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  1. Gluten Free Candy

    I think Snickers, Butterfingers, M&M Peanuts, plain Hershey bars are gluten free......BUT check me out on that!
  2. I am extremely frustrated in trying to figure me out!!! I KNOW for sure that I cannot tolerate dairy or the toilet is where I find myself instantly!! I cannot tell if I am sensitive to gluten or if it is salicylates....then I wonder if I have candida. I have a host of symptoms and my dermatologist just diagnosed me with uticara hives. I have not had allergy tests or any other tests. We agreed that it didn't matter whether I have celiac or just gluten intolerance....that the treatment is the same....no gluten. But I am really having trouble differentiating as to whether it is actually gluten intolerance, candida or salicylate sensitivity. Anyone have any pointers on how you can tell the difference?? I get left side pain whenever I eat foods in any of those groups and L acidolphus helps to clear up the side pain????
  3. Gluten Free Hair Dye

    I appreciate the info on hair dye as I obviously do have a "topical sensitivity". I've been going to my stylist and using Aveeda hair dye and shampoos and like someone in the forum....I have scratched my head off!!!! I cannot stand it....so itchy and is there until I stop using the wheat products. So my stylist researched Aveeda and sure enough it does have wheat in the hair dye and in some of the shampoos....only Aveeda shampoo that doesn't have wheat is Brilliant(only the Brillant products do not contain wheat). So back to Loreal for me. It doesn't bother me. (The only symptom I had was the horrible itching).
  4. I kind of do this too I've noticed after I've had entirely too much lactose or dairy or chocolate. I am still investigating this. It seems to be an "irritable bowel" problem caused my some kind of food, so trying to do the "elimination diet". What really helped me to get back on track the most was Solgar's POWDERED lactobacillus acidophilus(its gluten and dairy free)......so now I am wondering if I have candida too. And I'm wondering if gluten intolerance is "running in my family" as my dad who is 86 just had an endoscope and the doctor told him that he was just "eat up" with candida and it was from wheat...so he told him to be gluten free and he took a very powerful probiotic(he was having "sinus ulcers"). I am also trying the FOODMAPS diet as well as being gluten free and that seems to help tremendously. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I am lactose intolerant(and I will do what you do until my system gets back on track---if I eat lactose---especially cow's milk). So hope some of these ideas help!
  5. Hi Kitty, Well first you need to understand about me that I am not a person that particularly has to have a diagnosis from a doctor (unless I'm dying!(ha)). Your doctor's findings would be ENOUGH for me. I think it clearly points to celiac, and yes, could be Hashimoto's and could be some diverticulosis in your colon from having GERD for so long. I would have to ask the question, myself, of how conclusive will the camera pill really be? I guess I am just more holistic and I don't like tinkering around invasively and stirring things up needlessly. As far as what people think about what I eat or don't eat, that's my business and none of theirs! I've never been diagnosed formally as celiac but my colon swells up all the way from my throat down to my anus, so I know by that.....and I get left sided pain.....actually, I get a lot of symptoms that you get....tremendous fatigue, itching everywhere, my esophagus goes into spasms and I get gastritis as well. I am positive that I have a vitamin D deficiency because I had tailbone pain until I got started on Vitamin D and in the sun more. I have some horrible malabsorption.....like certain foods will pass on through quickly. I know staying gluten free is the pits, especially, if you're not sure that you are, but for myself, I don't have to be sure.....I KNOW! I figure I could have Hashimoto's too since my mother has hypothyroid......but I have found that to stay gluten free takes care of all of my stuff and taking the vitamins D, E, B complex and eating a raw carrot every day......plus for me, I only use two oils.....extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil (that's it!) and I watch my consumption of wheat, dairy, soy and corn and sometimes even rice (all grains).....I eat mainly rice and potatoes. I just recently found some "hidden gluten" in my shampoo and conditioner and hair color. I know a lot of docs say only worry about what goes down your mouth but I am a firm believer that what goes on your skin is also absorbed into your body, so you might check those things out.....and things like your soap, deodorant, laundry detergent, house cleaners, pesticides, etc. I've had a hard time figuring out if it is just celiac or some chemicals too.....so I've just treated myself for both....staying away from chemicals/processed foods and gluten. So many inflammatory diseases and inflammation problems are even being recognized now by the medical community as being caused by chemicals/pesticides.....who knows maybe even celiac is the way our flour is processed. I think most folks would do well to take note of how many chemicals they are consuming daily, whether they are celiac or not!
  6. No, I haven't been test for anything yet. I have wondered about a rectocele but I have so many other symptoms going on that really point to some kind of allergic/histamine type reaction, but it is all so confusing.
  7. No, I've been off gluten/lactose for a couple of weeks and then I added back gluten to see what would happen and I got "worse". I don't dare drink milk because I will "dump my whole colon" within an hour of that and the only soy I am on is in my multivitamin. I think I need to get stricter with warding off all gluten/lactose for a longer period of time and see what happens.
  8. I think you need to take a look at the dairy and what you are consuming in that department. For me, almond milk, ice cream and dark chocolate just "do me in". The ONLY dairy I can get by on (sometimes) is Greek yogurt and that's pretty much it. For ice cream, eat sorbet and leave off the dairy part. Also, for some reason, Udi's bread and I don't get along either. I'm not sure I could handle curry either. I think you need to take a closer look at what you are eating......you might just have to go to fish, chicken, veggies and some fruit for awhile and add back one thing at a time. My deep suspicion is your dairy though. If you are worried about constipation, start taking Metamucil and after about a week on that (if you take it daily), you should have no worries about that.
  9. For the last eight months, I have had horrible bloating on and off(feel like somebody's pumping my stomach up to my throat); sciatica,knee, hip and back pain; left lower abdominal pain on and off; constant pain in my left side like a "stitch in the side" on and off; rib sensitivity on that side; left groin pressure like a balloon is blowing up over my groin off and on; and feeling like there is a "blob" in my rectum which just started a couple of weeks ago and has been pretty consistent. I also have had anxiety, nervousness and irritability and lots of insomnia---especially if I consume sugar. I itch all over all of the time and run to urinate constantly. I've had some nausea on and off. My vision can get blurry sometimes. No blood in anything and no fever. If I consume milk, I will "dump my colon" within 1 hour of that consumption. My temps are always low---around 97.5 and I have had leukocytes in my urine without any bacteria present. Eight months ago, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis but I am not certain this is a correct diagnosis. I get vast improvements when I leave off sugar, dairy and gluten...but also when I leave off most grains, including corn and rice and also red meat. Has anyone on this website ever had these symptomns in conjunction to celiac???? I am trying to determine if I really have had diverticulitis or if this could be gluten/lactose problem. I did stay off gluten for two weeks and saw a vast improvement in my symptoms and then started back eating it and got worse and I don't dare drink a glass of milk because I know what will happen there! Any reponses would be appreciated.
  10. New to website. Wondering if anyone has had my symptoms? When eat gluten, get left "stitch" in side pain, groin pressure, rectal pressure like a "blob" in rectum??? Trying to determine if it is the dx I received of diverticulitis 8 months ago or not. I react this way when consume wheat but no other symptoms. I've trialed and errored it several times. Probiotic/strict diet...