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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Over a year ago I quit gluten after realizing a strong link between gluten and my sickness/fatigue/diarrhea. The 'D' stopped once I quit and there was a noticable difference, thought I still felt icky because I didn't realize I also had IBS. I accidentally had a trace of gluten after quitting and the reaction was HORRIBLE, it was a week of severe bloating, constipation, insomnia and aching limbs and back. I've been super careful ever since, and though food ordered in public can sometimes make me feel bad, I assumed it couldn't be gluten because I didn't get the immediate pain and drowsy foggy head I used to get. But I've been wondering if my sensitivity could have reduced with time? On monday night I ordered a pizza with custom toppings and a gluten free base, that night I had really bad insomnia and bloating. The next day I had to 'bolt' to the toilet for the first time in ages, but it's been constipation as well... last night I had pain down the sides of my gut/waist, for the last four days I've felt really bloated, nauseaus, run down and tired with more trouble sleeping than usual. Could it be that I got glutened on monday?
  2. I personally don't want the test at all! I argued that I had good reason to surmise that i was intolerant to gluten, but because I'm still unwell in some ways, as in, more and more foods seem to irritate my stomach, the doctor seems to think finding out if I'm a celiac is helpful. No idea how!
  3. I've been gluten free for about 4-5 months and as soon as I quit, the painful bloating, tiredness and bathroom misery ceased, but my new doctor insists that I get tested for Celiac disease with a blood test. I said 'but I heard I have to eat gluten before the test' and she said 'yes you do'. Has anyone been tested this way and can tell me exactly what it entails? Do they make any efforts to reduce your suffering after the test? or let you take enzymes? And do you just eat something before going that contains gluten? or do they give you something? Any input would be helpful, I'm really nervous! because the last time I accidentally ate a trace of gluten I had a miserable week afterward much worse than before I quit.
  4. Near the beginning of this year I discovered I had a gluten intolerance, I didn't get tested so don't know if it's Celiac or just intolerance, but after quitting, a trace amount of gluten made me really ill for a week. The nightly diarrhea ended when I stopped eating gluten, but I still didn't feel great. I quit Lactose which helped, when I made the connection that I was intolerant to that too. After feeling awful for so long, I did feel a lot better, but nowhere near full of life or normal. Since about four weeks ago, I've had acid reflux and bloating all the time (and a really itchy neck). My doctor gave me a list of low fodmap foods to stick to, and if I adhere to it strictly, my symptoms are alleviated somewhat, but I've found that my body is becoming less and less tolerant of the fodmap foods that are forbidden. Before I could drink caffeinated drinks and eat chocolate and be fine, today I had a couple of gluten and dairy free cookies and a small swig of caffeinated beverage, and my acid reflux has been horrible since then til now! I puked in my mouth after the beverage. I'm really confused by all this! Did I have IBS all along? or did Gluten intolerance lead to lactose intolerance, which lead to IBS? Right now I always have vomit in the back of my throat, bloating, itchy neck and constipation and I'm really concerned about why what I can eat seems to be getting a smaller and smaller list :C Any ideas what's going on here? I just want to feel normal!
  5. Periods

    I have an update in case it means anything to anyone who can possibly advise me. I just noticed an itchy rash on my neck. All I've eaten today is peanut butter and jam on bread, the bread is gluten, dairy and soy free. Then dairy and gluten free chocolates. And lunch was just butterbeans, cos I felt so sick by then I wanted something plain. Any clue what could have caused the rash?? It may an important piece to the puzzle!
  6. Periods

    That soy thing is really interesting to me, I feel totally sick right now even though I'm nearing the end of my period, in fact I feel sick most of the time, in my gut I mean, and I can never figure out what I've done wrong or what I've eaten that's bad. I felt okay for a while til I started eating this tuna again, and I noticed that it contains soy. I'm worried cos it seems like everything makes me feel bad in some way, fruit makes my upper abdomen hurt, fatty food or spicy food makes me 'evacuate rapidly', lactose has all the gross effects associated with intolerance, I just ate celery with peanut butter and now feel I could throw up. How can I be allergic to everything?! I've been gluten free since february, so the worst symptoms are gone, like dragging abdominal pain, but I still just feel gross and tired nearly all the time.
  7. Periods

    My periods seem to be way worse since I quit gluten. Or at least I think that's the connection. The pain 'down there' has actually lessened, but I have a whole bunch of new horrible symptoms. I used to get one or two rough days, then plain sailing. Now I get the full deal for 8 days, with lasting crunchy headache no painkiller will touch, I get feverish and sweaty, depressed, sleepless. I have PMS symptoms 7 days before, then I'm 'on' for 8 days, I'm basically unwell half the month. Has this happened to anyone else after quitting gluten? it's the only change that coincides with this in my mind. I heard they improved after quitting! Quite the contrary for me!
  8. I quite gluten about three months ago, accidentally injested once since then. I'm slowly starting to feel better now, I can relate most ill feelings to lactose injestion so that intolerance is taking longer to heal than I hoped. Just lately I've been eating like a horse! I'd been enjoying a flat stomach for several weeks but now I'm going to bed every night looking pregnant. Sometimes I throw up a little bit in my mouth because I'm so stuffed. Is that a normal phase? Or does it mean I'm lacking something? I shouldn't be because I make sure I have at least some amount of carbs, protein, fruit and or veg every day as well as spirulina capsules with everything in them. My gut feels big and full right now! but I just so badly want to go get a peanut butter and jam sandwich!! It's nearly 11pm, I know I shouldn't... What's wrong with me?!
  9. I had different symptoms when I got glutened for the first time after I'd quit. I got lower back pain, sore sides and felt super faint. I also found the stomach pain I got when using the bathroom was much much worse.
  10. I quit gluten 5-6 weeks ago, with one accidental injestion in that time. To be honest I'm a little underwhelmed with the results. My 'bathroom life' is 100% improved! and I don't feel feeble or gross in the stomach anymore. But I was really hoping for more energy! I started getting really bad insomnia last week and though it's not as bad now, I still take hours to fall asleep when I go to bed, no matter how tired I am. At the same time I started getting a weird sensation in my face, like a pressure/heaviness/tiredness behind, above or around me left eye. It's really annoying because I have really low energy, probably from the insomnia, and the fact that my eye always feels like it's drooping and wants to close makes me feel even tireder. Is it likely this is related to quitting gluten? the face thing is freaking me out, it's been several days now, it's constantly coming and going. Sorry I hope it makes sense! it's just like the top left quarter of my face feels heavy! (I also had back pain the last few days, I thought it could be a posture/nerve problem, but the pain is gone and weird eye feeling remains).
  11. Stopped eating gluten a few weeks ago, got through the withdrawal stage right before slipping up and unwittingly ingesting something containing 'trace amounts of gluten'. As I'd read, my reaction was worse than when I ate gluten all the time. I ate that last wednesday or thursday.. three days later I finally 'passed' the stuff, and it really really hurt my gut. I thought that I'd recover quickly after that, but nearly a week later, still painfully bloated and my sides really hurt! Before ingesting that tiny amount of gluten, I'd started going 'number 2' once a day! with no discomfort, but now I'm at least three days between stools. To be honest, the last one was pretty much forced because I thought my gut was going to explode if I didn't! It felt so full and stretched. I've just managed another (sorry to go into this X/ ) but my stomach doesn't seem smaller AT ALL! I'm STILL painfully bloated and my sides still hurt. What the heck is going on? Is there something I can do to relieve the bloating? It hurts to stand up straight, or lay on my side. I just want to feel better! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. So many great suggestions, thanks so much everyone! I really need to get my own kitchen, it will really make it easier.
  13. I Accidentally Ate Gluten!

    Thanks, that's very good to hear
  14. I've been gluten free just short of two weeks, and yesterday and this morning I was finally starting to feel good, my energy was coming back and my stomach was pretty happy, then after dinner (salad with salmon and mussels) I felt disgusting, sleepy and bloated with gut pain. The feeling just seemed to increase so I checked the mussel container and the wood smoked flavoring contained traces of gluten. I wouldn't think such a tiny amount would affect me so quickly, and I am SO distended! This is the first time I've forgotten to check the ingredients! Based on some things I've read, I'm terrified that I'll have to go through the entire withdrawal process all over again! Just as I was getting better. The last two weeks have felt like months! Please don't say I have to go through it all again, I had no energy, nausea, pains, palpitations etc after quitting. I also read somewhere that after quitting gluten it's worse the next time you ingest it. Is there any comfort for me? Or do I have to spend another two weeks in misery?
  15. Can anyone suggest some easy and affordable gluten and dairy free meals for a poor student who has no experience in the kitchen? Since I've found out I'm gluten and lactose intolerant, I've decided I have to shop and cook for myself (normally my mother cooks for me). I've never really cooked before and haven't done very well when I've tried, so I need to start really simple and really affordable. I've never even had to think of my own meals before so I'm just drawing blanks! I've found some good, easy ideas like broccoli soup & croutons, gluten free bruscetta and vegetable kebabs, but that's about it. I'd like to learn how to make a delicious salad or seafood soup, or teriyaki beef and rice! Most gluten free recipes I've found aren't dairy free, so any suggestions would be great, I'm totally clueless.