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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi I'm new to the forums and was so happy to see your journey with dairy! But I have a question - even though I've shown no detectable reaction to dairy, I tested positive for casein intolerance(as well as gluten, soy, and egg) with Enterolab. Should I avoid eating ALL dairy because of this test, forever? Or can I eat small amounts infrequently since I have no reaction? I react very strongly to even small amounts of egg, so I don't eat eggs, and of course can't have gluten, and I'm vegetarian. I've lost a lot of weight unintentionally after going gluten-free. I'm underweight and feel like maybe if I ate cheese or yogurt, it would help me gain weight. Please help - should I keep avoiding dairy forever, or not? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind advice and thoughts! Yes, I've already scheduled an appointment with my OB/GYN to get checked out, but it's a month away. I'm sending off Enterolab stool tests early next week to see if it could be diet related. Based on the tests and the Dr.'s visit, I'm hoping I'll have some sort of direction to go from there. It's possible, but will truly astound me if all my GI symptoms are simply the result of feminine reproductive issues, especially when my parents noticed my extreme allergies including sensitivity to lactose as a child. I'm really guessing more in the direction of diet-related or colon, intestinal issues, but we'll see. As soon as possible once testing is over I'm giving the 30 day gluten-free diet a try, eagerly!!! I suppose I should take out dairy too but want to try just one at a time...any recommendations for that? Should I take them both out of my diet for those 30 days, and introduce them back one at a time...?
  3. Hi! Can someone tell me if these symptoms could be Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity; what do you think? Thanks for your thoughts! 27-year-old female in otherwise good health, weight 100lbs (difficulty gaining enough weight) Since July 2011, I've been experiencing chronic sharp debilitating pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen. These episodes have occurred 6 or more times, with pain gradually diminishing over the course of a week and normal health returning for several weeks following (with pain still experienced every morning briefly before bowel movement). Pain episodes are so severe that I am nauseated, cannot move or walk, and causes lower back pain, diarrhea, a lot of gas, loss of appetite and sometimes vomiting, and tingling numbness in hands & feet. No blood or pus in stool. The pain is triggered by a morning bowel movement, and is worst just before defecating although no pain in the anus, no constipation, and does not occur simultaneously with menstruation but often occurs about 1 week after menstruation, although unpredictably. The major problem here is abdominal pain, lower left quadrant. Also it feels like I'm always hungry, with tons of gas. I have never been pregnant, my menstruation is normal and comes at expected times. I lead a mostly active lifestyle and am vegetarian with difficulty digesting meat & dairy products, with noticeable discomfort after eating pizza, pasta with heavy cream, etc. Not taking any medications currently (and none in recent past). I take a probiotic and vitamin daily. Is it highly likely I'm gluten sensitive or have Celiac Disease? I asked a doctor friend of mine and gave her these symptoms, but she thinks it's probably my left ovary, even though in my opinion it sounds like I'm having more of a GI tract issue. Thanks everyone! I really need help and appreciate your opinions.