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  1. My office does a "food day" quite often, where everyone brings a dish and we are all supposed to eat lunch together. I decided that I am no longer partaking in these days. Today's was a goodbye to a worker that is gluten free and lactose free, so I figured there would surely be something that I could eat. I spent $20 yesterday on ingrediants to make my dish, and when lunch time rolled around, there was not one safe thing there other than mine! Not even a veggie tray for heavens sake. (What a nice send off for the person that the lunch was supposed to be for, huh?) For $20 I could have fed myself all week. Every month the same thing happens, and I just decided that I am done. From now on I am not going to bother with shopping, preparing, etc., just to be starving, like I am now. This was probably more of a vent than anything, but I am kind of curious if everyone else keeps trying or if they have finally just said forget it! Thanks for listening.....
  2. I can definetly do something in a crockpot, please post recipes! Thank you guys so much for your ideas!!
  3. We are having a good bye potluck for someone at work that is not only gluten free, but dairy free as well. I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a dish that I could bring. I am gluten free, so my home is clean and I have no CC issues to worry about, however I have never done a cold gluten-free pasta salad or anything like that. How does rice pasta do cold, the next day? Any tips on anything would be really helpful. Usually when we do things like this at work I bring a veggie tray, but I would really like to make something that she can actually eat and enjoy. I know too well what it is like to take some raw veggies and nothing else. I would be willing to make just about anything from a main dish to dessert. Any help would be great!!!