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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Argh. Need To Vent.

    Thanks guys, I just had a really stressful day. I do live in their house rent free, and I am working on getting things back on track. Wife and I both lost our jobs at the same time, found out she was pregnant, and BOTH of our cars broke down. We're on the fast track to getting out of here, which is nice, and I dream of a little gluten free cooking space of my own and we've been working hard towards it. This diagnosis is probably a good thing, because it's more motivation to get the *bleep* out of here! Thanks for the ideas too! I'm going to work on a few of them, and today I decided to put in some shelving in our bedroom where I can safely store my stuff. I wouldn't be so angry with them eating so much of my stuff, but the gluten free stuff I get for "quick meals" for work are typically pretty expensive. Being a bit of a newbie Celiac I've not experimented as of yet with baking, but I am also working on making some meals, using a 'foodsaver' to vacuum seal so I can make a bunch of stuff, freeze it up and reduce my costs on that. I used to consider myself a bit of a foodie, and I thought this condition was going to be the end of my gluttonous lifestyle, but it's just kind of a start of my gluttonous but glutenless lifestyle.
  2. I'm recently diagnosed with celiacs, and due to some financial set backs my wife and I live with her parents, and 2 of her siblings. It's very frustrating because they really don't seem to care that I need to stay gluten free. I've tried to keep my food separate but they get in to it, use my peanut butter, and they even managed to cross contaminate my bottle of squeeze mayo (by squeezing out too much, then removing the cap, and putting the excess back in. Any tips on not going insane? Despite how I try to explain to them Celiac disease, they just don't understand cross contamination, and just how sick I feel when I ingest gluten. Despite that, I've been very careful, and I don't eat anything I have the slightest doubt about, and I'm coming up on a month and feeling quite a bit better with only a few set backs here and there. I can say, when I do slip up I really do notice now. Now that I'm feeling better it makes me feel so much more ill when I do goof. Any way, I'm loving these forums, and thanks to everybody who's contributed because it's definitely made starting out a lot easier. -Brian
  3. Ha, do I feel like a fool! I didn't even check the dates of this thread.... oops! yeah, I'll place a call, and post my findings here, in case anybody else comes across this, and like me, is too much of a noob to check the dates. haha. Thanks!
  4. New To The Gluten Free World

    I'm newly diagnosed as well, I've been gluten free for two weeks now and I'm starting to feel a little better. It's a big change, but it gets better. I've been reading the forums here a bit, and decided to finally register today. This site has been a great resource!
  5. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    I'm newly diagnosed and from Appleton, and thankfully we've got a few really great resources here. It's been crazy trying to adjust to a gluten free lifestyle, but thankfully there's a few small stores that sell a lot of great products, and even a couple of bakeries! Any how, hiya fellow Wisconsinites
  6. I'm very new, having been diagnosed just two weeks ago. I take the generic bupropion, and have suffered dizzy spells, nausea, and today at work I was overcome by a strong sense of fatigue. In the first week, I've felt sick several times, but I was uncertain if I messed up and ingested some gluten, but I stopped taking my buproprion for a few days, and felt better. Today, and yesterday I started up again, and sure enough, I'm feeling terrible. Reading this thread has been very helpful, and I just wanted to thank you guys! This site is a great resource!