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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello I was reading your story and everyones input. Im 24 and have only been diagnosed and gluten free for 3 months but have hardly and relief I spend alot of time in the nospital because I got glutened and it cause colitis and internal bleeding. I swear I look at gluten and get a flare up. I have llost 30 pounds the only food I tolerate is banana watermelon chicken soup white rice and peas greenbeans. That's on good days. They also removed my gallbladder thinkin that was it before they found celiacs. The hospital lost my first biopsy. I have had pill cams smart pill tests colonoscopy two endoscope more blood blood and more blood tests its never ending and I feel sick all the time. Its frustrating and is more then I can handle most the time but hang in there your not going through this alone and it helps to know someone understands. My doctors are here in cali and still know nothing. I am waitlisted for a specialist its hard
  2. i just started using pacifica free range chicen broth swansons 99 percent and 100 percent fat free I have been eating and I think it is ok I havent had any problems. I started doing pacifica just because the 99 perscent fat free from swansens has soy in it...
  3. Does anyone know of gluten free perfumes. viva la juicy has carmel in it which i believe means it contains gluten. Im highly sensitive and not sure what i can wear?
  4. Colitis

    Do they use corn on organic bananas and chicken? Do you have any suggestions on what to eat I feel like I litterally can't eat anything. The doctors know less than I do
  5. 6 months ago I got really sick with what I thought was a virus.After nine days with no food and being so sick and in pain with abdominal bloating sharp pains and what fealt like swelling I went to the hospital where they did an endoscopy and saw inflamation of my stomache. They lost my tissue sample during this test and said it was no big deal. I had a ct scan a ultra sound blood and fecal tests and a hida scan. This showed inflamation of my gallbladder and said it was working at a 17 percent ejection rate. During this time All i was eating was white bread crackers saltines bananas and cheerios. I then had my gallbladder removed hoping this was the culprit. After with no relief I went back to my gi and he said there was nothing more he could do for me and then refered me to loma linda where they ran another endoscopy. This came back on sept 13th national celiac awareness day as possitve for celiacs. I went completely gluten free. Or well here is what I was eating. Gluten free waffles. bananas chicken soup potatos that make me really sick and white rice.. I was feeling a little better but we went ahead and did a smart pill test which is like the gastric emtying study because of how bad the burning was. This came back normal but with slow movement through the colon. Two weeks ago I started getting really loose stools in the morning which turned into Diarhea. By last sunday the pain in my lower abdomin was so bad i was almost passing out. It fealt like last may all over. I started having blood come out of me. I went to the hospital where they did a colonoscopy and found colitis. They prescribed me some anti inflamatories to help keep the inflamation down. Im still really sick and in pain anything I try to eat even just chicken broth or bananas is killing my stomache. it hurts even if i dont eat. Im really discouraged is the celiacs causing this did i get glutened could it be from soy?
  6. thank you I tried some white rice boiled in chicken broth tonight so i hope it goes well. I have ulcers in my esophagus so i will ask for more meds on weds thank you again for your time
  7. Celiac Specialist In Southern California

    i really appreciate the help I am still so sick and they keep running more tests but i think its just the damage from the celiacs that is causing the problems.
  8. Celiac Specialist In Southern California

    thank you so much i will try cedar the cw warren place isnt taking patients yet i have been trying
  9. wonderfull i did not know i could have pepto I will have to try it..and I have an apt wed I will ask about a better or more frequent ppi. I love the potatoes bu get really bad heart burn from them that I cant figure out..
  10. Does anyone know of a support group near me
  11. when i first wake up in the morning I can have a banana but like tonight I ate one for dinner and I am really suffering. I was eating baked potoatos plain the really bad heart burn im thinking they are hard to digest. I am eager to try some salmon maybe but really nervous. I tried brown rice but it makes me sick. I think i will try to make my own chicken broth or something. Apple sauce burns really bad I think the acid maybe. I was told i have villious atrophy that my villi were very flat. Thank you so much for responding I am so discouraged and absalutely starving...
  12. Does anyone have a celiac specialist in southern california
  13. Hello My name is amanda. I Have been sick for months with numerous hospital stays. I have had my gallbladder removed as well. For the first for months all I could eat was toast white and cheerios or i would feel really sick. The tissue from my first endoscope was lost. My ultra sounds and cts were normal my blood test for chrons negitive. My second endoscope showed posstive for celiacs. I am 6 weeks gluten free and still can not eat. I live on gluten free rice chex cereal. I was eating plain potatos but when I eat I get a really bad burning in my stomach as well as heart burn indigestion and pains in my up gut area not sure if its my intestines or my colon. everything is so close together. Sometimes I vomit from the sick feeling. My stools are sometimes firm and sometimes loose. I have lost 25 pounds and cant eat still. It burns so bad. I did the smart pill test and it was normal and im doing a pill camera test on tuesday. I would really like to be able to eat again. I take prevacid once a day but not sure it is helping at all..