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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was so angry and frustrated, it took us a while to pursue this again. We call that guy "Dr. Cheeseburger" now. It's become a bit of a family joke now. We are also looking for high fat, high protein ideas. My son is tiny and lately his appetite is not that good. Sorry to have hijacked the thread. I appreciate all suggestions for fattening snacks!
  2. My son is not diagnosed but I had to comment because I was told this also. The GI doc told me the reason my son was small and had chronic diarrhea was "his diet is too healthy." He went on to advise that I should feed him McDonald's every day for a month, because that would both bind him up and make him grow. We have a new GI doctor now. My son is almost 6 and weighs about 36 lbs.
  3. Thank you all. We're going ahead with the scope. I guess there is some concern that he could have something else going on (like IBD), since he continues to have GI issues and poor growth. Will post back here eventually to report any findings (or nonfindings) since I find it so helpful to have read what others have experienced.
  4. thanks. Clearly we have to do something. I cut back on artificial supplement drinks last week out of frustration..I didn't think they were doing any good and they are terrible on the teeth, and he's lost weight. So apparently those are necessary, which frankly, digestive symptoms aside, I do not think a healthy normal 5 yr old should need pediasure to stay on the weight chart. But I digress. I was just trying to get a sense for how useful a scope would be at this point in clarifying what might be going on. For instance, in theory he could have IBD but there are no lab results to indicate that (like blood in stool), same goes for celiac - he sure looks like a celiac but his labs are normal, so..? Ugh.
  5. I have an almost 6 yr old child with recurring diarrhea (sometimes every day for a week, sometimes a week with no problems, sometimes one day and not the next but back again the following..no real pattern). We have tried food diaries, done two trials without milk (no help). He is falling off the growth chart in weight (36 lbs) and BMI (<5th percentile). He is frequently ill. Labwork has revealed nothing helpful, and celiac screen last spring was negative. (He had a normal IgA and IgA TTG was <5 last spring. Everything else has been normal.) He looks pale and unwell and also has a lot of bloating and gas and intermittent vague stomach pain. We've seen a nutritionist and he eats a pretty healthy diet. He is not generally picky and despite what seems like a variable appetite is consuming adequate calories. He's been screened for CF and immune deficiency. Our new GI doc wants to do and endoscope to look for signs of inflammation and I'm not sure what. When I was reticent she next suggested a gluten trial (if we are sure we have already eliminated milk, which I am). I am completely stumped about which way I want to go. I'm reluctant to poke him any more than he's already been poked, particularly when his celiac screen was negative and this seems a little like a fishing expedition. On the other hand, I am sure something is going on with him that we haven't figured out. If we do a trial and it seems to help, will I need to go back and do the scope? Going forward I know if it is gluten I personally would want the clarification. Also I guess I am still skeptical that it could really be gluten. I can certainly see no direct correlation between gluten consumption and the symptoms, though I do understand that might not be apparent. What are the chances they find something on the scope that would not have been in any way indicated by the labwork? thoughts? (thanks)