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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Are you talking about the mean corpus haemgqolbin, plate count I have quite a few results not sure which ones you mean?
  2. Yes I am a man from the UK its very hard to get any sort of testing here on the NHS. As my immunglobins were all within the normal range and as well as my B12, ferritin and all other blood counts I guess he has used that as 100% negative. Im not sure there is any other tests for celiac in UK blood wise? dose any body know? My TTg seems very low is that a good sign? Im not sure I can carry on with the gluten and dairy I am slowly lossing my mind lost in depression I fear I cant even get out of it now. It would be nice to have an answer for why I have suffered my whole life but might have to settle on not knowing? Im not sure why my folate is so low he says I have no anemia and should come up to normal range with the supps.
  3. I have had my blood work back from my doctors and he has ruled out celiac can someone look at my test and tell me what it all means. Full Haematinic levels Serum vitamin B12 664 ng/L (246 - 911) Serum folate 3.9 ug/L (5.4 - 20.0) Serum ferritin 167.4 ug/L (20 - 300) Full Blood count Haemogolbin estimation 14.9 g/dL (13.3 - 17.3) Total White cell count 7.7 10*9/L (3.8 - 11.0) Red blood count 5.21 10*12/L (4.50 - 6.00) Haematocrit 0.46 (0.40 - 0.50) Coeliac diaease screen TTG IgA 3.7 (0 - 15) "Please note this is an IgA autiantibody test - False negatives may occur in those with IgA deficiemcy. Please note that we are now testing using a modified ELISA technique that is of greater specificity" Immungolobulins IgA 11.43g/L (5.5 -16.5) IgA 2.99 g/L (0.8 - 4.0) IgM 0.91 (0.40 - 2.0) He has given me folic supplements of 5mgs a day to be retested for folic after a month. I was eating a heavy gluten diet for six weeks before taking bloods. Any ideas??
  4. Perhaps not eating any fats for a period of time has effected the gall bladder? No fat in the diet seems entirely unhealthy to me. I'm unconvinced about the fruitiain diet. You only have to look at a picture of Douglas Graham to see that eating a diet reliant on raw fruit cannot be good. Sounds to me like your body is rejecting all this so called healthy food you must be spinning from all the sugar. I think another look at gaps or SCD may be in order.
  5. Doctors Tests?

    I have eaten Mcdonalds today and am amazed at the speed of the return of the black depression I have suffered my whole life. Did I really live this way? Perhaps I will phone my doctor on monday and see if I can delay the tests. Im not sure this will be the lastest tests its all being done on the NHS. Yeah I feel for my son all I get from my family is your pale and have dark circles he must get it from you, your ok. People just dont seem to understand?
  6. Doctors Tests?

    Well My blood test will be a week away should I be eating gluten everyday, im pretty sure that my symptoms would return as my diarreah returned after I ate a sausage last week. I thought the allergy test was the Immunoglobulins ones? As much as I dont want to ever eat gluten again I want a diagnosis 100% for my kids more than anything. My wife thinks all this gluten stuff is in my head while my two year old walks around with a huge bloated belly, pale skin and dark circles. All my attempts to take him off gluten have been met with comtempt as he has no issues with his stools.
  7. Hi I went to my Docs today (GP) after the advise i have recieved on here. I explain to him that i had given up gluten and dairy for a month and a half and my life long diarreah had cleared up completly. He aksed me why my doctor in the past had never tested for a Gluten of Lactose allergy as I had already had a colonospy, endosocpy and a barium swallow. I said I was told no such test exisit and maybe at that time it didnt, it was many years ago now. He was pretty postive about the whole affair and was a very good Doctor. He said he would give me the following tests. blood and faeces Biochemisty U&E * Liver Profile * Glucose Total T4 Cholestrol B12 Folicacia Haematology Full Blood Count ESR * Ferritin Coeliac Screen * Immunolgy Immunoglobulins * Microbiology MC&S * I wonder if you guys can give me any more information about the tests I have put a star next to? Also my Doctor was adament that I should stay of gluten and dairy for the tests as if I had an allergy it would show up with the anti bodies regardless, is this right? He also said regardless of the results it sounds like you should stay of gluten and dairy indefintly.
  8. I Feel So Much Better!

    Great story I love reading these inspires me to carry on in the right direction despite what everyone else says I no wheee near "better" but I do can believe I have spent my whole life like this.
  9. How I Completely Healed

    I'm not sure that diet is healthy I mean Douglas Graham dosent look the picture of health. Fat seems pretty essential to me. Eating 30 bananas a day?? I'm glad its working for you but are you sure it's not just because you have given up grains rather than eating 2000 calories of raw fruit a day.
  10. Yeah I've had my share of bad dreams where I've woken up panicking and I can hardly breath.
  11. Huh? I am gluten free as I said in my first post also I have given all the reasons why I am convinced I am celiac gluten intorlant. Much of these have abaited after a month gluten and dairy free however I an pallor than ever and my dark circles are worse than ever.
  12. Did your anemia clear up? Did you have dark circles? Is your life different now?, really needed some inspiration.
  13. I have ordered some B12 sub. I have to wait two weeks to see a GP and then I'm not sure how long it will be to get any testing. Should I be taking the B12 or others supplements? Or should I wait until testing.
  14. I'm not sure all these tests are available on the NHS, that's the problem is easy to throw a pill at everything!!
  15. Hi As the title says im convinced I have celiac or gluten intorlance. I have had chronic diarrhoea for the past 15 years, in the summer my hay fever is unbearable, my stomach is bloated all the time, any form of alcohol like beer gives me panic attacks in the morning and the hangover lasts for three days, low energy, I am very sickly looking I have a very ill looking skin pallor and chronic dark circles, pale tongue which has a white coating if I eat any carbs, horizontal ridges in my finger nails, I have always been this way I am so fed up with people saying are you ok had a late night ect. But worst of all is the neurological problems deep dark depressions, social anxiety, compulsive addictions, mood swings, anger all the time the list is endless I have been on a low carb diet gluten free and dairy free for a month and went through the worst type of withdrawals suicidal depression and flu like symptoms I even lost my voice. After coming out from it I felt different many of my life long issues had abated my diarrhoea has gone, bloating gone, I feel the depression is behind me for the time being, energy returned. addictions abaited But still have many, many, many issues. I