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  1. I so appreciate all the input and personal experiences here. I just realized that I have DH and not psoriasis (misdiagnosed 4 years ago). I found out I have celiacs disease and while having been mostly gluten-free for the past couple years...cheating sometimes, but mostly keeping my DH under control... For the past 3 weeks of being officially gluten-free, my DH is REALLY BAD! (of course there's some contamination, I live in spain, and frankly it's not that easy--I didn't even THINK about corn being contaminated, but of course, we live in field crop country and corn is grown right alongside wheat or barley sometimes...although these grains are for animal feed) In another forum, there's a comment on the stress also affecting DH. I have had this experience too. As well as female hormones (pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.). I've been feeling strongly that my body is trying desperately to get rid of the toxins. Thank you and glad to be here. Yvette