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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I use buttermilk for pancake mixes, scones, cornbreads, vanilla cakes. Being a celiac there is always yogurt in the fridge, and i find it makes brownies and pancakes fluffier. And if ever a recipe calls for water i use almond milk or regular milk. Sometimes i play with eggs, too. The devil's food calls for 3 eggs! Yuck...i cut down to two because i couldn't stand the smell of eggs coming from my cake.
  2. Hello everyone! I am 26 years old and a self diagnosed celiac. (I have my obgyn working hard to refer me to a GI specialist who will accept my medicaid as we speak) However, i am also 6 months pregnant, and my celiac symptoms are OUT OF CONTROL. I didn't feel good before i got pregnant, and now i just want to die. I have been working in a pizza kitchen for a year as a server, and i notice that when walking by the dough station sometimes the very smell makes me feel...strange. I notice that when picking up plates, the dust gets on my hands and makes me itch. They have little plastic containers full of flour that they periodically dust the pizza line with. I know it seem obvious, but I think i need someone to tell me that inhaling the flour is why i am still suffering from such horrible headaches, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Because my husband is on disability and i make good money at this place, and have a great management team. I will be devastated if I have to quit...but if i continue to feel like this for the rest of my pregnancy i swear i will KILL SOMEBODY. I spend my days off laying in bed recooperating from the runs so that I can work. And no, i cannot wear a mask. How would you feel if your waitress came up to you wearing a mask to take your order? Hahaha...maybe i can write "ALLERGIC TO FLOUR" in big black letters....*face palm*
  3. Need Some Emotional Support

    And as far as i can tell, sometimes i wondered if being around the gluten bothered me or if it was all in my head. I worked at the same restaurant in california and it wasn't until transferring to georgia that i felt a little sicker. I did have a liver issue come up, but that was probably because i was drinking my husband's delicious home made pear cider while we dated. I stopped drinking altogether, cause that was the second time my liver acted up in the last year. Never had a drinking problem before the gluten tho. Could drink you under the table.
  4. Need Some Emotional Support

    Oh yeah. Apples and i don't get along. They always upset my stomach after i went gluten free. NO idea why...ate one yesterday, threw that up.
  5. Need Some Emotional Support

    Ladies thank you so much for responding, it brought tears to my eyes just to hear that people who have our condition are there. I have been wearing the sea bands for two weeks, tried ginger root supplements and ginger chews for about two weeks but gave up on them because i hate ginger. I will try them again and see if they help the vomiting. Peppermint tea has been a staple in my pantry since I read about it here two years ago as a soothing agent for accidental gluten CC. I really hate ginger but i will try it again. Since i wrote that last entry i threw up three more times, lol. Now it's just making me laugh. If i've learned anything in life is you gotta find the humour somewhere. And thank you for the congrats. I love to read; will definitely keep doing that cause it helps with stress tremendously. So you think i should call the doctor?
  6. I'm Miserable. :-(

    I know how you felt with the loyalty thing with work. I am stressed about the same thing, but SOOOO sick all day every day. Today i finally called out...and the guilt is eating me up on top of throwing up everything i've tried to put down today. Stupid ethical conscience.
  7. Hello everyone. I read these forums all the time. I'm 26, have been gluten free nearly 2 years. My brother died of a drug overdose almost 4 years ago and it was two years after that i finally caught on that i was sick. I had attributed all my symptoms to grief and stress. Now, I am 10 weeks pregnant and miserable, more miserable than any gluten experience i've ever had. I guess i'm really just writing because of my circumstances. I moved from california to georgia 8 months ago, left all my friends and family behind. I married a wonderful man who is as helpful as possible, but the women in his family are very busy or ill and cannot be of much assistance. My mother and I do not have much of a relationship due to her abuse of prescription pills, my brother was my only sibling, so I am trying to deal with this mostly on my own. Having said that, my pregnancy thus far has been quite a struggle. I must have been 5 weeks, didn't know it, when i went to the doctor after three days of horrible diarrhea, joint pain, muscle aches. They told me I was pregnant, and did an ultrasound to make sure everything was fine. Soon after that the nausea started, morning to night, without any vomiting, despite attempts to MAKE myself throw up. I work in a restaurant full of gluten as a server, and while i avoid the food, the heightened sense of smell has made the last month of my life nothing but minute to minute of nauseated horror. In the back there's no escape from all the raw food prep - and in the front no escape from the cooking food. Onions, garlic, oregano, fish sauce, eggs - all day long. I've done my best to eat what i can. Glutino pretzels in bed in the morning, brown rice bread with peanut butter, gorilla munch to snack on at work. Sometimes i can eat some cheese and other times i can't. But now the nausea has turned into vomiting. What i could eat one day i can't keep down the next. I can't stand the smell of anything being cooked in our tiny apartment. the ONLY thing i have managed not to throw up in the last two weeks are potatoes. The sickness is terrible at night, and some days i just skip my prenatals because i can't stand to put one more thing in my mouth and i don't know whether to take them at night or in the morning. I threw up gluten free oats, jello, water, juice, yogurt, mesa sunrise cereal, gluten-free mac and cheese, gluten-free chocolate cake. Today i finally called out of work, could hear the frustration in my manager's voice (i'm one of their most dependable employees) and i just feel scared and worried. All my friends are 3,000 miles away and my husband has got to try and find some work so he is gone trying to make money since my work performance has decreased and my tips have suffered. If any of you have some motherly love or advice to extend, i would appreciate it. I'm exhausted, depressed, and stressed. I cry myself to sleep every night, have puked 3 times this morning (water) and...frankly i just don't know what to do.