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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have a pain in my lower right leg that has been occurring randomly over the last few months. It almost feels like my bone is about to split or theres a ton of pressure on the bones. I'm concerned that it has something to do with osteoporosis but I think I am just psyching myself out. I know there is a heightened risk with celiac disease so that is why I am concerned. I guess I should mention that I am only 20 years old and have been gluten free for about a year and a half now. Should I get anything specific checked out by a doctor or should I just mention that my leg feels this way? Has anyone else had this pain?
  2. ahh. that could explain a bit. thank you so much! :]
  3. I was trying to research if herbal essence shampoo is gluten free or not and i can't seem to find it anywhere. does anyone know if it is gluten free or not?
  4. i will admit that I've never felt better except for these last few days. I've stopped eating french fries at school and surprisingly my dh is going away! unfortunately I've lost more weight and gotten down to 95 lbs. i know theres nothing i can do about it but i just get so frustrated because i look in the mirror and see my bones poking out when they never used to. i know I'm being stronger than most people would be at this age and who are dealing with this but i just don't feel strong enough. i want to be completely over this and not be so upset anymore about something i can't control. i have it and i need to deal with it. i think the thing that makes me the most upset is knowing that when I'm older and plan on having kids i could pass this on to them. i shouldn't be so upset about that because for one its forever away and two i know if they do have it they'll lead a healthier life. just so many little things that i shouldn't be worried about. i do have a GP.
  5. the no contact/talking rule was so that we would actually take this seriously. we're each others best friend and we both love hanging out with each other so if we were in contact we would probably end up seeing each other and not taking the time to find ourselves and work on what we need to. its extremely tough. i know i need to be stronger and that i rely on him for my strength to the point where it stresses him out. a part of me is just hoping he'll show up at my door to make sure I'm okay. but the break is pretty serious. michigan is amazingly beautiful. the great lakes are some of the best vacation spots in my opinion. :] i still haven't been able to keep any liquids down today. i tried gatorade and i did pretty well with it and then i tried some pretzels that were gluten free and those put me over the edge and i got sick. I'm so weak that i don't even have enough energy to get sick anymore. my stomach is killing me and i have no energy. i can't even sleep. every time i try I'm just tossing and turning. my diet consists of a lot of snacks. a lot of chicken meals and french fries here and there at school. my cooking skills...i actually wanted to be a chef for a long time but every since I've been diagnosed i just find that it would be depressing to put myself through culinary school when I'm not as strong as i should be for that.
  6. Socially i don't really do much anymore. I lost all my girlfriends a few months ago to backstabbing so I pretty much just have my boyfriend for now. What makes me laugh is pretty much everything. I'm very easily amused but lately it seems to be dwindling down to less and less things. My lovely boyfriend is not my boyfriend anymore for awhile. We're on a break as of friday until the day before my 19th birthday (december 7). BUT he's the most wonderful person I've met. He's not like other guys. He doesn't tell me I'm pretty 24/7 and i actually like that. when he does say it my heart skips a beat because i know he really means it. he's not as emotionally mature as i am which bums me out sometimes but i love him so much that I'm willing to put up with everything. being a girl i naturally fell in love first and he isn't quite sure what love means yet. as much as i want him to fall in love right away i respect that he's waiting until he knows its right. everything he does makes me smile. just being around him makes me feel safe and like i can be myself. I've never been able to be myself around anyone but him. he doesn't make me feel different. he eats gluten free food with me and buys me food at school when i don't have a lunch. he comforts me when i feel sick. he's only going to be about a half hour away he got accepted to the university of michigan! (I'm so proud of him!) he will be studying computer science and math. we'll be dating for a year on december 13 and this is my longest relationship as well as his. being without him right now is really making what i think is depression worse. we have a no contact and no talking rule in place until december 6th and yesterday i really needed him. I'm dehydrated and can't keep anything down. not even water. i went to the emergency room but ended up leaving because they weren't going to have a bed open for another few hours and i was too exhausted to want to wait. i just wanted sleep. I'm miserable right now and a hug from him seems to be the cure. i don't really understand why i got dehydrated. I've been drinking water more often than i usually do...
  7. thank you so much for all of this information. its a huge help for me and it puts my mind slightly at ease knowing I'm not the only one needing all these supplements. I'm definitely not waiting around for my doctors appointments anymore because they take way too long and all they do is send me to another doctor or tell me to make another appointment. stresses me out a lot. thank you so much again. I'm going to have all my vitamin levels checked and I'm going to make sure i get a copy of my lab work so i can figure out whats best for me and make sure my doctors are doing the best that they can.
  8. Natzag is my nickname. first three letters of my first name and first three of my last name. :] Australia? Ive always wanted to go there. Home for me in the united states. michigan to be exact. for awhile my face was as clear as can be but just recently its started to freak out slightly and i don't know if its because i found out that i can have french fries and started eating them more often than i should and i hadn't had all that grease and salt in awhile. or maybe it was because the salt on the fries wasn't iodide free? I'm going to start going to the gym three times a week to try and gain muscle back in my legs and hopefully that will make the numbness go away. i don't really feel my concentration getting any better. although i do believe i have undiagnosed ADD and that could be causing the problem with that. I felt more awake for awhile but i seem to have lost all my energy ever since i let myself come to terms with the fact that i am depressed. i just feel very alone a lot of the time even when i know that I'm not. my emotions are going crazy. I'm naturally an extremely sensitive person and lately i just want to cry until i can't anymore. i get angry faster and upset often. i hate when people ask me about being celiac or how I'm doing. i almost want to keep everything to myself. when i find out things about me (i.e. the possibility of malabsorption) i feel like I'm more of a burden than anything when i tell people about it. at the same time I'm the type of person who needs to talk about it to feel better. i don't like keeping it all in my head and trying to figure it out silently. i need to verbally communicate it with someone even if they don't say anything back. i feel like I'm going crazy sometimes and that I'm causing people way too much stress which then stresses me out and makes me feel even more alone.
  9. thank you so much for all this information. it really helps. and i love this site. my family isn't exactly the most supportive of all the emotions I've been having and having my boyfriend leave is making things worse. i find it odd that I'm having so many problems because my endoscopy showed that there was no damage to my gut because we think we caught it so soon. but i do believe I'm having malabsorption problems because i just don't feel very strong. i went to the gym today and realized how weak I've gotten over time. I've looked for a local support group around my area but they don't exist. only online ones which i don't really want to join because i need to see it in person that people are getting through this.
  10. Hello, I am almost 19 years old and I just found out a month ago that I have celiacs. I also have dh, possible malabsorption problems, possible nerve damage in my legs, and major weight loss. I have recently gotten to my lowest weight I can ever remember being at. 98 lbs. I know that i am being really strong with all of this and i haven't eaten anything that i can't. although i feel very alone. i feel like I'm treated differently by people now and everyone is afraid to eat around me. i don't want them to feel bad. but I'm realizing now that i am depressed and i don't know how to deal with all of this at once. my biggest supporter is my boyfriend who is now transferring away to a university. i don't know how to cope. does anyone have any tips they can give me as to how i should find happiness again?
  11. i havent talked to my doctor about any of this yet. he is unavailable until december 22 which is my appointment. i have just been researching (or trying to at least) everything and anything that I can. it seems that every day i learn something new about my health.
  12. i haven't had a back "injury" but i have been having sharp pains in my lower right back and it travels all the way to right above my right hip. they come and go but they feel like someone is stabbing me repeatedly. i have no pains other than that. my legs just don't have feeling. i have tried to do some research on it but it all leads me back to diabetes. my upper endoscopy revealed that none of my villi have been damaged. could it still be possible that i have a problem absorbing nutrients?
  13. i have not had any testing on this yet. my next appointment is dec 22. my pains don't burn however. they aren't even really pains at all. i just have no feeling in certain parts of my legs and they "fall asleep" very easily lately.
  14. Ive already been diagnosed with celiacs. I had an upper endoscopy but it showed that i didn't have celiacs. however. my doctor believes that we caught it so soon that it didn't have time to destroy my villi. i have been taking b12 supplements. i didn't know about the iodine though. I will have to look into that. I'm pretty positive that I'm going to need to get my iron and vitamin d levels checked because like i said i don't even feel how cold i get anymore. is there any way to reverse the nerve damage or prevent it from becoming more of a problem? I've heard that building muscle can help reduce it but like i said i still need to talk to my doctor.
  15. I am curious about nerve damage and its commonality with celiacs. Lately i have been losing feeling in my right leg. Not enough to cause me major discomfort but scary to have happen. Do any of you have nerve damage? I'm going back to the doctors this month so I'm going to have him take a look at it for me. Could it be from low iron levels? My hands and feet also get extremely cold all the time to the point where I don't even notice it until someone asks me if i need socks or a blanket. Should I have my doctor check my iron and vitamin d levels before I go right into taking supplements myself? I also believe i have dermatitis herpetiformis. i have read a lot about it and it says it should go away with a gluten free diet. however, mine are spreading to my other leg and getting worse instead of better. I don't know what to do. being so young (almost 19) and so new to all of this I'm confident in saying that it is causing me to become slightly depressed. there seems to be nothing i can do about my dh other than deal with it. they itch all the time and i end up scratching them in my sleep. any advice is welcome.