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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So Dumb, I Got Careless....

    I hate when they label things like that. I hope you feel better soon. I also had a careless moment yesterday. My boss offered to pick up lunch for us and I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich that I know is gluten free if I don't eat the bun. He thought he was getting a grilled one but got a fried one by mistake. I felt bad and didn't want to throw something away that he paid for so I tried to scrape off the breading and eat it. Yeah, that didn't work. Now I am sick for the weekend, if not longer.
  2. I get that a lot. I have IBS in addition to my gluten issues. Any kind of vegetable or fruit that is insoluable fiber makes me very gassy so I try to avoid those. Peppermint tea or Fennel tea helps me as does taking activate charcoal capsuals. Also, exercise helps me. I guess it forces the gas to move around until it comes out. Nothing is a cure all, though. I just have to wait it out several days until its gone. Hope you feel better.
  3. Oh, thank you. I will call and see if I can get copies of my test results. I don't remember how much gluten I ate before the biopsy but it probably wasn't equal to 4 slices of bread a day. I just ate what I normally would eat in a day.
  4. That's interesting. I didn't know what PVC was until after I read this and looked it up but I have had skipped heart beats and palpitations for the last 20 years which is the same length of time I have had IBS. They seem worse when my intestines and stomach are flared up too. Wow.
  5. Hi everyone. I have been reading these forums and you all seem very friendly and helpful. I am a 42 year old woman and I have had IBS since my early 20s. I would get diarrhea and some cramping frequently but it used to be mostly brought on by stress or lactose intolerance. Over the last year I have had it much more frequently, several times a week, and it is accompanied by severe cramping, fatigue and the general feeling like I have eaten shards of glass for several days after. I get very worn out and even lightheaded and confused but I attribute that to not eating much for several days when I feel bad. I have also lost about 30 lbs in the last year. I told my Doctor this and she sent me to a gastroenterologist. That doc ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy with a biopsy to check for Celiac last January. All the tests came back fine and she said the biopsy was negative and that my problem was IBS. She didn't even change my meds or anything (family doc put me on Hyoscyamine). I had blood tests as well from my family doc but I don't think those were for celiac. Anyway, a couple of months before the tests I tried a gluten free diet on the advice of a friend. I felt better but still had some problems. I started eating gluten again for about a month before the biopsy when the doc told me I needed to for it to show up on the test results. So I guess my question is, could 2 months on and then one month off of the gluten free diet cause the biopsy results to be wrong? I felt better for a month or two after the biopsy but then started having the symptoms often again. I am gluten free now since about a month or two ago and feel a bit better again but I still have flare ups. I don't know if that is hidden gluten I am eating, since I am new to this, or if it really just is IBS. Are there other tests I should have done? My health insurance sucks and I am still paying off the $3000.00 procedure so I can't really afford to do that again. I am just confused, frustrated and very tired of being sick and in pain all the time.