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  1. I have found PF Changes to be one of the absolute safest options for gluten-free. One I eat at very comfortably! I did once have a waiter that did not seem as informed about gluten-free as almost all the others I have had. The problem may have been with a dish that is offered gluten-free and non-gluten-free. The lettuce wraps and a few other dishes specifically say, altered to be gluten-free. Out of habit, anywhere I am, I just check with the waiter before eating anything they bring out, on the right dish or not. People do make mistakes. Once we had to send back the lettuce wraps because they came non-gluten-free. No big deal, just have to watch out. Sorry you got sick, its the worst. But I would not write them off. They do make strides to offer a safe dining for gluten-free guests, which is encouraging!!
  2. Hi, I just wanted to post because it seems Olive Gardens gets a really bad rap on here. Okay, yes it is not the best Italian food, but for gluten-free there isn't a lot of options that are generally safe! And I have found Olive Garden's gluten-free pasta to be okay! I would not order a grilled meal anywhere I go, I just don't trust CC. But Olive Garden is always wiling to make the gluten-free pasta as specific as I would like. I order the gluten-free pasta with marinara sauce, and they add cheeses and cheese on top and bake for me!! Basically I get baked-zitti! I'm sure they would alter the pasta in any way, adding chicken, veggies, ect!! No complaints here!! Pasta is cooked separately, and they have 2 sauces that are gluten-free. Staff and manager always friendly and accommodating! Hope it helps for someone looking for gluten-free eat-out italian. Oh, also, I have never once gotten sick from Olive Garden when ordering the pasta!