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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'll admit it sucks. I get the abdominal pain but what bothers me the worse is the psychological. Stay strong. only you know what you go through everyday. It would be great if we can take this one day at a time but honestly you will have to plan a day ahead every time. Control your diet and you will control psychological state better. I get pretty emo and ADD when i eat gluten. i like feeling clear in my head. and caffeinated.
  2. I have swollen lymph nodes as well its been like that for awhile. no autoimmune diseases for me. exercise pumps the lymph and exercise makes the stiff neck pain feel better for me.
  3. I was going on long and well until i decided to cook some Italian sausage that "did not" list any gluten items. Of course here i am with that hard to describe crampy gi feeling. Of course symptoms comes with the lack of motivation to do the necessities. My only solution is to eat as much non gluten free stuff to flush it all out. carrots fruit fiber capsules caffeine, the works. I hear of people supplementing b12, digestive enzymes, fish oil. what has worked for anyone else? I'll make sure to look at older posts too. Gluten free lifestyle can be frustrating and lonely any responses are welcomed
  4. Brain Fog, Anxiety

    i know the brain fog feeling as well. I find just eating a whole lot of fruits and vegetables. and as much fiber as you can while still eating food bc fiber does grab some of your minerals naturally. Thats why its always better to get your fiber from veggies and such vs what i use sometimes (psyllium husk fiber capsules). I approach is clean it out. And if you feel the fog the same way as me I would drink some caffeine to be functional and get some exercise bc that will also aid with flow. Good luck!
  5. I find taking a some psyllium husk fiber supplements are helpful when i accident get a gluten attack. I figure fiber will clean my pipes up of gluten. add lots of water. and a cup of coffee bc caffeine helps speed up peristalsis to me at least. I also eat a lot of carrots. I'll have to look into that digestive enzyme idea.