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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mushroom,great detective work! Zebaldwin, what have you observed from your food & symptom log over the past 2 weeks?
  2. One Year On Diet

    Wow, I am so glad to hear others with symptoms similar to mine - vertigo, balance problems, blurred vision, floaters. IH, I used to have flashes of light every month when I ovulated. The flashes stopped, but come back occasionally. Weird. Sometimes at night, if I close my eyes & press on the corner of my right eye, I see what you described as "lightning." Also weird. Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. Food Intolerance Binges

    Revenant, bravo to you for managing to eat gluten-free for 2 years! I'm trying to get through 2 weeks... The foods that are worst for my body are often the foods I crave. (especialIy sugar & baked goods) sometimes binge on those foods. I feel great while I'm eating them, like my brain just got a hit of dopamine. . . but 10 minutes or 1 hour later, I feel lousy. For some people, ceasing to eat foods we're intolerant to is not just a matter of summoning willpower. Our biochemistry can make it seem impossible to resist the temptations of certain foods. When don't feed our bodies the foods we're addicted to, we can experience withdrawal, just like a someone who's addicted to opiates or alcohol. When I was at my worst with food addictions, I was desperately wishing I could check into a rehab center. I felt like an alcoholic. When I am tempted now, I remind myself (1) my craving is not a character flaw, but a biochemical addiction, and (2) it does get better. Now I come here for support.
  4. Thanks, everyone for this thread. I am on day 8 of eating gluten-free and it's intense. My doctor told me it would take at least 2 weeks for my body to be free of gluten. Then it will take time for my body to heal, as several people have already mentioned here. I feel like a drug addict or alcoholic who wants just one small hit! I'm going to search for threads about people going through withdrawal. I wish I could check into a rehab center
  5. I agree --it's the pits to make plans, then hope I have the energy to do what I committed to. I agree with the suggestion to keep a log of food eaten and symptoms. When I first gave up gluten, I felt slightly better. I discovered I am sensitive to many more foods. Since eliminating them , my symptoms aren't as bad. I'm not nearly "normal" yet...I've even forgotten what that feels like. Other foods I ended up eliminating (or cutting way back): soy, corn, grains (I thought steel cur oats were so good for me!), nuts, legumes, some tomatoes (I do muscle test to determine which), vinegar. . . Good luck to you. Keep posting...
  6. Skylark & Golden Girl, Thank you for haring your symptoms. I feel for you---literally. I have very similar symptoms. I'm new here, sensitive to many foods. I signed up because I am encouraged by so many supportive posts. I'm not looking forward to eliminating more foods, but maybe that's what will be required to improve mood, brain fog, and focus.