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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have another question about the xanthum or guar gums and the gelatin... I am TRYING to make homemade perogies and noodles, the dough is not very pliable. I used the Jules gluten-free flour and it does contain xanthum gum, I also had to ad a little more butter and milk to get to a dough consistency. when I roll it out and fill it the dough keeps breaking apart. I have a feeling that I will have the same issue when I go to make a pie dough. Does anyone have any tips or solutions to my issue??
  2. I was hoping that would be the case for me...but unfortunately I have not lost an ounce...gained about 4 pounds though. I am not 100% sure I am totally gluten-free though, I have to wait for my next blood test, since I have no symtoms!!
  3. I have thought about doing the same thing..just trying it to see what would happen, but I haven't YET. My fear is that when I was diagnosed I had no symptoms what so ever. I have read many posts from people who stated they had mild symptoms to begin with and then when they did get gluten in their systems they got violently ill. I don't do ill well!!! I have only been gluten free for one month but our home has been gluten free for two, since my daughter was diagnosed a month prior. She also had no symtoms. I was told that a crumb or just the slightest cross contamination is as bad as eating a loaf of bread, does anyone know if that is true??
  4. Thanks Josh, I don't proclaim to have cleared everything out of my cabinets, but in the past month we have given boxes of food to food kitchens and friends. Now that we have eaten all the fritos and turkey burgers we can stand, I need to re learn how to cook. I am trying to be careful even though we are A symptomatic, but I think it will be hard to know if we are missing anything by cross contamination or trace amounts. I am committed to this lifestyle I just wish there was a more definative way for someone like me to be sure I am doing it right. I hate to learn something wrong just to find out that one little thing was off and everything I am doing is in vain.
  5. I was wondering the same thing, Although we have no apparent issues my daughter and I were both tested and are both positive. When Lyss went gluten-free we noticed a difference in her sugar number within a day or two, I am just beginning my totally gluten-free lifestyle and I don't know how I will know that my body is improving! By the looks of the pics taken during my endoscopy I must have had this for a long time!!