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  1. It's so hard isn't it. That must have been quite scary to have your son hospitalized for dehydration. I am really not looking forward to potty training at all. I hope I can get things figured out by the time she is 2.5 since that's when she will start at a preschool and they have to be potty trained to attend. Thanks so much for your post. It's nice to know I am not alone.
  2. My husband is still eating gluten and I have recently told him to make his pb&j's on a plate and not to leave his crumbs all over the place. Does it make sense that after not eating it for so long that now I could quite possibly be reacting to just crumbs or traces? Is fat malabsorption just from damage caused by gluten and does that happen to people who are just intolerant and not celiac? Wondering if there are any other sort of tests that I could go to the mainstream dr. and ask for that would deal with is fat malabsorption issue? To rule something else out. It would take 3 months of eating gluten (at least) to take a celiac test anyway. Would it be wise to give my 22 month old, who has never had gluten directly, gluten. To see if this is the cause of everything?
  3. I have been gluten free since my daughter was an infant as of ~ September of 2010. I did have a blood test for celiac a few years ago and it was negative. I was eating gluten at the time. I know that the tests can be incorrect. I think my youngest is too young for the test, she's only 22 months, and she's never had gluten (except through my milk as a small infant). I did have her checked for actual allergies not too long ago, blood test, and everything was negative. I doubt it was a celiac panel though. My oldest is going to be 6 and she has been mostly off gluten since 2010 too as I realized it effects her moods. She probably has it 1x per week and more on the holidays or if there is a birthday party. I have noticed recently too that I must be reacting to something maybe it's rice or cc rice from the bulk bin? Because rice has come out looking like rice and in the afternoons I am SUPER tired for no other reason. I have been eating Arrowhead mills rice and shine cereal for probably a year at least almost every morning. Today I had eggs and turkey bacon to see if it is different. Thanks for any insight you have!
  4. I had a CDSA done May of 2011. The test was ordered by the natropath in my area although she has not had too many patients order this test and therefore didn't have tons to say about the results or what I should do. Background: In early 2009 I went to a chiro who did some muscle testing on me because I was feeling nauseous in the middle of the night and having indigestion a lot. He gave me a bunch of Standard Process vitamins that I only ended up taking for not too long as what ever he gave me made me super gassy, bad. Then I started noticing that my normally sinking poop, now was floating all the time. In August 2009 I ended up ordering a IgG blood test (US BIOTEK) from the naturopath and this came back that wheat/gluten were in the low category. Rye, whole wheat, and sesame were in the very low category. Plus oyster, cranberry, and radish were noted although I don't think that pertains to this discussion. She recommended that I limit my gluten and see how I feel. I cut it out for a week and notice that when I added gluten back in I was super tired in the afternoon. Then I got pregnant and continued to limit my gluten but did not cut it out completely. After having my daughter Feb 2010 and her having her own issues of mucus and juice as her poop. I went to another chiro (recommended) in another city 3 hours away who did muscle testing and she recommended that I didn't eat gluten, dairy, corn, nightshades, all nuts except for almonds, plus some other fruits and veg. I also was diagnosed by her with a parasite. I did the parasite cleanse and was taking some other vitamins and enzymes. I went to see her multiple times and ended up doing a parasite cleanse 3x I think, while nursing, so it wasn't too intense of a cleanse. So my daughters poops normaled out and mine got weirder. I was noticing that I would have the urge to go and there would be a large amount and I could see oily substance floating on the water. Some times it would be an urge and then it would be like a COW PIE in the toilet, stuck to the bottom and looked just like a cow pie, nothing I had ever seen in my toilet before. Other times I would be constipated, but mostly not. After doing some internet searching I decided that I wanted a CDSA done. I did the test in May of 2011. Here are the results. The natropath said to take HCL because I was low in stomach acid. When I took just one of them I had stomach pain and burning. I tried multiple times. To me this says I do not have low stomach acid. According to the printout from the test elevated total fecal fats reflect pancreatic insufficiency, malabsorption or both. Elevated LCFA suggest fat malabsorption in the small bowel from bile insufficiency, excessive dietary fat or inflammation in the intestinal mucosa. Elevated phospholipid is indicative of decreased absorption, inadequate bile salt resorption in the terminal ileum or increased mucosal cell turnover. Malabsorption and pancreatic insufficiency should be evaluated. Plus the Beta-glucuronidase is elevated which is associated with higher risk of colon cancer (grandma died of) as well as breast cancer (grandma had as well). High fat and meat diets as well as alkaline fecal pH (which I don't have) are assoc. with increased enzyme activity. Natropath said HCL would fix this. ??? Comments from anyone would be greatly appreciated Absorption: Triglycerides 0.6 Ref range 0.2-3.3 mg/g Long Chain Fatty Acids 26.7 Ref range 1.3-23.7 mg/g Cholesterol 0.9 Ref range 0.2-3.5 mg/g Phospholipids 8.9 Ref range 0.2-8.8 mg/g Fecal Fat 37.1 Ref range 2.6-32.4 mg/g Digestion: Chymotrypsin 0.3 Ref range 0.9-26.8 U/g Putrefactive SCFAs Total 7.8 Ref range 1.3-8.6 micromol/g Meat fibers: NONE Veg Fibers: RARE Metabolic Markers: Beneficial SCFAs Total: 57.8 Ref range >=13.6 micromol/g N-Butyrate 9.9 Ref range >=2.5 micromol/g Beta-Glucuronidase 4,738 Ref range 337-4,433 U/g pH 6.7 Ref range 6.1-7.9 SCFAs Distribution: % Acetate: 66.3 Ref range 44.5-72.4 % % Propionate 16.7 Ref range <=32.1 % % n-Butyrate 17.1 Ref range 10.8-33.5% Mucus, occult blood, fecal Lactoferrin, mycology, parasites were all NEGATIVE I was low on bifidus but ok on e coli and lactobacillus
  5. We have been giving her UAS Labs DDS Junior since she was an infant. She was muscle tested for it and we give her about 1 tsp per day. I have heard of the custom probiotics brand but we've never tried it. I might be interested if you can "try" it, before buying the whole bottle which is quite an upfront expense for us. Right now we do give her eggs and I eat eggs (as she is still nursing). I do eat almond butter, but she does not. I have cut both of these things out without a change, this was a while ago. I am SO hesitant to take foods out as she already has a short list and eats so much. She is always hungry and snacking. Sometimes I am at a loss of what to feed feed her, and I don't want her to start denying certain foods [ as she already has done with broccoli and squash (most times)] because she has eaten so frequently.
  6. My daughter is 22 months and has been having mostly unformed poops since September. She eats a very limited diet right now and I am stumped as to what has been causing the different poop. She did have a long period of time with awesome formed poops. My background: I was IgG tested shortly before I became pregnant with her and gluten/wheat/rye were between low and medium. The naturopath suggested limiting my gluten/wheat intake. I noticed that after not eating gluten and then eating gluten I was very tired and achey. Through my pregnancy I did eat gluten although not as much as previously. A while after her birth I had a stool test done on myself because I was having weird floating poop (still do). It showed that I had possible fat malabsorption, needed more bifidus, and had a high enzyme level (the one that breaks up toxins forgetting the name right now). Currently I am not taking anything to help this. Her background: Born at home and had oral vitamin K (in sesame oil) quite a few doses. At a week old she began having mucus and juice as her poop. This went on for a while and I took out the top 8. I was desperate for answers and so saw a chiro who did muscle testing. After cutting out more foods, nightshades were one, eventually things got better. Her poops no longer had mucus and after introducing some solid food became formed. Rolled off the diaper no problem, one or two wipes. We moved slowly on the food because it seemed that many times she would get redness around her anus "allergy ring". This happened for sure with peas, baby food that had citric acid in it, at one point sweet potato, plus others that I am blanking on right now. Fast forward to August of last year. We started her at a daycare since I needed to work more hours. I would send food with for her to eat. The daycare woman said that she would watch so that she didn't eat anyone elses food. And if she did I needed to know about it and keep track of it in the food diary, so if she did get a red bum I could maybe figure it out. Around this same time I tried giving her first butter and then goat yogurt. They seemed to make her gassy. Also around this time her poops were changing and becoming more unformed and sour smelling and at one point there was mucus for a few days. I also introduced egg at this time (had cut it out for a week and seen no difference) I stopped giving her the dairy. She still had unformed poops. Her last day at the daycare was Oct 14th. Since then she has had a handful of formed poops. They range from thick peanut butter to slimy explosions. At times they appear grainy and many times I use a ton of wipes to get her clean. However, she has not had a red bum for quite awhile. I am still nursing her when we are together. I work 25 hours/week. When she had the awesome formed poops she was nursing much more than she does now. Right now she eats: chicken, turkey, eggs, millet, tinkyada rice noodles, butternut squash, bananas, avacados, blueberries, apples, spinach, cinnamon, basil, oregano, parsley, garlic salt In the past month we have added: black beans, raspberries, canned refried pinto beans (bearitos brand), strawberries. They appear to be fine. No red bum. Most recently we have taken out quinoa flakes that she ate as a hot cereal (thinking cross contamination from bulk bin at our coop) She used to eat a lot of puffed rice and millet. These were not certified gluten free. I don't know if she reacts to gluten because I have never directly given it to her. I almost want to, to see what happens. But then again I don't. I cannot figure it out and I am going crazy. And now I think maybe she's reacting to the bulk items that are cross contaminated (ie the quiona flakes, brown rice, millet?) The dr has no idea and said it was toddler diarrhea. We do give her probiotics, fish oil and vitamin D3. She sleeps well. She is on the small side around 21lbs? Any ideas? Sorry it is so long.