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  1. I had never been much of a bread or pasta eater until August when I received a bread machine for my birthday, and oh do I regret that! I baked 18 loaves of bread over the weekend, every kind of whole wheat/french bread I could find a recipe for. I did not eat all of that of course, but I did at least try some of every type I made. Between August and November I had multiple sinus infections last one resulting in a sinus headache lasting for 6 weeks, sinus surgery in November. December another sinus infection and this time he did a blood test for allergies and I came up on the low end of an allergy to wheat. Dr said "just don't overload your system and you will be fine" He lied. I fought depression (never before in my life was I ever depressed), fatigue, muscle aches and pretty much just felt like crap. Between Dec and Jan I went "sort of" gluten free, wasn't reading labels but didn't eat bread, crackers, fried chicken etc. Jan 15th I had chili and crackers, 16th I had pizza and 17th I finished off chili and crackers, 18th I woke up feeling like I had the flu and also had an enlarged lymph node under my arm but that afternoon the swelling and pain was all the way into my breast. Went to dr he put me on antibiotics and it cleared up. We decided that I probably should stay away from wheat even tho he said that none of the symptoms I had since August were related. Mammogram, ultra sound of breast was fine, stayed off ALL gluten until.... Feb 7th had a small snack bag of peanut butter crackers, 8th had a Whopper Jr, 9th had a philly cheesesteak sandwich that my boss bought me as a thank you for something I had done. 10th while at work felt my armpit start to burn and itch and by the time I got home I had a marble size lump. On a hunch I took benadryl all weekend, lump got smaller no problem i thought. The lump was there all week but seemed to be clearing up, didn't hurt, burn, or itch. Sat my granddaughter and I baked bread and doggie treats, she did all the measuring, baking I was the supervisor. I didn't touch the wheat flour except once to show her how to measure (she's 8). I cleaned up and I was noticing off and on all day that my arm was hurting a bit and thought I would give the dr a call on Monday. Sunday I woke up in extreme pain, lump under arm had swollen to about 4" in length and I could feel it was very deep. No fever, but felt very sick I hurt from my chest bone to my back bone. Went to ER was admitted to hospital, surgery Sunday evening, spent entire week in hospital. The doctors there did not do any type of allergy testing and seem unsure of whether an allergy/intolerance to wheat would cause this problem but for me I know it does. They did put me on a gluten free/dairy free diet and told me to see an allergist. They seem to think it is a auto immune response and feel that when I overloaded my system it kicked my immune system into overdrive and it now reacts to everything. I also have to have a blood test to test my immunoglobin (sp)when and if I ever get of antibiotics (oh forgot to mention the infection turned out to be MRSA and possible came from sinus surgery) They also told me to not only go gluten free with food, but also to get it out of my home. They said that breathing in the dust from the flour is worse that eating it. My daughter came over while I was in the hospital, got rid of any food I had that had gluten and also disposed of all my vital wheat gluten, whole wheat flour, bread flour, etc and scrubbed every counter, floor and cabinet. I have be absolutely gluten-free now for a week and 2 days. I am still recovering from the infection so at this point I really can't say I feel any better but I have developed almost a phobia of gluten. The scary thing is that my allergist appointment is in April and I need to eat wheat before I go in for the testing (not sure why, but that came from his office). Anyone else have this type of issue?