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  1. Hello and I am so glad to find this link! Would anyone have any specific recommendations for restaurants, pizza, or grocery stores in Ischia, Italy? I will be traveling with my family to Ischia with perhaps some side trips to Florence and Agropoli in June. My 8 year old daughter and I are recently diagnosed with Celiac...this will be our first big trip.
  2. We're heading to the Cape in a week and I was reading about an entirely gluten-free restaurant in S. Yarmouth (not far from Hyannis) called Igdy's. The reviews are good and the menu looks tasty. Will be nice not to worry about cross-contact...
  3. Thank you so much, Joy, for your helpful reply. I think my next step will be to eliminate lactose for awhile. I also know that my hairspray contains wheat protein, so time to let that go, too! Take good care ~
  4. Dear Celiac Community, I am now 10 weeks gluten-free after celiac diagnosis through biopsy. Just after eliminating gluten, I felt great for a couple of weeks. Now I am experiencing old symptoms of bloating and pretty significant muscle pain, especially in the right side of my neck. I've done a clean sweep of my kitchen, only eating at home, mainly naturally gluten free foods. Just waiting to feel better! Thanks in advance for your feedback, it is much appreciated during this time!
  5. Janie, I had similar questions! My PCP instructed me to start gluten-free after the blood tests came back strongly positive. Right away, I felt better on the diet, so I couldn't fathom continuing to put gluten into my body. I was on the diet for about 4 weeks by the time I had the endoscopy. My gastroenterologist seemed concerned about accuracy, but then my results still showed significant damage to the intestine. It seems that it will take much longer than a few weeks to start healing my intestine. In my case, I was committing to lifelong gluten-free based on the blood tests, regardless of the results of the biopsy. So, I hope you consult with a doctor you trust regarding the best route to take for you! Good luck with your process!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience, love2travel. It is a bit surreal to find all this going on within, with few outward signs, and certainly makes monitoring for glutening challenging! Good healing to you!
  7. GfinDC, your advise and resources are much appreciated, I will put them to good use! Also, thanks for making me smile!
  8. Thank you, psawyer for sharing your timeframe. Best wishes with your continued healing!
  9. Thank you, Tictax! Your story is very encouraging and well done with the Ironmans! I will remind myself to be extra nice and vigilant...
  10. Dear Celiac Community, I just had my endoscopy and biopsy this morning, after having positive blood tests a few weeks ago. Because I have had no g.i symptoms, and my other sx, including fatigue, had been manageable, I was expecting my scope to show mild, if any damage to the intestine. Instead, my doctor informed me that I have severe intestinal damage, probably developing since childhood! I saw photos and the villi are non-existant, the walls of the intestine looks smooth as linoleum! Has anyone else had a similar experience? How does this news bode for my recovery? Thank you for any information! ~ Cathleen
  11. That would be wonderful...thank you! My favorite gnocchi pre-gluten-free was made with sweet potato and whole wheat flour. It had a hearty, grainy texture.
  12. I'm in the process of exploring skin are and makeup options as well. I was impressed with Neutrogena''s options. They publish an extensive list of gluten free products, which I found posted on this forum. Burt's Bees is also a favorite of mine and they list gluten free products on their website. Good luck to you!
  13. Dear Forum, I'm newly diagnosed and looking for a good gnocci product to use in my favorite recipe. So far, I've tried a frozen gnocci with too much rice flour. It had an unpleasant aftertaste! Any suggestions?