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  1. Hi Maximoo, That's really nice, i am so happy for you. My DD is 6 yrs and she is 3 ft and 8". She is not into milkshakes but she enjoys milk with pediasure. Nannu
  2. Hi All, I am back with a good news. My DD has shown significant growth (115 cms now). Thank you everyone who had posted, for their support and guidance. For the benefit of others, let me just add the additions that we have done in her diet, supplements etc.: Probiotics multivitamin syrup Brown rice intake increased Half boiled eggs intake increased Thanks once again Nannu
  3. That's great dear. For us, we did the testing only in Feb this year and Dr has asked us to repeat the tests after 6 months. We are continuing as it is as of now and will see which all tests can be done after six months. I guess i did browse through the catalogue of the lab here to check if this test was available but it wasn't may be they add this test in months to come. Bye for now and you take care. Nannu
  4. Hey StephanieL, We have had discussions earlier, this time you mentioned, which specific test did your Dr order which came back normal? Sorry for interrupting this thread. Even we did anti gliadin IGA test and that was absolutely normal, but later on we discovered that its not very sensitive and TTG levels in the only ultimate measure. Thanks Nannu
  5. Hi, I had read your post earlier itself but had to rush out station for some family emergency. I wish to share with you that my case is exactly similar to yours, below is my thread that you might be interested to read and get some information. I am sure it will help. Sorry for keeping the reply really short, if you have any specific questions, please feel free. How much time i have spent on this forum, i feel there are cases like us (though rare) who take really long time to heal and get normal TTG results and we need to keep a lot of patience other than doing right. I hope you get your answers. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/89872-confused-frustrated-upset-and-tired-of-high-ttg-levels/ Take care Nannu
  6. Thank you all for replying. My DD's feet size is definitely growing, just changed her school shoes. Started her on a multivitamin also. Hope all that helps. Completely agree with xjrosie also, not everything is related to celiacs, i have exerienced this myself and our kids will also go through same kind of sicknesses as all other normal kids. Look forward to updating this thread once i see a growth spurt. once again, thank you all for replying.
  7. Thanks maximoo, you are so right. Now i am able to connect, she was on multivitamin 1st six months of gluten-free diet and then, we told doc that she is eating well, lots of fruits and vegs etc, and then we stopped supplement. i guess i'll start it again right away. Thanks once again. Hope you see your DD gaining more height soon.
  8. Hi all, Well, not making my post very long, a bit of background about my 6 yr old DD. She was diagnosed a year back. Her symptoms were short stature, aneamia, vitamin deficiencies, low weight gain, unexplained D. As soon as we started her on gluten-free diet, her height and weight gain were very fast. From 101.5 cms to 112 cms in 1st 9 months. From 10th percentile, she had reached almost 60th percentile. Then on, the weight is still growing (almost >80 percentile), but height gain seems to have slowed down. Last 3-4 months, it has been just 1 cm gain and she hasn't gained at all in last 2 months or so. She is eating normally. We have been only getting stricter with gluten-free diet through this one year, so i am sure its not the compliance issue. I am wondering why is this happening? She is losing on percentiles again (currently she is on 35th percentile for height). Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? Can i look forward to growth spurt in the coming months? Your inputs will help me plan my meals and if i should discuss this with doctor. My next visit is due only after 6 months. Thanks in advance Nannu
  9. Yes Skylark, Thanks for those links. I checked all of them. I am amazed about the knowledge and perspective that you have in this area. Today we went to see Hematologist also. And he suggested that thal minor has nothing to do with high ttg levels. i guess i don't have a choice but to just wait and watch when exactly levels start showing a drop. One thing that i am sure of at this point of time is that i am leaving no voids in complying to GFD. Hopefully, it all pays off one day. As parents, our worry remains that till the time her levels are high, she is at a risk of developing some other complication and thats what scares us a lot. Anyways, Thanks a ton for your help and valuable suggestions. You have been a great help and support. Nannu
  10. Skylark, For adults the report mentions as follows: Sensitivity - 31-100% for adults Specificity - 85-100% for adults I feel it is the anti gliadin test only.
  11. Skylark, Thanks for the reply. This is what lab report mentions about the test: Sensitivity - 90-100% for children Specificity - 86-100% for children Other than this, we were in touch with the senior pathologist in the lab who was aware of her ttg and EMA results. So, on his own he did a repeat TTG and repeat AGA to give us sure reports. He also remarked that gluten issue is ruled out and we may need to investigate further. I really don't know whether all that repeat effort would give a better idea may be your thoughts can throw some light. Thanks again Nannu
  12. Hi All, It would be nice to get some views on this entire testing episode. Is my doctor's belief alright? I am still thinking why the ttg levels have not moved at all from 296. They could have shown little change at least. Somehow, i am not getting my belief in place that we will be able to see a fall in ttg after 6 months also. As far as i know, levels won't suddenly fall to 0 in one shot and the fall is gradual. So, will it take us 3 yrs to see normal levels? Thanks again Nannu
  13. Hi, I am also not so old in this forum, but from whatever i have in posts here, may be it is worth trying GFD for a while, and your DD feels better with her symptoms. Sometimes, people have benefitted within one week of starting GFD. May be more experienced people here are able to give a better view. All the best and i hope you are able to get your answers soon Take care Nannu
  14. Hello Everybody, Finally the results are out. My DD's anti gliadin IGA are well within normal range (negative). We were delighted that at least gluten contamination issue is sorted out. But, our doctor said, she doesn't really consider AGA iga results as the test sensitivity is low and it is loosing importance nowadays. She has asked us to continue with the GFD the way we are going and retest anti TTG IGA in 6 months time. She is of the belief that if we are strict with the diet, the levels will come down one day, may be its taking longer. Thanks a ton for your support during this tough fortnight of testing and waiting for reports and valuable suggestions as well. Nannu