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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Annoying Friends!

    My middle schooler had the same problem. It had gotten to the point that there were very few things she was comfortable bringing to school for lunch and most of it is not great for you. Many teens and pre-teens carry the additional burden of being made fun of for what they must eat. As adults we have the confidence and self-esteem to blow off negative comments from ignorant people. But teens are often forced to eat with peers that are not their "friends". Her older brother and sister assure her that next year in high school, no one will care what she eats...middle school is a tough few years.
  2. I am only one week into gluten-free diet and have a question. I picked these up at Sam's today (Peanut Butter Dark chocolate) and they are not labeled Gluten free like some Nature Valley bars, but don't see any unsafe ingredients...am I missing something? They are so new, General Mills does not have them listed on their site (that I could find) Roasted Peanuts Soy Protein Isolate Chicory Root Extract Sugar Vegetable oils (palm kernel, palm, canola, peanut) Whey Protein Concentrate High Maltose Corn syrup Cocoa Fructose Peanut Butter (peanuts salt) Vegetable Glycerin Rice Starch HOney Rice Maltodextrin Salt Soy Lecithin Natural Flavor Contains: Peanut, soy and milk ingredients 190 calories 12g fat 14 g 5g fiber 10g protein Thanks, Karen
  3. I just got back my 12 year old's blood work...her Ttg was 48 (over 4 is +) and her anti-gladin (?) was slightly + (do not have the number). My 14 year old daughter has T1 and is a twin, so the whole family participated in a Barbara Davis twin study that screens everyone in the family for T1, celiac, Addison's and does genetic testing on the HLA DR. She was slightly + for celiac on that screening and was referred to her pediatrician for blood retest and further follow-up. They phoned me the results this morning and we have an appt with doc in 2 hours, so I'm just wondering if there are any other tests (anemia, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid) that I should make sure she has? She has no "known" symptoms except spots on her teeth. I am assuming they will send her to a gastro doc for a biopsy, right? Will they do more blood work or should I make sure pediatrician does it if there is any to do? Thanks..I'm sure I be on here a lot now...deep breath.. Karen