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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes, I have a gut feeling (haha - couldn't resist) that it is a lactose/gluten issue. Lactose runs through our family and if I drink a glass of milk, I am sick in about ... well, almost immediately. I know the dairy thing exists. Though... it could be fructose I guess... Argh. I just don't want to do this 3 hr thing if it doesn't tell me anything. I guess I am done whining. I really appreciate your help.
  2. So, is this breath test a big waste of time? They said it's going to take 3 hrs. If it tells me I am lactose intolerant, I still wont know about the gluten, right? Is my gut damaged by gluten or lactose? I know I have had lactose problems my whole life. This wheat connection began in the fall after I went through tremendous stress - which I have heard can kick it off. I have the lymphocytes in all of the biopsies, and they are high in my blood work. Maybe I can just diagnose myself ... lactose and gluten. Ha! Seriously though... is this test a waste of time?
  3. You know... in reading these lab results, it says things like and "mild inflammatory cell infiltrate primarily composed of lymphocytes and plasma cells accompanied by eosinophils" ... that along with the 2-2.5:1, not bad but something... "prominent lymphoid aggregates" ... it sure sounds like something other than 'everything is wonderful, have a nice day.' Not drastic ... but something (in combination with the symptoms, anyway!)
  4. Here is what my blood tests were: Endomysial Anitbody IgA - Negative t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA <2 U/mL (Normal range 0-3) Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 332 mg/dL (Normal 70-400) By biopsy results today said: Villous to crypt ratio: 2-2.5:1 (duodenum) 3:1 in another area of small bowel I don't know what any of that means.
  5. Hey all! I got the results from my endo and colonoscopy and everything is normal; aside from gastritis. While I am glad that I'm healthy... I am frustrated with the fact that I don't have an answer still. Meanwhile, in the conversation, the nurse practitioner that I saw said everyone thinks they have Celiac now because it's the cool thing to have; when in fact the same number of people have it - it's just that more people know about it now. I was slightly offended by that comment... They are saying I am just suffering food intolerances and they did some blood work today. Due to scheduling issues, I wont be able to go in for the 3-hr breathalizer test until July 10th and a follow up the 19th (results). She said lactose and fructose intolerances are very common. Perhaps there is a wheat intolerance? I know there is a problem with dairy but I am not sure how to pinpoint it in me. She said testing is good because you can find out exactly what is wrong instead of guessing via trial and error. Any words of wisdom? I am glad it's not Celiac but I guess I feel skeptical of these tests, as I went gluten free for awhile. Ho hum. I sound disappointed I am undamaged... and that's not the case. Just frustrated I will not know more for another month.
  6. Hi all! I had my endoscopy and a colonoscopy last week and go in for my follow up next week. The GI did a lot of biopsies, which makes me happy. But I did learn that I have gastritis - which explains the severe pain and inability to eat the past two weeks. The GI also implanted a Ph monitor (Bravo something or other) in my esophagus. I'm on day 6 and it hurts like the dickens still ... ugh. Anyone have experience with one of these things? I am still waiting for it to detach and pass through. I am so eager to hear my results... but now I have pain in my chest, stomach AND guts! Talk about miserable. The only thing in my blood work that is abnormal is my lymphocytes (slightly elevated). From what I have been researching, there is a connection between Celiac and lymphocytes, as well as something called lymphocytic gastritis which can be connected to Celiac. Has anyone ever heard of this? It's a stretch but would sure make sense. Anyway... hopefully I will know more June 25th!! Thanks, all!
  7. Hi all!! I have been putting off going through with these tests due to the inconvenience and feeling reasonably sure my symptoms are Celiac, and I can just self-treat. However, this past week, I have been unable to eat or even tolerate drinks (water included). I was so stressed out and my body went berzerk. After eating a few bites of anything, I began to get incredibly nauseated and then, for hours, would hurt and feel sick and weak and faint. Finally, this weekend, I felt a little better... and here we are, Monday morning, I am so ill again. Even to the point of stuffed/ringing ears (blood pressure?) and feeling like I am going to black out. Hubby is worried so he really put his foot down on me getting these tests. I am scheduled for Thurs (it's Monday today). What should I ask the doctor? Biopsies? If you have Celiac, but have been eating gluten-free, will it show still? I am so afraid of them saying everything looks great! I know that would be good but... would leave me with no explanation. I am wondering now about ulcers. I have very sharp, specific places that feel like cigarette burns throughout... always in the same places. Anyway... any guidance would be great. I really don't want to go through this again. My blood work came back totally normal, but I had been gluten-free beforehand so... who knows. Thanks!!
  8. Wow! I had no idea ear issues were linked to Celiac??? I have a ringing and feel stuffed in my ears - but not constantly. Mine seems to be connected to my anxiety level - thought it was TMJ as well or clenching maybe. What a journey you have been on! I'm still trying to locate my pinpoint but I am so happy for you. You'll have to update us and let us know how things are going for you!!
  9. I Am So Nauseated ... What Is This?

    Thanks guys - it's gotten really bad. I haven't eaten, essentially, for a week now and feel faint and woozy. My breathing changes, I have sharp pains. I am so hungry. I am repulsed by the idea of food but will get so hungry that I finally will eat a few bites of something... then comes a gag reflex, and hours and hours of stomach cramps and nausea. It is like my stomach organ itself is contracting. I am so afraid of putting anything in my mouth, and I know I am dehydrated. Even water is causing issues. Hubby is getting worried. I have anxiety now over it. I know being empty is causing issues to be worse, but it's a chicken/egg thing at this point. Hubby wants to get in for the endo/colon scope. Five lbs down this week and keep missing my exercise classes due to feeling faint. Whine, whine, sob, sob ... sorry. Something just feels terribly wrong.
  10. Ugh! I feel so sick to my stomach! I am afraid to eat anything - it all seems to make me sick! I have attempted to eat three items since Sunday (it's Tuesday today) and each time, I get about five bites in, and am having to mind over matter to not gag and wretch. Then I am incredibly nauseated afterward for hours. So ... I just gave up. I thought it was milk, then corn, then just figured it was everything - by Sunday I looked into my cupboards and then just shut the door. I don't want to risk anything. Now I am woozy and feeling faint and sick. I tried to eat lunch - made chicken - and bleh. Couldn't finish it and am still repulsed by the idea of food. I don't think I am sick? I am under tremendous stress, however. I feel like I am managing the stress and dealing ok but ... maybe not. But food is actually causing anxiety now. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What do you eat when you can't eat anything? I really don't want to go on medication. I, do, however, think maybe that endoscope and colonoscopy may be a good idea? Thanks
  11. Weird Symptom

    It could also be renal ... something or others. I have a lot of kidney stone issues and sometimes you can get something that is like a snake skin - smaller of course (ha) but it looks like a mucusy/tissue white floating thing. I want to say it's called a renal cast? Look it up and see if it matches the descriptions. Do you ever have kidney pain or anything like that?
  12. Going To Try Giving Up Lactose, Too

    You are amazing - thank you so much!!! I have so much to learn about all of this. I really appreciate it!
  13. Going To Try Giving Up Lactose, Too

    You have all been so incredibly helpful. I am guessing this is not lactose as yogurt and cheeses are culprits. What about butter? Is butter an issue typically? I am convinced - I will give up dairy for 6 mths and then try to reintroduce it. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, given the info here, that this is a casein and wheat thing. Another question for you guys... do you find you have issues with corn? I have been eating corn tortillas and corn tortilla chips (just corn, oil and salt on ingredients) and popcorn - but I usually pair each of them up with dairy. So unsure what is causing the issue. Would you guys suggest eliminating corn, dairy and wheat and then perhaps reintroducing corn first after a few weeks? Does popcorn cause problems ... or is it more likely the butter and my dairy issues? Curious what you think. I did so well this week but am ill today with bloating, gas and digestive issues (orange mucus bm, etc) and am not sure what did it. I have been logging my foods and can't find any wheat in there... but have been consuming dairy like crazy the past two days (been ok, mostly) but have been very nauseated after eating ... and then after popcorn last night, feeling ucky today. Just having a hard time pinpointing it. More than likely it is dairy ... I am guessing. Six months. Giving up dairy along with the wheat. Deep breath. I REALLY appreciate the time you all took to share with me, and I really appreciate the information you have given me. It is so, so helpful.
  14. Going To Try Giving Up Lactose, Too

    Hmm, gosh I have no clue. I know that when I consume anything dairy, whether cooked or uncooked, it causes burning and bloating and similar issues to gluten/wheat. I have always just sort of ignored it. But now without wheat, it's pretty apparent dairy is causig troubles. Earlier in the day is immediately nauseating but later in the day tends to be more of a lower GI thing. I had a drinkable yogurt this morning with some scrambled eggs and was almost instantly burning and churning and bloated. What do you guys think? The gluten/lactose combo tends to send me immediately to a bathroom with a spastic colon!! Ouch!
  15. I have been really dreading what I fear is reality - that I am intolerant to gluten and lactose. I know a lot of us are. Giving up both will be much harder. I am not a big milk drinker, but the other stuff - yogurt, ice cream, chocolate (??), um... what else is dairy? Butter? But the hardest for me is cheese. So I ask... meats, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts ... is that my new diet?? Is there a good place to go to get menu ideas? Thanks all. Sigh.