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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Question About Gi Issues

    thanx ive actually gotten off everything...milk soy corn gluten ...everything still bloarted...i think i may be getting cc'd or something or im just taken a long time maybe? my roomates a dirty bird and doesnt understand what im going though thanx for the advice molly kyle
  2. Question About Gi Issues

    ive been taking probiotics with the antibiotic....ill have to look for those enzymes? low igg? is there any way to check other than blood test? is there otc way to treat or dietary ? no insurance all my primary does is prescribe me antibiotics and anti fungal?
  3. Question About Gi Issues

    ya see idk im diabetic and only thing that works for me is eating alot of fruit and veggies protien ...and alot of rice made products.... any further thoughts appreciated kyle
  4. hello since starting a post in pre diagnosis i have a very important question how long does the bloating last when you go gluten free? im having a baaaad time of it... also i have incorporated basically all raw foods into my diet and have noticed some parts of food not being digested properly? is this just damage from long term abuse and will get better over time? or should i be concerned? recently developed UTI ( im a male? ) er doc std it was prostate but never checked me for it? not sayen i wanted him too i just think its weird? ( on antibiotics I threw this in in case there may be a connection that someone else is aware of? all thoughts theories appreciated kyle
  5. ok so i just got back from eye eye doctor.....a real one....somehow got into on this morning and guess what?....no abnormalities...no damage to eyes due to diabetes ...need reading glasses.....so thats most likley part of the problem....... just thought id share.....still having wierd vision problems but not to extremes....i almost think it was due to stress and high glucose and im evened out now ....maybe it will just take time..... thankx for all the help guys....if anyone knows a cheap way to find out if your anemic or if you are severly deprived of certain vitamins that could help? thanx kyle
  6. just thought id post today..... noticed that after a few weeks of this new diet a patch of eczema on my arm has all but vanished?!?!?! wow also just realized why i was having some burping gassy problems after eating some foods...soyyyyyy omg my gluten free cereal had it gluten free cereal bars had it......jesus....this is hard stuff any suggestions for good carbs that will maintain my blood sugar when i start going low? ive found fruits are good but the sugars burn way too fast oh and the bread i was using for lunches had egg whites in them again ive taken out all the major food allergies and am on a slight learning curve....i swear i read these boxes.....but maybe i was just happy to have food actually sit in my stomach any advice appreciated.... again thankx alot folks kyle
  7. hello.. i am new to this forum and am in the same boat as you sick for better part of my life..resources limited.... you had the same experience i did.....a long time of illness then a few weeks of udder hell then ...whats this? gluten free diet makes me feel like a semi normal person again? my advice....stay with gluten free diet..... ask alot of questions here..... people on this site are very very friendly and helpful..... kyle
  8. also money is super tight and i cant even afford a 100 dollar ish payment even to just see a new doctor if they agreed.... que ( rock and a hard place ) but again as always thanx for the advice and support pup i am really grateful for all the feedback kyle
  9. yes electrolytes are balanced tested at er... i drink water all day.....sleep that is another thing.....i was severely sleep deprived up until the point that the vision changed then started gluten free but was still having sleep problems due to stress and anxiety over all this...and i was workingn ights so i was/still am up lateeeee.....also, the whole "everyone telling me i was crazy and it was all in my head" before i went into a diabetic come a yearish ago.....that really messed with me .....so my train of though is the same here....they say im ok....but i still feel weird....now lemme say....leaps and bounds different.....ive never had this much energy...getting through entire dayz without wanting/needing to take a nap is fantastic.... btw i dont have health insurance.....im going to do everything but rob a bank this month to scrape up enough cash to get it...found a state sponsored program that will cover me for health but its insanely expensive... and i quit my job with a quickness once i started having allergic reactions to work after i had started to go gluten free ( worked in a restaurant , believe flour in air may have been problem )...was having asthma attacks after work and sinus problems that normally i would have ran to doc for and gotten antibiotics but now believe it was an allergic reaction the whole time its my experience that with doctors and offices if you have insurance they will do anything for you as long as you can pay.....when i was dealing with the whole " i have a bone infection but really its diabetes fiasco" we did the whole charming...demanding....we will do anything stuff and it worked....they just didnt figure out the problem.... but i dont have insurance and all i get are referrals to health care clinics....however i am going to go to one to have vitamin levels checked because that would show what i really need to get cracking on..... i think the only reason my doc still sees me now is so i dont sue him for not checking bloodsugar levels the 8 million times he took blood from me from 24-26 years of age....and always said " its allergies"
  10. ya tom its very abnormal.....i never had vision problems before...this didnt start until the stress level went through the roof....about 2 weeks ago ....its good some days....worse at night....seems to be worse if i stare at the comp screen too long ( mines 32 inches lol ) def worse when my blood sugars are higher....im at a loss with it...it freaks me out
  11. Thankyou...made my day....its just so hard doing this alone...and not having the resources available to get on top of this like i should..... thankyou for the kind words....def appreciated.... also im having a bit of a problem finding a complete b vitamin that doesnt have some form of soy in it.... b1 and b6 only....and i added zinc just to see what happens....the only bad thing i can think of is over doing it....i stopped the iron.... casue of metalic taste in mouth...it has since subsided..... still getting wicked tracers when im super stressed......i feel there could be a connection here ...any good info on vitamin deficiencies and vision correlations or even someone who has experienced this themselves....please post thanks again ...your words were nice to hear
  12. And, as a parent, I'd be proud to have you as my kid! Keep up the hard work! There will be ups and downs--and you will tackle it. first you made me cry with the 1st above quote....thankyou.....i mean it in a good way....Ill just accept you folks as my interim family for now ....theres no way im going back.....i was sick for too long to have to deal with it again....i feel everything now...and i mean everything....pains..what my bodies telling me...this is good i believe....and im still just on the first few steps to recovery....whatever that is going to look like idk....but it will get there i forgot to repost your advise about taxes.....i just started doing that for my diabetes this year....hopefully if i can get some insurance and get my doc or any other doc for that matter behind me....ill do a blood test and look for the antibodies of whatever...if it shows up it shows up...if not so be it.... it would be nice to write off every box of gluten free food though lol again thanx for the support and advice folks....really nice people on this site i am a very grateful individual for all the responses and feedback given thank you so much kyle
  13. I will look into this and experiment....thankyou so much i really am just worried that my vision may have changed...now as far as tracers and all that im not sure if a vision change can cause that but im not a doctor.. thanx for the good info kyle
  14. thankyou girl! i will google these foods and see whats up....i actually can tolerate the oats that are made in a gluten free factory...or whatever it is thats sold in the gluten free aisle... but i will def check these out...thankyouuu!
  15. kareng...i dont have health insurance due to the diabetes.....they would only aprove me for vision and dental......so my options are limited......but your advice is merited and i will get on that asap.....i have found a plan that will accept me....apparently obama care is working in some forms...but its expensive...250 a month if i want a good plan 200 if not.....and i just quit my job.....so money is tight...hopefully ill be in a better spot next month to get it....its very frustrating....if money grew on tree this would be easy lol so im basically relying on advice from the community and what i can figure out on my own through trial and error....