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  1. Marathon Training

    Sorry to post earlier and disappear. Life kind of got a little busy! I really do think the healing time was related to being sick. Minor injuries just drug on forever. I am finally (after a year of injuries) running without pain--knock on wood. I am hoping that my body is finally healed enough that aches and pains aren't going to turn into injuries that put me on the sidelines. So it wasn't the gluten free diet that was making me take so long to heal, but rather that I was pretty run down and ill by the time I stopped eating gluten last year. My body just couldn't fix itself for a while. I had itbs last year too--do you foam roller regularly? It stinks! So painful. I have new inserts for my shoes, and so far no new itbs problems. ***** Having said all that, I am running a half marathon at WDW at the end of the month. I don't think I will be as fast as I was in the past, but I am hoping for a pain free run, and looking forward to lots of yummy gluten free food at WDW!
  2. Marathon Training

    I looked on their website and it's kind of confusing. The allergen table does not list even trace amounts of gluten as a concern, but when they answered the Gluten-free question they said they may contain gluten. I wonder if it's cause it is not a dedicated facility? I have not had any problems and I have a reaction from even small amounts. OP--I missed the no dairy. So the frostee is out. Can you eat peanut butter? I eat peanut butter and Gluten-free pretzels after long runs. And I saw someone mentioned Higdon. Galloway is another one you can look at. I was not a big fan of the run/walk stuff in the past, but have found it is easier on my body and helps to not feel so beat up. For my last 1/2 I did a ratio of run 5 minutes walk 1 minute. Currently since the foot is still not happy I am running 3 walking 1.
  3. Marathon Training

    Hi! I am new to the forum (though I have been lurking for about a year). I am a runner, gluten free and a vegetarian. Last year I ran 3 half marathons, though I was plagued with injuries for the last two. I am currently signed up for a half at the end of February. My goal is to run a full next January. To answer the original question--I really like Honey Stingers and Cliff Shot Bloks. I also will carry gluten free pretzels for long runs and endurolytes. My favorite recovery drink--Wendy's Chocolate Frostee. I have also found that I have to check a bag at races--chances are other than fruit there will be nothing else to eat after the race. I still have problems occasionally with feeling like my blood sugar is crashing, and finding yourself at the end of a long run with nothing to eat is not good. I am curious as to whether anyone else has trouble with injuries just taking forever to heal? My brief history--Intestinal problems for years, brain fog, anxiety, etc. Every time I would try to lose weight my hair would start to fall out and I would just hit a wall where I felt exhausted. In 2010 I lost 50 pounds and got to my goal weight. Along the way I started running again. And the healthier I got (with weight loss, food, workouts, etc) the sicker I felt. I had horrid stomach pains--tried more fiber--that didn't work so well...My hair started coming out in chunks, I developed an irregular heart beat (which I saw a cardiologist for) and just kept developing symptom after symptom. I would be so sick after working out that I would have to eat salt packets because my electrolytes were so messed up. Saw a doctor. Negative blood test for c-d. Went Gluten-free anyway and started to feel better within a week. I did the enterolab tests and everything was very positive for gluten intolerance/malabsorption, etc. So I don't have an official diagnosis. I have a 20 yo, and I will eventually have the gene tests done, but he doesn't want to know right now as he is healthy and in college. But I think in the back of his mind he is assuming he will have to deal with this at some point. So, having said all that going Gluten-free has been awesome for my overall health, but normal sports injuries are taking forever to heal. I had an ankle sprain, fad pad injury and plantar fasciitis in the same foot last spring and even with physical therapy and no running for for 3 months, it is still bothering me. My recovery time seems to still be very long. My irregular heart beat is gone. I feel great. I have a ton of energy. Just can't get rid of these injuries. I have been gluten free for almost a year. Sorry to go on so long, but anyone else experience this? I am really excited to find some other gluten free runners to chat with. My husband is very supportive of gluten free--and actually pushed me to try it even when I was hesitant, but it is nice to talk to other people who really get it.