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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. We are navigating this kinda blind. My hubby has been having issues for years and finally got tired of being sick and having the constant diarrhea. so he went to our family dr. and she sent him to a GI dr in Norman. He did a Endoscopy to check for ulcers and erosion and ended up taking a biopsy and it showed Celiac. So we changed our diet. and after looking things up it looked like the kids (we have 3) all probably have it. the Dr ordered blood work. to me this seemed backwards. but OK...so that all came back Neg. they did the TTG test. Hubby has the genes for it, and was developing it. He feels so much better on the gluten free diet and is sticking with it. The kids are enjoying most of it. the dr didn't diagnosis him with it siting life insurance issues later? really? that doesn't make since to me. I'd really like another dr to get a second opinion. and for someone to talk to about our kids. TIA!
  2. Doctor In Oklahoma City?

    did you every find anyone? and who was your dr? that sounds about like our experience. i'd really like to be able to find someone who is knowledgeable on this to help us navigate this!
  3. How Can We Tell?

    how can we tell if my hubby has DH? He was diagnosed with celiac disease just last week, so i'm still learning. thanks so much!
  4. my hubby has been diagnosed with celiac via a biopsy. but we have not recieved the results of the blood test yet. do we need to wait for the blood test results to start moving to glutten free or do we have an accurate diagnoses. They told us it would be about 3 weeks till we recieved the results, but due to the holiday we figured it probably be more like a whole month. i want to start working on getting him to feeling better sooner rather than later...and to do that i have to start the process. thanks for your input!