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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lactose Intolerant

    Last year's celiac panel was fine, so my previous GI said "you're fine, bye," and that was that. That's why I went to another GI and I don't see him again until April. When I told internist today I'd given up gluten,he seemed glad to hear it. He says I should start to lose weight when the gluten and lactose is out of my system for good. I've gone from a size 10 to a size 24.
  2. Went to do my lactose testing today, figuring it was a waste of time. My hydrogen level was off the chart high I was told I was severely lactose tolerant and that it's not the gluten,but the dairy products are my enemy. There goes my ice cream fetish. I'm starting to run out of things to look forward to. I see my internist in about 3 hours. Wonder if he will agree I am not celiac or gluten intolerant? The GI ordered some stool samples and all the tests were fine.
  3. Binge Eating

    This week I have been wolfing down the house. Okay, this week I have bronchitis but doesn't that usually make you eat less? I have put away a whole bag of Starburst this weekend, two bags of microwave popcorn and tonight an entire gluten-free pizza. I did go gluten-free and so my eating habits have changed. I am thinking maybe I am not getting enough nutrients or something of that nature? Which is why I have been taking a multi vitamin. I don't know why I am binge eating but please help me stop.
  4. Overweight With Celiac

    I have been gluten-free on/off since Dec (cheated with the holidays) and I weighed myself this morning on my electronic scale.....239, down from 242. The bloating is starting to go away and even my mom saw the difference. I remember the days when I could go to the beach in a bikini and feel good about myself......not anymore. Hoping to get back into a bikini next summer---this summer might be too soon to lose all the weight. I think when I am skinny again, I might get my belly button pierced and walk around in Daisy Dukes and tank tops.
  5. New Gi Appt Today

    Went to a new GI since my previous GI discounted all my symptoms and complaints, basing everything on an IBS diagnosis. The new GI issued a lactose test in 2 weeks and I have to do a bunch of electrolyte, blood and stool tests to do before my next follow-up in April. So hopefully, I am getting somewhere.
  6. Fat, Swollen Neck

    No, but I do have Hashis.
  7. Fat, Swollen Neck

    My neck is so swollen, I can barely wear a necklace. Is it from all the weight I've gained eating wheat products? I've been gluten free fo such a short amount of time and did manage to lose a pound; the bloating in my stomach is starting to go away but it's a painfully slow process. I plan to take photos of myself every couple months to track the progress.
  8. Family Sometimes Makes Me Feel Bad...

    Went to my parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner and there was very little "safe" except for the chips and dip. Needless to say, I pigged out and now have I will be tooting all night long. Feel like such a cow! My family, especially my brother and my dad, doesn't understand this gluten problem and they swear up and down I don't have it. Yeah, I guess it's normal to have one disease after another, right? They just don't get it and so I have to suffer for their ignorance. Glad I am not the only one with a "bad" family.
  9. Mine was negative, too---I tested last year and my GI said I was fine to have gluten. I just did the Dr. La Puma online Celiac screening and my score was 24, which is very high and puts me in the high risk for Celiac. GI is dumb,dumb,dumb. Kristina is smart,smart,smart.
  10. Chronic Fatigue

    I have been gluten-free for 2-3 weeks. Well, not completely gluten-free during this time as I cheat sometimes but mostly gluten-free.
  11. Chronic Fatigue

    Not know if this is asthma related (my lungs are clear) but for the longest time I have suffered with constant fatigue. It's worse in the winter----I want to sleep all the time and I am yawning more times than not these days, except lately I've been gasping whenever I yawn. No other breathing problems right now. This can't be normal or is it? I don't know what's normal for me anymore. Any other Celiac asthma patients suffer from this?
  12. I have been 95% gluten-free for a week or so and my mom and I could tell a "slight" difference in my appearance. My stomach is getting flatter as each second passes will have a Barbie-like figure soon. (I wish!) The bloating has gone away somewhat and not going #2 as much. Here's hoping I can get into a bikini by next summer! I can tell each time I consume wheat products. I had a slice of apple pie this week (it called out my name, what could I do?) and I paid for it with a burning rash that hurt like a mother. The rash must be a Celiac thing as it comes and goes.
  13. Anxiety

    I was born anxious....three docs thought I was bipolar and treated me as such. Mood swings,depression,anxiety. Listening to music, walking the dogs helps me. I kicked the meds and the docs to the curb...they made me feel like a wackadoodle. Too bad I can't sue them for not treating me properly.
  14. Glutenzyme

    I saw this online. You take it before you eat gluten and it makes eating okay again.
  15. Disappointing Doctors Visit

    Endos are better at treating diabetes than thyroid problems; I've been to over 5 different endos and unhappy with all of them. They are close minded individuals and only treat based on lab results,not symptoms and my thyroid issues were undertreated for several years. I recommend finding a holistic-based NP or MD......they usually are not covered by insurance, though.