with my mind. Because when I feel fine, I get careless and eat out like I did last night and then suffer terribly. I am a mess today. I'm in italy......it's the middle of the night here.....can't sleep.....stomach feels like it's about to explode, I'm weepy, miserable, anxious and deeply depressed. I think if I were tested, I'd take better care of myself.......I guess part of my reluctance is fear that even testing might yield a false negative? I have severe brain fog right now so hope I am making sense. Please can someone enlighten me?
  6. Cali How did you know? Were you tested? I think this may be true for me too......I ask bc I just need to know if there is anything else that I need to be avoiding.
  7. Thanks very much everyone.....and Cali, for the link. Reading your responses has helped. It's 1am here and I'm up again with terrible gas and stomach discomfort, body aches, anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness. I could cry at the drop of a hat. Can't sleep but at the same time feeling extremely weak and exhausted. Brain fog and confusion through the roof. Makes me never want to eat again. No one in my life except for my husband understands what I am going through so it helps a lot to be able to write it here.
  8. We rarely eat out anymore because I always get sick when we do. But last night we made an exception because it was church pot luck and I brought my own gluten free dish. Also served was gluten free white crab chowder so i had some of that Today I am a weepy, anxious depressed, miserable mess. Also terrible brain fog so don't know if this is making sense. I had gas all through the night, and rumbling stomach. In addition to gluten I can not eat anything cooked with alcohol...since there was no gluten in the soup, Im thinking maybe alcohol was added. Any ideas what could have caused this? I am thinking I am sensitive to a lot more than gluten and alcohol since even when I avoid both, I still get sick when I eat out. We have a limited social life due to this issue. How do you deal with this in your life? My depression today is making this seem unmanageable and horrible. Im hoping to feel better tomorrow.
  9. What's For Breakfast?

    Great suggestions, thank you.....what do you do with the egg yolk? My husband doesn't like eggs and I hate to throw food out.
  10. What's For Breakfast?

    Such a helpful thread for me, thanks so much!
  11. Dear friends, I need your help with breakfast ideas. I self diagnosed over a year ago. Last month I received news that my cholesterol is on the high side....total cholesterol 245, LDL 173, HDL 55. I declined medication and told the doc I will work on changing my diet. Before discovering my gluten intolerance, I was eating oatmeal and morningstar sausage for breakfast. both these contain gluten. Now I'm eating gluten-free cereal with almond milk and one hard boiled egg every morning. I would like to eliminate the egg because of its high cholesterol content and would like to switch back to oatmeal (since oatmeal is good for decreasing cholesterol)..... Has anyone found a certified gluten-free oatmeal? Also can anyone suggest a good protein source in place of the egg which is high in cholesterol? If I don't eat a little protein at every meal, I feel hungry and tired an hour later, then I end up eating way more calories than I would if I'd had protein. I've read about "protein powder" but these make me cringe because they seem artificial and unhealty. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, joanne
  12. I read online that aloe vera juice can help thwart the effects of being accidentally glutened. I read that some folks drink it before eating out to prevent the effects of possible cross contamination. Anyone have experience with this? I am traveling and need all the help I can get since we are eating out more than normal.
  13. Hi Cap, Yes.....it seems that NO MATTER WHAT I eat when I'm out, I end up with stomach pain, gas, bloatedness, flatulence, misery. And eating out is the way I socialize mostly with friends, especially friends and family I haven't seen for awhile.
  14. Since my last thread re: traveling and eating out, I 'm still having stomach issues. I was fine when I awoke yesterday, ate out again, this time had a baked potato with sour cream and some butter. Also two cups decaf coffee, which I normally do not drink. Then went to a movie and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie.....loose bowels and flatulence. Haven't had that happen in ages. Then for dinner, I had some salmon and "Grandma's potato salad" from a local supermarket. All night long, flatulence and this morning loose bowels and just feeling tired. I wish I could pinpoint the culprit. Our home is in Italy where we never eat any processed food. I do eat some dairy there, eggs and some cheese which never bothers me. I was told by a naturopath that I am casein intolerant so I do not drink milk which always makes me ill. For those of you who may know: Do you think may be the sour cream? or butter? Or possibly the coffee which does bother me sometime but not like this. I do eat butter occasionally and it has never bothered me in the past. Don't know about the sour cream which is a new ingredient for me. I eat one egg every morning for breakfast and that doesn't bother me, so I am confused about the whole dairy issue. thanks in advance, still struggling while traveling. P.S. Also, for those of who who can not eat dairy, what do you eat for protein at breakfast time?
  15. I have had the Lara bars but not the Oskri.....will try to find them. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, really appreciate it.